George Z is Going Free


  1. Not surprised in the least bit.

  2. "“So it’s the ballot or the bullet. Today our people can see that were faced with a government conspiracy. This government has failed us. And any time you find the government involved in a conspiracy to violate the citizenship or the civil rights of a people, then you are wasting your time going to that government expecting redress. Instead, you have to take that government to the World Court and accuse it of genocide and all of the other crimes that it is guilty of today..." -- Malcolm X Taken from “The Ballot or the Bullet,” 1964.

    The United States doesn't have a civil rights problem. It has a human rights problem. We know this from what's been going on with the parts of the voting rights act being abolish. Women's reproductive rights being taken away, the affirmative action case that was recently brought up.

    For the past years...shoot the past two months I'm just raw and numb. I hope the Martin family could at least win in a civil case but at this point you can't trust it.

    Right now I hear people setting off fire works celebrating George Zimmerman's not guilty verdict.


  3. Somewhere Michael David Dunn is kneeling in prayer and hoping white lightning will strike twice.

  4. This could have been avoided if George had listened to instructions. The woman told him to stay his "soft" behind in his vehicle.

  5. *Not raising my hand*

    When the verdict came instead of me having stream coming from my head or crying, I was calm not because I was for GZ (wanna vomit thinking of that man),but it was predictable.... very predictable.

    A couple of days ago I was reading BWsblog about him. In it one of the commenters said that they weren't optimistic about this case and said why should any logical thinking person should think that because law enforcement took their precious time getting him arrested .It didnt seem like they wanted to arrest him then.

    Me,I wasn't optimistic about this from the get go.Besides what the commenter said on BWs blog,the prosecution seemed extremely lackluster in presenting evidence (one of the weakest I've seen in controversial cases), he killed a Black/POC kid and one thing I thought about: His parents. His dad is are tired magistrate judge and his mom was an interpreter in the courts. I personally believe that GZ may have played a role in it and lastly no Black people on that case. Historically, a jury with no Blacks on there always guaranteed an acquittal or a slap on the face sentence for the guilty party.

    To me,this has got to be one of the most disgustingly obvious case that I've ever seen. A 1st grader could have seen and knew who was going to win that case. I'll tell you something else..something just isn't
    right about this case and I just don't mean with jury its with the defense lawyers.Some if those jurors shook their hands and there was something about a piece of paper with vague instructions on for them to read.As petty as it may seem, all of that makes you wonder if the whole case was set for GZ to win from the beginning. Whether you're for defense or the prosecution, you're not going to look biased like that unless you have already made up your the jury did.Even a reporter remarked about that.

    I hope that the DOJ notice this case.I'm sorry this man isn't innocent no kind of way. Let's see here..he beats up his former girlfriend, beat a cop and another man and he walks. As I told BW this case is worse than OJ and Rodney King.

    I'm glad that nobody (so far) haven't rioted. I wouldn't want them to stoop down to GZs level.I'm also quite sure that media was saddened that they didn't get the rowdy uncivilized Black rioting stories they so desired (sarcasm) .

    Supposedly the NAACP is starting a petition asking for civil right changes to be brought against GZ.I hope that people will be signing it.This thing is not over and I hope that people will not give up on seeking

  6. I know I shouldn't feel surprised but I still feel sick, angry, and frankly just afraid at the reminder of how little a black boy's life is worth here.
    I'm tired of apologists acting like white stalkers killing children was justified b/c the kid was "bad".
    I'm tired of the usual white racists trying to throw in "black on black " crime. Just assholes, b/c we are totally fine with black children being killed by black people? Is that what you are trying to say? What is that even supposed to mean? Racist idiots.
    I'm tired of white women wanting to jump in and say "oh, you know what, being black is hard, like being a white woman." No matter what the struggle, they have to pop up with a chorus of how hard it is to be a white woman. Shut up.They also want to play the victim regarding the accurate characterization that they largely give two fucks about black people and black children and that their fear and racism has been and will continue to be responsible for the spilling of black male blood.

    But as I've been reading, "only in America can a dead black child be put on trial for his own murder."

  7. Sadly, I am not shocked. I am enraged though. It's so amazing of how those GZ supporters want to argue about the tossle between them but clearly have selective amnesia about how this thing got started in the first place..... GZ stepped out of his vehicle disregarding the words of the 911 operator! He's a neighborhood WATCH!... NOT A COP! If it weren't for this huge mistake on GZ's part, the outcome would have very likely been different!

    Once again, any trial that concerns race, they fill the jury with whites. In the history of this country regarding such trials, when have they NOT followed this formula? That explains why whites are STILL furious over the OJ trial. Like clockwork they filled the jury with whites, but the verdict did NOT go as PLANNED. THAT'S when, and ONLY when whites started claiming that the justice system was indeed broken.

    And about the jury being all women.....practically all white women. One would think that them being mothers, they would find compassion with the thought of having lost a son or daughter. But the proof is now in the pudding... for that demographic, racial comaraderie is more prevalent than maternal compassion.

  8. I wish I was surprised,but I'm not. No matter how much hope I had, I could still see this coming. It's a sad night. What I'm already noticing are the responses to the verdict (from within the black community and from outside of it)are kinda disturbing. There are a lot of ignorant disgusting racist white trolls , who are saying disgusting things because they can and this is the perfect excuse. But What gets to me are the black commentators who seem to think that because the black community in general is flawed, it has no right to be outraged at this verdict. I've seen comments tonight from people on my timeline saying shit like: " I watched the trial and the jury made the right decision and you may think that's disgusting but my stomach's doing just fine" ;"I wish everybody would stfu about this case" ;and" Niggas be acting stupid over shit like this ,which is why we'll never be superior to white people". And what frustrates me the most about these types of comments is that the people making them are often those most likely to be in Trayvon Martin's position. Younger black people.Especially young black boys/men in their teens and early twenties. Do young black men and young black women not think this applies to them? Do they think that compliance with and acceptance of a busted system is gonna make them exempt from the same fate? What is gained from that type of thinking? Is it just the young people I know? or have any of y'all noticed this shit too?

    1. I've been seeing similar comments from black people on my FB. Things like "If the black community wasn't so flawed", "you guys are outraged about this one case but what about X incident in X city" or "If these thugs would stop wearing their pants sagging..." I've had to do done major cleaning of house on my FB.

    2. Don't worry about the younger Black males and females co-signing this fuckery. They will get their N****r Wake-up Call eventually. That train is NEVER late.

    3. Eri and Mickey,

      What a shame to know that there are even some of us who give into White society. I don't care how Black men speak, well dressed ,educated or how much wealth they have ,they I'll always be seen as nobodys.I have seen some of those despicable blogs .They should be ashamed of themselves. Its embarrassing.

    4. OMG.. Georgie and those folks he call his family are worried about his safety. Dude should have thought about what he did to Trayvon.Right now, I describe met attitude like a piece of Bobby Browns song "My prerogative" I dont give a d--n. Him and his supporters are liars who think its a great to desecrate a dead child and his family. Funny how his brother said that the court acquitted him but he isn't really free. OMFG!!??ya think! and he never will be .He (Rob) said that he's remoresful (yeah right)
      and is praying for himself. Rob needs to pray for himself ,his family and their supporters because they are going to have many sleepless nights under that forced sequestration that have to deal with for the rest of their miserable lives!, I don't care how taxing and disapporting the outcome still hope that the Martins and their supporters fight this to the highest power.

  9. I'm not surprised. There is a historical precedent to cases like this.

    I'm hoping the New Black Panther party will put another hit out on GZ. Does that make me a bad person? Yes. But in the words of Malcolm X "by any means necessary." I'm tired of black people being viewed as less than and if we have to start carrying out vigilante justice to let people know this BS won't fly anymore so be it.

  10. I kinda saw it coming but I'm still really shocked/sad and seeing that this fu**ery makes some people happy makes me sick.

  11. I have a hell of a lot to say about this, but it's more than words can say.

  12. I'm not surprised but I'm extremely sad.

    My heart goes out to his family.


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