1. Funny how they want to put these kinds of PSAs on us for speaking the truth. Why don't they use these on those sports fans who riot during their wins or losses.

  2. Because riots do not accomplish anything. Its an excuse for people to steal. Looting has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin. You always have the morons who start looting for what? Its a total disrespect to his family.

    1. No, disrespect to his family was the entire trial and the verdict.

      And considering that white people tear up things, flip cars, and set fires when their teams win national championships, you'd think we should see these "announcements" after the World Series, the Super Bowl, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the Stanley Cup, b/c the white folks go buck wil after ALL of that.

      Tell me why they only feel the need to tell black people to calm down. Riddle me that Batman...


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