The Bar Toasts Triple J's Birthday

This post was due out Tuesday, and I've been working on it, but life kept getting in the way of my giving props and mad love to blogger, writer, book reviewer (and straight-up nerd royalty) Jamie Jeans.  Happy Belated Birthday, bro; have some pink champagne on me.

Because of your tireless support for Middle Child Press and the way you totally "get" me and Amaya when we scribble, you drink free at the Bar all day, every day.

I admire your wit, appreciate your insightfulness, and enjoy your humor immeasurably.

Keep making those vids, keep sharing that love, and may the gods bless and reward you a thousand times over.




  1. Thank you.. thank you... the warm words you and the others have given me this week mean a lot to me. I have no way to give thanks back for your friendships.

    1. So what did you drink for your birthday?

  2. Happy Very Belated Birthday, Jamie. I really enjoy your videos.


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