The Bar Loves Ana Feleo

So Jules got me hooked on a historical drama from the Philippines called Amaya.  And while there many lovely ladies and legendary actresses, none caught my attention like the regal, full-figured, and overall stunning opera singer and actress Ana Feleo.

On Amaya, which takes place in pre-colonial Philippines, Ana portrays an apprentice priestess, Bayang, whose tribe is raided.  After her tribe falls, she becomes a slave in her conqueror's house.

I've yet to watch the whole series, which is quite educational and entertaining, but after almost 50 episodes, I'm still eager to see what becomes of her character.

To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Ana just yet.  She's the daughter of Johnny Delgado and Laurice Guillen, and has a sister named Ina.  She has the face of a goddess and the voice of angel...but that sort of goes without saying.


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