Senator Wendy Davis Drinks Free at the Bar

...'cause you know she needs it after alladis.
Yesterday, Davis attempted an 11-hour marathon filibuster of Senate Bill 5, which would make abortion illegal after 20 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest victims and create more stringent requirements for abortion facilities. Throughout Davis' filibuster, which had to last from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., she was not allowed to lean on anything for support, use the bathroom or eat. The GOP ultimately ended her filibuster by citing three instances throughout her speech where she touched on topics "not germane" to the bill (the topics: Planned Parenthood, sonograms and Roe v. Wade). As the clock ticked down, Republicans attempted to ram the bill through, but the rising shouts of Davis supporters throughout the Rotunda made it nearly impossible to tell whether the vote was accomplished before or after the midnight deadline. The meeting was suspended.

Amid the ensuing chaos, social media reared its head. Over 180,000 people watched the live YouTube stream of the filibuster -- Obama even tweeted a link to watch -- as there was no major network coverage of the full event. In total, users posted 730,000 tweets about the filibuster at a peak of 5,776 per minute in the minutes leading up to midnight. Nothing was free from the all-seeing eyes of the Internet. So when the Texas legislature was caught red-handed changing the timestamp on the final vote from 6/26/2013 to 6/25/2013, spectators went into a frenzy. Side-by-side screenshot comparisons blew up Reddit and Twitter, but Republicans stayed the course that they had completed the vote on time. Soon enough, question marks turned to exclamation points: SB5 was dead. Freelance journalist Andrea Grimes tweeted a Vine of supporters erupting with cheers as Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards read out Davis' celebratory text in the Rotunda. Hours later, Republicans admitted they had not completed the vote on time.

~ Lauren Wong, HuffPo
I'll admit I'm impressed.  Just when you've sprained your eyeballs from rolling them at the consistent uselessness of politicians, along comes someone like Wendy Davis - in Texas, no less - who makes you pay attention.

It appears that certain folks learned absolutely nothing from November, 2012.  If they had, we wouldn't still be talking about issues like abortion.  That issue would've been left back in the 20th Century where it belongs.  But we are.  Again.


  1. So when the Texas legislature was caught red-handed changing the timestamp on the final vote from 6/26/2013 to 6/25/2013...


    But really, after I blinked, I wasn't surprised. Like you said, them bastards ain't learned shit.

    1. I know, right? What haven't jobs been lost over this shit? Defrauding the public so blatantly - there should've been a stack of resignations after that.

  2. One white person did something good one time. I'll give her her props. Go Wendy!!!!!

  3. Wow!god certainly works in mysterious ways.

    Far as those folks, their egos are busted and don't want to look bad .God definitely works in mysterious ways.

  4. An admirable performance from a brave (and probably exhausted) woman. Yay, Senator Davis!

  5. Leo Princess6/28/13, 12:31 AM

    They tried to doctor the time-stamp? WTF is this, HIGH SCHOOL?! Motherfu - and they wonder why they keep losing with women. They really wonder.


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