Ratings are in...cue lack of surprise

From an LA Times article entitled, "OWN's 'The Haves and the Have Nots': Record ratings, brutal reviews":
“The Haves and the Have Nots” were the network’s highest-rated premiere “ever,” according to a release from OWN.

The 9 p.m. airing delivered 1.77 million viewers (1.57 million of them women age 25-54). The second episode at 10 p.m. grew to 1.8 million viewers (1.67 million were women 25-54).

However, initial reviews for the series were not kind. OWN did not send the show out to critics prior to its premiere, mirroring Perry's policy of not allowing his films to be pre-screened for reviewers.

Brian Lowry of Variety called the show "claustrophobically cheap, not to mention poorly written and indifferently acted." He added that the show could potentially damage Winfrey's legacy of uplift and self-empowerment.

Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times was even more scathing, calling the show "so awful that the awfulness appears intentional. Except that might make it interesting, and it just isn't."

As far as not allowing critics to see the show before its premiere, McNamara wrote, "One can only assume OWN hoped to prevent us from rising en masse to prevent 'The Have and the Have Nots" from ever airing before staging intervention with Winfrey, who has apparently lost her mind.*"
Mm-hm...sounds about right.

By the way, Bar patrons...the Abagond Challenge is not over. These are some dark times for the perception of Black women and we need some written love to counteract that mess.

Step right up...cast your posts.

*Did anyone else die laughing when they read this?


  1. I neither like Oprah or the cross dressing Tyler Perry. I knew this was a match made in Hades....

  2. You were right on the money with this one. I think that Tyler should take a long break. After those foul ups he's been making lately, I think it's about time that he should.

  3. If this piece of shit is the highest rated thing on Oprah's network, then it's no wonder she's lost her mind.

  4. Serenity, Why don't you like Oprah (Tyler Perry I can understand) ?


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