Honestly, I think it's about something else

Deen's business relationships have been steadily unraveling since comments she made in a court deposition entered the public's eye that revealed her usage of racial slurs in the past. Even after an emotional interview on the "Today" show in which she apologized for her hurtful words and assured the nation that she's not a racist, Deen has been forced to watch her empire quickly crumble.

Last week, Food Network announced that it would not renew her contract, while Smithfield Foods cut ties with her as a spokeswoman. The world's largest retailer, Walmart, ended their relationship on Wednesday, and Caesars Entertainment took Deen's name off of four of its restaurants.

On Thursday, Deen was hit with another volley, as Target, Home Depot, QVC and diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk dumped her.

~ Kim Bhasin, HuffPo
Does anyone really believe these companies are dumping Paula Deen because she's a racist?

Since when does Corporate America - of all institutions - care about anti-black racism? When did that happen?

Bar Patrons, from the moment Food Network dropped this woman, I smelled a setup.  I got the feeling they'd been trying to drop this woman for a while for some other reason.  You know...the kind we commoners don't know about.  Lisa Jackson's lawsuit simply presented an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: drop Paula and look righteous while doing it.

As was aptly pointed out in this article, the food industry is rife with racial and sexual discrimination, and we're not just talking in the Southern Fried circles.  The posh, upscale establishments don't even want colored folks serving their food at all.  So it's not like Food Network's taking some sort of stand.  I mean, Paula didn't turn this way overnight; she was their employee for years.  They knew how she was to begin with (though they will surely deny it).  So why drop her now?

I mean, look at the names up there.  Walmart?  Walmart???  Since when does that modern-day slave-driving sweatshop of an institution give two shits about Paula and her plantation fetish?  Where was this righteous indignation, this show of solidarity when they were stepping all over their own employees and selling them down the river?

And people keep referencing Paula's "empire" - is that what this is all about?  Was her name starting to cost too much?  Did her proposed contract renewal contain too many extra zeroes?  Did she ask Novo Nordisk for a seven-figure raise?

We're living in a time where corporations are willing to cut costs By Any Means Necessary and Paula seems to be just the sort of expendable expense that would get cut.  I mean, why not drop the Diabetic Dowager?  Her food's come under criticism for years, after all; I practically had a heart attack the first - and only - time I ever watched an episode of her show.

Truthfully, I don't think it's even about that.  America is the Fat Kingdom after all.  And no, I don't think this about the fact she offended an employee of color.  I think it's about the possibility she offended a white person in power.  'Cause everything happening to her right now smells like someone upstairs put out a corporate hit on her ass.


  1. Of course. Think about it everything is about money and power. Piss of someone high up and they will retaliate by stripping you of what you have. Business is way gangsta ask Congress. Either way her time has come regardless of who aided it.

    1. For real. This isn't about black and white. This was never about black and white; this is about green, the color which dictates how if and when all other colors get along.

    2. America is totally Ferenginar. That is all I have to say.

  2. (I'm trying to post as acidcookiegirl (from my LJ account)

    Yeah, Martha Stewart WENT TO JAIL and she isn't having half these issues.

    If anything, her constantly losing endorsements are getting folks to flock to her corner where they can (her book sales on Amazon have hit the roof).

    "Walmart? Walmart??? Since when does that modern-day slave-driving sweatshop of an institution give two shits about Paula and her plantation fetish?" made me almost fall out of my seat.

    1. Yeah, Martha Stewart WENT TO JAIL and she isn't having half these issues.


    2. Well, despite pre-sales being through the room, Random House has dumped the cookbook and cancelled a contract for 5 future cookbooks.
      People are forgetting that the person who started the lawsuit was a white woman, which is the reason why it probably took off. No one cares that much about racial discrimination (and the SCOTUS just made it harder to get justice in those cases) but this started with WWT, so my guess is she had pissed someone off and this basically gave them a way to take a wrecking ball to her butter-coated empire.

  3. Leo Princess6/29/13, 2:15 AM

    Makes sense. Even while watching from a distance as Paulagate rage on, I felt something else was up. Not backing her at all (PLEASE don't think I am) but inklings stemming from this wave of indignation from her sponsors and the media - who are often as race progressive as a bottle of bleach - made me me reckon I'm missing crucial elemenys. Cuz, let's be honest here - this would have normally blown by now.

    1. I think it's smokescreen b/c when the racists unleash in ways that really matter and that are harmful, you hear crickets.

      So it's like, oh, let's give them Paula Deen but the next time a politician does something, we won't say boo.

      Or when racists decide to attack a little brown boy for singing the National Anthem as if his brown skin makes him not American, we'll shut up.

      Or when the SCOTUS rules against POC in every major case that was announced last week, we'll make them so mad about Paula Deen that they won't think about the losses they suffered in regards to white people, taking your kids, workplace discrimination, and that little matter of voting.

      The only people who had a good week this week are the gays, and let's be honest, that was passed for the benefit of wealthy white gays and lesbians, which is why it had the juice to get so far.

    2. Cuz, let's be honest here - this would have normally blown by now.

      Boom - my thoughts exactly.

      When the articles first started, I honestly didn't think this was going to go anywhere. Next thing you know, her life's work is crumbling before her very eyes.

  4. Though ,I don't want to see her on TV whatsoever I feel that way about for a couple of reasons 1) You mentioned one of them...most of those been wanting to ax her from the beginning but didn't have the guts to and 2)where she's from.

    People have been criticizing her cooking (which I think is wrong). I'm Southern, and no longer will support her,but I will play devil's advocate with this. I hear some commenters on TV talk about "Southern bred" racism. Its like people are attacking Southern people.. their culture ( I don't mean the Confederacy,though it is a part of Southern history), the food, speech..its lime everything about it being attacked and has been for a long time. I think its unfair for them to just put racism on Southern people. What Paula said IS what Paula said not what all Southerners said.

    Its ironic how people are rightfully dropping Paula but when will they drop Alec Baldwin for his ongoing rants about gays? He even said some nasty things about his daughter. Yet he's making Capital one commercials with ease. Oh yeah Martha Stewart was mentioned. She got her job back.

    As wrong as Paula was about her words, this is why I do smell a semi rat with this. I agree. I don't think that this is about the slur or totally economic. Its about those guys using this situation to say adios to her.

    1. @ M,

      The reason why Alec Baldwin is still working is because he hasn't said anything about Jews....yet.

      Have you noticed that all of the people that have attacked a group got a slap on the wrist and kept on working until they offend Jews? Look at Mel Gibson & Charlie Sheen. Both made anti-Semetic comments and got their asses handed to them. Others like Alec Baldwin (who allegedly made a racist comment to a Black reporter), Dr. Laura, & Don Imus all got slaps on the wrist.

    2. Short answer no...he's white, male, college-educated, and a New Yorker.
      He deserves the Paula treatment but won't get it...white men if punished only get a slap on the wrist.

    3. Mickey,

      If he haven't said anything about Jews, its coming. Alec was also accused of using a racial slur to a Black photographer though he denied it.Now he just "apologized" to the gay community for what he did..yeah right! Mel Gibson did the same thing.. and continued to do it until what he said about Black men,then it subsided, though he wasn't quite cut down like Paula.Even Robert Downey was telling people how we should forgive that man.


      That's about the size of it. If he would have been from the South, oh god...! He would have gotten crucified like Paula. Its amazing!

      Speaking of educated White males..just to show you how much control they want, I was looking at the case about the young lady that was fired from her dentist job because she was considered "too attractive" by her employer. She took it to the Iowa Supreme Court....and lost! I think the only reason why she lost was that their justices are all White males . Though she has retaken her case back to them and is being reviewed, I'll be surprised if they overturn it. If White males can tell a White woman that employees can fire you because of your appearances, then that will tell you about our "great" melting pot. God help us all.

    4. @M,

      Why should anyone forgive any of these people when they have not forgiven Michael Vick for the dog fighting scandal or Isaiah Washington for his alleged anti-gay remarks to a fellow cast member? Has anyone seen these brothers work since?

    5. Mickey,


      I would really would like to know when these same people will do the same for them? I really get disgusted at what is happening with Mike Vick. If you ask me, as I was telling Brotha Wolf on his blood,I don't think that they want to forgive these people. I just see this as another cowardly way of getting back at Black people and other POCs.Forgiveness only applies to White people *sarcasm *

  5. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201357644444023&set=vb.1261040366&type=2&theater
    I'm dead XD

  6. Personally, I think it's because they see her as a liability. You can't have someone racist attached to your company without repercussions, and they're both canny enough and uncaring enough about the REAL issues at play here to know that.

    1. Also, speaking as a visibly Jewish person - there are PLENTY of people who make anti-Semitic remarks and get away with it just fine.

    2. Exactly.

      If this was just Food Network, I would say that it's probably about racism. As a friend pointed out, they actually have a decent track record on progressive issues.

      But yeah when Walmart is dropping you, something is going on. this is probably about money and licensing but more than that Deen has proven herself to be inept to deal with PR and media issues. I strongly believe that had she just broke out the checkbook or hired a PR consultant, this would not be the fustercluck that it is now. But her own responses and SorryNotSorry antics not only proved that the accusations are right but she's a huge risk to do business with because she's an idiot.


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