The Hypocrisy of Our Democracy

"I admit I am envious of you. In China, if you lose 20 billion dollars, they shoot you. Here, they give you another 20 billion dollars!"

~ Long-dou, The Boondocks: "The Red Ball"
Last summer, Iran sentenced four bankers to swing after they defrauded Iranian banks for over $2 billion.  The story was barely told in American mainstream media (as usual), but rich, white America was definitely upset by the news.  It's no wonder they're putting pressure on Washington to nuke Iran.  Iranians clearly have the right idea on how to handle this particular breed of criminal.

I'm only bringing this up because back here in these disunited states, Jeffrey Skilling is being allowed to speak.

Oh, yeah...if you're not following the story, you really ought to.  It's a case of white sociopathic privilege at its finest.  And if you're not too familiar with the Enron incident which made this man relevant in the first place, now's  great time to brush up on the history.  Here's my favorite part of the story:
Enron's shareholders lost $74 billion in the four years before the company's bankruptcy ($40 to $45 billion was attributed to fraud).[151] As Enron had nearly $67 billion that it owed creditors, employees and shareholders received limited, if any, assistance aside from severance from Enron.[152] To pay its creditors, Enron held auctions to sell assets including art, photographs, logo signs, and its pipelines.[153][154][155]

In May 2004, more than 20,000 of Enron's former employees won a suit of $85 million for compensation of $2 billion that was lost from their pensions. From the settlement, the employees each received about $3,100.[156] The next year, investors received another settlement from several banks of $4.2 billion.[151] In September 2008, a $7.2-billion settlement from a $40-billion lawsuit, was reached on behalf of the shareholders. The settlement was distributed among the main plaintiff, University of California (UC), and 1.5 million individuals and groups. UC's law firm Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman and Robbins, received $688 million in fees, the highest in a U.S. securities fraud case.[157] At the distribution, UC announced in a press release "We are extremely pleased to be returning these funds to the members of the class. Getting here has required a long, challenging effort, but the results for Enron investors are unprecedented."[158]
Mm-hm. You read this correctly. This man is trying to serve less time and is putting up a $40 million bribe, telling people he's willing to give some people back their own money.

And we're allowing this man to speak. We're actually letting him talk. We're already graciously allowing him to live, but that wasn't good enough. We didn't just give him an inch; we gave him the whole mile and now he wants ten.

Skilling is a living, breathing financial terrorist. So why the hell is the FBI making a fuss about Assata Shakur?

The woman is 65 years young, hasn't stepped foot in the states since 1984, and there's still no evidence she actually killed anyone.  Just so we're clear, when I go to a midnight showing of a film, I'm not looking over my shoulder for Assata Shakur.  When a bomb goes off on US soil or a mass shooting breaks out, my mind doesn't automatically go to Assata Shakur. And when I watch the news and listen to economic updates with deep disappointment, again...not looking at Assata Shakur.

And America wonders why it commands no respect.


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  1. You are so dead on with this.

    I still remember Enron because I wrote a school paper about it and my teacher was impressed because she didn't even know the full extent of their doing.

    The good ol boys will watch/protect each others' backs; all the while calling for the heads of others in Other countries to be punished, SMH!

  2. We need to rewind to the part where Skilling is being allowed to speak. Like, someone let this thing out of its cell and allowed it to confer with lawyers and run its mouth in public.

    Dude ought to just be grateful he was allowed to leave this situation alive and still a millionaire while thousands of people pretty much lost everything.


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