POC of the Vampire Diaries: Bonnie Bennett, Revisited

"I got killed off?  Hm.
Must be Tuesday."


I'm only doing this to come full circle.  I haven't watched the show since last we spoke of this abomination, but while reading Not Your Girl Friday I learned some non-shocking news.

Since I haven't watched the show, I let the VD Wikia tell you what's happened:
Bonnie lets Elena and Jeremy know that she’ll give them some before she has to put the veil back. Inside the cave, Bonnie is placing candles around as her Grams tells her it is time to put the veil back up. Bonnie reveals that she will put the veil back up after she brings Jeremy back from the dead. Sheila tells Bonnie that Jeremy's death was the will of Nature. Sheila warns her that, "There is no magic in this world strong enough to challenge it." Bonnie tells her that she has every magic, the spirits, expression, and the "darkness". Bonnie then attempts to cast the spell as Sheila warned her to stop. Bonnie then collapsed to the ground. After a while, Bonnie came to and stood up. Sheila eventually touched her shoulder. "I'm sorry, Bonnie. The spell, it was just too much," she said. Bonnie turned to see her body was still on the ground. The episode ends with Bonnie's death.
RIP Bonnie
Yeah, you just read that.  And hear tell, some folks are actually shocked by this.

I hope Katerina Graham (Bonnie) packs her bags and never looks back at the train wreck that was this show.  I hope she takes her money and popularity and parlays them into a real career.

And most importantly, I hope all the white fans of Bonnie Bennett have been notes and paying strict attention to the treatment of not just Bonnie, but every brown-skinned character who's ever had the misfortune to appear on this show.

I hope.


  1. Leo Princess5/18/13, 1:14 AM

    The second I learned that Bonnie was White in the books as well as the main character, I knew this was not going to end well. So here I am unsurprised.

  2. I watched the season finale. When they "killed" off Bonnie, I was pretty much like this:


    The way Bonnie "died," they can easily bring her back. In fact exec producer Julie Plec stated she's going to be back next season and will be in the middle of a huge storyline. And let's not forget, Bonnie was dating Ghost Whisperer the Vampire Slayer (aka Baby Bro Gilbert) so her role will be akin to say Annie or Sally's from Being Human.

    Either way, I'm done with the show. I only watched for Bonnie's storyline and I needed just enough inspiration to start working on New Haven so I'll be moving on.

    However, I will say this. Elena became a vampire and went evil when she shut off her emotions. She decided she was gonna try to kill Bonnie. And tried twice.

    It did not end well.

    For Elena.

    I'm not gonna say that Bonnie beat her motherfucking ass like she owed her rent but um, she beat Elena's motherfucking ass like she owed her rent. Whooped her ass so bad, Elena was begging and in tears. And nobody said shit to Bonnie. She tossed that hair back and kept it pimping.

    And I was rewinding the scenes and doing this here:


    1. In fact exec producer Julie Plec stated she's going to be back next season and will be in the middle of a huge storyline.

      So she'll have a 5-minute cameo divided among in 2-3 eps?

  3. Oh wow.

    Hey, what's that over there?

  4. I was browsing Bonnie tags on tumblr and you could definitely tell that fans were upset by the treatment Bonnie received. One person commented on the fact that Kat always looks better than Bonnie, like here at the Cannes film festival:


    Also many fans were upset after seeing the tweets that Plec was sending out. At one point I think a fan asked her why is bonnie dead and she replied by asking saying why do you want her alive.



    1. This bitch. Seriously. The fucking nerve. I hope her shit gets cancelled. I aint watching TVD no fucking more. If I see this bitch in the street I'm pissing on her shoes.

  5. if it's as beautiful vampire, I want my neck bitten


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