BrothaWolf Takes on the Abagond Challenge

Leave it to BrothaWolf to answer the Abagond Challenge first.  The following is an excerpt from his blog:
As a black male in America, do I secretly desire white women as expected by so many people who want to know if the age old stereotype of the negro’s lust for white meat is largely true? The answer is no, at least not the way that most people would assume.

...Today, when it comes to physical beautiful, I prefer thickness and curves. I love big booties and soft bellies with cute navels. I still think all women are beautiful in their own ways, but I place black women above all.

I used to believe that it doesn’t matter who you date as long as that person treats you with love, respect and dignity. But, we live in the United States, one of the most racist, judgmental nations on the planet. Here, image is everything. You need to judge a book by its cover as this is what society warrants. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s true. But what if the beholder is brainwashed?

In the West white women are the default of feminine beauty to where they placed way above every other kind of woman. Society expects everyone, especially black men, to lust for white women. And this is why you can expect to see some white women to be egotistic and some white men to be highly and insanely defensive and paranoid.

...But white people should really get over themselves when it comes to looks. Despite popular opinion, most black men desire black women, and that seems to drive white people crazy. It tells them that they, white women particularly, are not irresistible over black women and that they find black women more fetching.

That is the heart of the revolution to fight against white racism. Black love is what is needed and there is a lot of that going around
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  1. Leo Princess5/30/13, 1:12 AM

    Nice way to get the ball rolling. Thanks, BrothaWolf!

  2. I'm with Brotha on this.

    I don't care how many White people will say that every Black man desires White women, I do not believe that is always the case. As been said before this is an addiction to desirability.

    He's right about Black folk desiring each other. Just check out the stats. There are still more same race marriages than IR .If everybody desired and married out their race then there would be no need for stats like this .

    It's so crazy for some White women to think that Black women are insecure. No,its the other way around. Not that long ago, there was a survey done about Black women being the most confident of all races of women but what is supposed to be confidence for us ,they see as conceit. They don't want us to be like that because it takes away from their "confidence" of the mantra of being the most beautiful women in the world.

    The world has definitely been whitewashed. We are forced (or White society attempts to) worship White standards. Look at TV, magazines all around the world. It mostly consists of White people. I was just thinking about Gwynneth Patrow being chosen as People Magazine's Most Beautiful woman for their cover. You just don't know how much I agreed with with 80 something percent of the people that said she wasn't.

    Mind you that they are supposed to base this on looks, personality and what not,but people thought otherwise because they said that she's a diva. Let's say that she was voted on by her looks.. still she's not wildly attractive. She looks OK,but she's no Lana Turner,yet she's the most beautiful woman on earth. We're forced to swallow that lie.

    Lastly, another thing I've learned is that the West ...the states.. don't have a true appreciation for true beauty. As I've mentioned before, I don't find some people to be as attractive as some others because they want to look like the same people and I thought I was the only one ho thought like this. I was observing on of my Black male friends looking at attractive women passing him by. What I thought was going to be "look at all of these gorgeous women passing by me" turned out to be " God! It seems that all of these women look alike". Then, he went on to say how they looked alike in terms of hairstyle, dress , size and even make up. This wasn't to say that he thought they we're ugly, but their lack of uniqueness didn't turn him on to none of them. He didn't care what race you were.

    That is what the problem with some White women. They think that all races are supposed to jump at their whem because of their background and the stereotypical pedestal that they're on. Don't they think that some Black men are looking for something more than the idea of them being White? I'm a Black female and when it comes to menfolk, I like all,but when it comes to White men.. I'm more attracted to darker haired or red haired ones,prefer him to be able to tan or be olive complexioned.I'm just not that attracted to the norm because of the constant worship of their beauty standards. Really, it becomes the same story when it comes to idolizing the same stuff.. over and over again.

  3. One of my black male friends said something he'd experienced was non-black (usually white women) making either subtle or overt gestures towards him and being shocked that he had no interest and did not respond in kind.

    He said that it was interesting how they assumed that since they were offering their non-white bodies to him he'd leap on the offer, when in reality he said he didn't find them attractive. He said he preferred thick, with a round behind and nice waist. Breasts didn't matter as long as they were natural b/c he said he'd dated someone with implants and they felt very odd.

    But he said he always saw the look of shock when their flirtation went unacknowledged or unreturned.

    1. Oops, meant "offering their white bodies"...

  4. @M

    I was just thinking about Gwynneth Patrow being chosen as People Magazine's Most Beautiful woman for their cover.

    I've been thinking about who it was that I saw on the cover I saw at the local drug store. When I first saw it, my first question was, "Why?" This women looked nice, but she's not the most beautiful woman in my eyes.

    Black people in this country is brainwashed to see white women as the default of feminine beauty. We are trained to see long blonde/red/brunette hair, skinny frames, big breasts and pale skin as the definition of what it means to be beautiful. Not only that, we also trained to see them as existentially innocent and pure even when they show off their asses.

    This racist white chick was lashing out at me in a typical white racist fashion. A bunch of males came to HER defense and joined in on the tirade. A couple of them told me that she is a good person who wouldn't do any harm! Even worse is that she did that to a black woman, calling the n-word, and still claims she's not racist.

    I never saw a prime example of bullfuckery in all my life.

    1. What I find even more ridiculous than the fact that to me, Gwyneth Paltrow has always been pretty average looking is the fact that she's not even at the peak of whatever was supposed to be the big deal about her.
      One thing about white women, and blonds in particular, is that they start aging like fireflies once they hit 30. They cannot escape looking rode hard and put away wet thanks to genetics.
      So you take a pale blond like Paltrow who has spent too much time in the sun and has been underfed for a few decades and she is nowhere CLOSE to even being the queen of the white women, let alone the queen of all women. And you figure, that's what you get when she has the money to get injected and peeled and pampered.
      And she's just skinny. Now that the esthetic for white women is about 20lb smaller than it was 20 years ago), none of them have real breasts so you either have the really fake, cheap Pam Anderson look or they have to accept being flat chested (like Paltrow).
      But I feel as if the latest trend for them are women who look like they are 13.

  5. My personal preference goes like this, i will date everyone except white and if I have to date a white man, he better not be American, have some kind of melonin in his skin and the darker the hair the better.

    I am relatively young in terms of life experience in this blog spot and even I know that white ain't always right, sometimes it's down right bad for you so I will never get behind the idea of some random Becky as a role model to look up to. No ma'am, hell naw. Last I checked my Mom is black and she is a good looking black female that I look up to or try to imitate not some spineless, classless, shapeless, pale for no reason white chick.


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