And the "Little Shit Town Award" Goes to....

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As the story goes, a Papa John’s delivery driver inadvertently dialed the number of a customer to whom he had delivered some pizza. The call was recorded by the customer’s voicemail where Mr. Racist McBigot — that would be, the delivery driver — was caught saying some not-so-nice things about African-Americans. Oh, and did I mention that the customer in question was indeed an African-American? Uh-huh, apparently the delivery driver took issue with the tip given to him by the customer. The customer tipped the driver $5.00 on a $15.21 order, which according to the driver, wasn’t enough and typical of “niggers.”

“That’s the only requirement for being a nigger in Sanford,” the driver jokingly tells a co-worker, while complaining about the tip. “Yeah, they gave me five bucks there. Fine, outstanding African-American gentleman of the community.” He also added that the customer was, “so black, fireflies follow him around in the daytime.” To which was met with laughter by co-workers who I assume were all white. (Source)

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter took to social media, posting an apology on Facebook and Twitter for “the reprehensible language used by two former employees.”

“Their thinking and actions defy both my personal and the company’s values and everything for which this company stands. The employees responsible for this absolutely unacceptable behavior were immediately terminated,” Schnatter wrote on Monday
. (Source)
I want the Abagond Challenge to continue by all means, but I needed to laugh real quick about this story right here.

Folks often talk about how racism is bad for white people, and this story is a hilarious case in point.

I mean...lemme get this straight.  You're a pizza delivery guy in a little shit town whose two claims to fame are murder and racism.  You've clearly internalized a lot of that, so much that you've lost your job - in this economy - and created a national scandal which will likely haunt you as you apply for new jobs...and all because you got tipped more than you deserved and just didn't how to say, "Thank you", and call it a day.

Like, I don't know if this dude had mouths to feed or a partner he had to answer to when he got home, but if he did...wouldn't you be interested to hear how that conversation went?

And while we're at it, we might as well give this guy the Michael David Dunn Award, 'cause...damn.


  1. What in the ever loving FUCK... he complained about a five dollar tip?! Hell, I know that gas costs more these days, but hell, that's a good tip! Someone tip me that much, and they'd be on my favourite Customer list!

    And I should know, I had some great customers as a pizza delivery guy myself during high school, and some cheap buggers.

    Just... if anyone needs an Irate Grizzly Bear to maul this guy, as well as the people who laughed at his racist joke, give me a shout.

  2. This is such a hot mess. I swear Sanford fl is just a complete $#!+ stain and i cannot wait to get outta here.
    I've actually been to that particular Papa Johns a number of times (before i started my boycott when the owner claimed he was laying people off and cutting hours/benefits because of Obamacare -_- ) and while I've never gotten those kinda vibes i can say that there have def been a few times when i've gone in there and the vibe was

  3. This moron is angry because of a five dollar tip?? What did he expect to get for a tip, a stack of Benjamins?

    This dude sounds spoiled as hell. He complains about a big ass tip and then vents about it in a typical redneck fashion. And didn't think there would be someone listening and reporting his goofy ass?

    From what I've seen, some people are content and proud with being assholes, especially if no one checks them. Then they are confronted, they throw their temper tantrum. The same goes with racists. Their sociopathic nimrodery keeps them in their bubble. If you try to pop that bubble, they will lash out.

  4. Perla Buttons5/30/13, 6:22 AM

    This is fucking horrible. I'm so glad those racists tools got fired. I wish that sort of company response happened more often. Too many get to keep their income streams. But I'm sure they have their share of defenders -"It was a joke!".

    About the tip: I realise that things are a bit different here in Oz. Tipping is becoming more and more common and expected here. Is tipping one-third of the bill considered miserly for something like pizza? Or is it just a case of a White boy expecting to keep the change from a fifty from 'lowly' POC?

    1. that is a huge tip for some pizza, standard tip is 10-20%

  5. That's a 30% tip...on a pizza order.

    I think a lot of his anger is about the fact that he's serving anything to black people, and the fact that they can tip him so much actually upsets him rather than make him happy to get the cash.


  6. It's hilarious how he's so entitled that he gets upset about receiving more money than he actually deserves for that order. This shit is going to haunt him for a long while, so I hope those forty seconds when everyone was laughing at his rapier wit were worth it.

    With all the bullshit coming out of this state, I'd understand if the rest of the continental US wanted to find some way to physically separate Florida from the mainland.

  7. Now isn't that something? He puts down this Black couple for shoeing him kindness but I bet that if this couple didn't give this fool anything, he still would have berated.After all Black people don't tip,right? (Sarcasm). I also find it ironic that this incident happened in Sanford, Florida..the same place where Trayvon Martin was killed.hmmm.....

  8. Crazy. Years ago I worked as a hostess at a restaurant and you wouldn't believe some of the racist remarks and bigotry that would come from servers' mouths, even the ones of African descent (go figure)!

    The consensus was that black people don't tip. They never considered for one second that it's not that black people don't tip, it's certain folks don't tip. Like the fact that although the restaurant was in the downtown area of the city, there were infamous housing projects five minutes away. We got a lot of people that came into the restaurant from that area and that may have lent to the perception, but it was still very unfair.

    I never believed and still don't that people should be prejudged that way. I got yelled at so many times by servers who were angry that I sat them with a "black" table. I mean angry to the point where they'd give me the death stare, curse me out and accuse me of sabotaging them. I replied, "Look, I follow a rotation and I seat accordingly. I do not control who comes through the door," and I meant that. I wasn't going to treat anyone different that walked through that door. My job was to be a hostess, period.

    Anyway...Overall I think the issue of tipping falls along class lines. People of a higher socioeconomic status understand the concept and act accordingly, others do not. In this case, the delivery driver was an idiot because he was being over-tipped and was too stupid to realize it or just blinded by his bigotry.

    I use to dine out and over tip due to my experience working as a hostess, until one day, my best friend and I (and she was an notorious over-tipper for the same reasons) got such terrible, attitude-ridden service off the bat, we said enough is enough.

    That day we gave the woman a tip. We wrote it on the back of the receipt. It said the following:

    Here's a tip, next time be polite and provide better service.

  9. Call me crazy but there are moreWhite rich people who are infamous in not paying tips. I guess they forget about about Randy Quaid and his wife not paying their tips...and their food!

  10. As a pizza delivery driver of 3 years I can promise that $5 is a satisfactory tip for any amount of food. The average tip is between $3 and $4. I encounter low-tip/no-tippers occasionally from all races, but when said customer is black the other white drivers will carry out their paranoid delusions of "reverse racism" and act as though I should be extra irate. This story is not surprising. And as the last poster indicated, there are plenty of filthy rich white people who'll stiff you with malice.

    1. Appreciate the insight. Use a name please.


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