The Soap Opera of Politics

What happened to Bob Beckel? He used to be a relatively sane individual and now he is over at F... News calling for McCarthy like tactics against Muslims in America. I guess those checks from Uncle Rupert will have that kind of effect on you. First Kirsten Powers, and now this clown.

It is people like Beckel and Powers who make me hate politics in America: Every one's soul has a price. One minute you are a so called progressive liberal and the next minute you are on some dumb show on F... News yucking it up with a bunch of Neanderthals.

It was nice to hear Jon Stewart calling them out in his own satirical way. Now, of course, to improve their profile in our popular culture, they are picking a fight with the aforementioned Stewart.


Beckel...aired his own grievances with Stewart:

“I was a liberal activist and a progressive before you were out of your Pampers. And you may get on a TV show and talk liberal politics, but I’ve been on the lines registering voters, being on the union lines, and others. Maybe you want to bring your credentials up here. Do not suggest that what I was saying here was a litmus test. I was simply saying that there were people we needed to take a two-year hiatus and check out those in this country who came on a student visa and cannot be found, and the FBI is trying to find them. It seems to me it’s legitimate to try and do that before we let more people in. Now you want to call that a litmus test? My litmus test is that when you do something, when you quote somebody, you do it right. And you obviously don’t have the sense to do that.”

Oh shut up Bob! That was many checks ago.

This right here? This is what I'm talking about.

There's an old saying which goes, "Politics is a soap opera for ugly people."  I totally believe it.  I mean, how many of you genuinely take politics seriously?

Between the propaganda, the bloated salaries, the one-inch-of-progress per decade, the disastrously epic gaffes coming out of people whose positions demand far more intelligence, the manipulation of social media, and the glaring agenda overlap with can we take politics seriously?

When I watch the "news" I feel like I'm watching a very badly scripted reality TV series.  It's all spin and spectacle.  I feel like our elections are the equivalent of American Idol auditions.  Every war, tax hike, recession, mass murder, and bout of white racism is just another badly written plot twist in a film that jumped the shark two minutes after the opening credits.

During the town hall debates of the 2012 election, the commoners citizens in the audience sounded like disgruntled callers on a customer service line.  They were trying to voice their dissatisfaction and concerns to a wealthy corporation which couldn't care less.  Our political candidates apologized for the inconvenience, then turned around and did the same thing.  The Republicans continued to fight against common sense, and the Democrats sat back and cried about it.*

I mean...come January, 2013, my paycheck went down, even after I got a raise.  What's wrong with this picture?

Then there are the talking heads on TV.  I'll be very honest with you.  I watched Ed Schultz because he was entertaining.  I watched Rachel Maddow because I have a platonic crush on the woman.  I occasionally watch MSNBC pretty much because a lot of polish, sophisticated, good-looking Black women show up on there looking utterly fabulous.  For the sake of my blood pressure, I can't even bother with FOX or CNN.

I can't take these (paid) talking heads seriously because I don't really learn anything from them and nothing changes when their shows go off.  When the shows end, the profound wealthy disparity will still exist.  Another white boy is still going shoot a bunch of people or blow up a building with people in it.  Another cop is going to shoot an unarmed brown person.  The roads, bridges, and schools will continue their deterioration.  The price of healthcare will continue to be ludicrous.

We'll still be making life decisions at the gas pump, wondering if we'll have enough to eat or pay the light bill after we fill our tanks almost half-way.

And through it all, our wealthy, privileged politicians will go on making decisions which will have national - and international - impact based on what's best for their own careers.

Indeed, politics is not just a soap opera for ugly people, but the downright ugliest and absolutely most despicable examples of humanity overall.

*And they're not crying because they're helpless; they're crying because making the Republicans look as bad and shrinking of their voter base is apparently more important than actually getting any work done.

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