(h/t Womanist Musings)

"Being gay is as African as being black."

I'm serious...did anyone else tear up watching this?

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  1. Yeah.... *happytears* :))

    Thanks for sharing this. I had a hell of a day and this was just the uplifting thing I needed.


  2. Congratulations to them. May they be blessed with many years of happiness.

  3. Beautiful.

    And beautifully well said. "Being gay is as African as being black."

  4. This is beautiful. I'm very happy for them.

  5. Perla Buttons4/11/13, 7:17 PM

    My day is made! Thank you for this. I wish them all the luck in in the world!

  6. Incredibly beautiful! Makes you think about all the time and energy people waste throwing hateful crap at same-sex couples, when it can be wonderfully heartwarming and natural to celebrate and just be a part of their love and happiness.


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