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"As a writer, I totally get that the writing comes to us and to a certain extent, we can’t control what inspires us. However, those first inspirations often resonate with us so much because they’re cliches. For example, it feels “right” to write a hero who’s an orphan. It feels “right” to have a nerdy girl wear glasses. In the same way, it feels “right” to write a weak female who is Asian."


  1. This! This is something that "they" will never understand.
    Oh, you mad, huh? Well get in line because we, POC have always been pissed off for being written off and shoved aside as stereotypes.
    Oh you mad, bruh. Oh boohoo for you cuz frankly dear we just don't give a good got dam!

  2. Replies
    1. She addressed the name thing on her blog http://rachelrostad.tumblr.com/, explaining that she was making a punch line and sacrificed accuracy and even apologized for it. She points out that Cho Chang could possibly be equated to a Cantonese romanization of the Mandarin name Zhang Qui :) though we all here know that JKR never even did half of that research...

  3. I'd forgotten about Kingsley Shacklebolt.


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