At the Bar with Ankhesen Mié

From my interview with Dennis Upkins:

It’s no secret that I’ve got nothing but love for exquisite ladies behind Middle Child Press, case in point. As much as I’m promoting that projects each time we do these roundtables and interviews, the truth is I get just as much out of these one on ones because if for nothing else, I get to pick the brains of some of my favorite people. Ankhesen Mié is no exception.

Mié is a woman on the move and you’re welcome to join her, if you can keep up. After the success of the re-release of the critically acclaimed Folklore & Other Stories, Mié is flexing her muscles with some new fanfic series and an ongoing serial: Selo & Inya.

And lucky for me, I get to be front row for all the awesome. And lucky for you, you get to join me. See what happens when you hang with the cool kids?

DRU: Ankhesen, thank you so much for sitting down to do this interview. We got a lot to cover but I promise this’ll be fun. Okay, first question I gotta ask. In addition to your new series Selo & Inya, you’re also writing the fanfic series Gaya’s Astronomy, Orias, Soldiers of the Empire, Hotel, your blogs: At the Bar, Middle Child Press, Dark & Twisty, Blasian Narrative, The Black Girls Club. First question: WOMAN, WHEN DO YOU SLEEP?

AM: I don’t. *wink* Next question.

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  1. Yea, get some sleep. You both ladies of MCP are madness (canIborrowsome?) And thx for the shoutout but how embarrassing! *blush*

    I almost forgot you had hardcopies of Folklores and now I want one so I can hunt you down and make you sign it! I loved that book! Exactly the kind of thing that makes a splash on my litmus test. I'm so glad to hear the Hirosawas will be BACK! *laughs diabolically*

    1. I'm so glad to hear the Hirosawas will be BACK!

      You liked the Hirosawas?

    2. Are you kidding? From Michael to Benjiro it was all kickass LOVE.


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