African Men. Hollywood stereotypes.

(h/t Shiku)

"We're talking to you, shirtless Matthew McConaughey."


  1. Perla Buttons3/29/13, 12:04 AM


  2. Thank goodness for videos like this.

  3. "Were laughing at you shirtless Matthew McConauhey".. lol.

    Seriously, they're right. All that we learn about Africans is what most of those guys said in their ads. When I was growing up, the first time, I learned about the the continent like most people was thru bogus Tarzan pictures or in history books and what was taught about it wasn't enlightening.

    I remembered going through this same thing with my nephew thinking that some African countries were war torn or that they were poor. Though I ve never visited or know about African countries, I did the best that I could educating him about it,by telling him about My Senegalese friend prosperous background before coming to the states, showing him Goree Island,(which kind of reminded him of coastal regions in Georgia),the homes, Senegalese rappers, telling him some Africans have PCs in their homelands and malls. I showed him a mall in Accra, Ghana and how some of them lived.Even if they were poor, I reminded him that it was no different that there are some poor who are living in extreme conditions as some of them are.

    In spite of that, I still told him that the world is just not about me or him and it really isn't,but others seem to think that." If it ain't White, it aint right" is the problem and it has been since those "great" settlers introduced themselves to the world. Minorities have been taught that something was wrong with their culture and their way of life because White society didn't want to understand them,their way of life or culture.This knashing of minorities continues today. Now that Obama is in office, they are trying to perpetuate more stereotypes about POCs and even has gone as far as banishing Latino/Black history.

  4. And it's not just Hollywood, you should check out French newspapers and media.
    This was a funny video, but unfortunately too true. Also, I've noticed it's not just White Americans who have these views, but a lot of African Americans, too who scorn what they think they know about "Africans" (as if they were all one and the same). They sometimes fail to grasp that the African man/woman doesn't envy African-American ghettos (though of course, not all African-Americans live in the ghetto).

  5. Tssk tssk, they forgot the machetes.

    Okay, they got the machine-gun right. But what self-respecting made-in-Hollywood African male doesn’t walk around with a machete? What is he supposed to cut people’s hands with??

    They forgot the machetes. Unforgivable.

  6. I love this. I was LMAO, especially at the "brave western warriors" and "shirtless Matthew McConhagheyhey" or whatever the fuck his name is. This video gave me life.

    *sigh* Tony Todd.

  7. Hello,I see myself as a standout amongst the most fortunate people on earth.Furthermore why, positively not due to material riches,yet having had the chance to live and work in diverse parts of the world, among people of different cultures and religions and the capability to feel at home wherever I go.This additionally puts me at an extraordinary preference when in the company of bigots who see Africa particularly, and Africans in such a contrary light in all circumstances.Interestingly this mentality is not limited to those of low education,yet very predominant among those with professional educations,too..will this feature change anything?I uncertainty it.Who was it who said that there is none so visually impaired as he who WILL not see?
    ~Olivia Rose.


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