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From Colorlines.com:
...But a recent “phi-esta” party planned by members of a fraternity at the University of Southern California (USC) caught my eye for two reasons:

1) It was a Mexican-themed event and the USC campus is literally surrounded by Latinos: the communities that surround USC are all predominantly Latino. The most recent Census data also found Latinos make up 47.7% of the population in Los Angeles, with Mexicans making up the majority of the group.

...Here’s an excerpt from the op-ed written Morales, a junior at USC studying political science.

I love a fiesta and a good margarita as much as the next girl, but not when it is just an excuse to make racist jokes and poke fun at a different culture. There is a big difference between celebrating a culture and mocking it.

A few hours after the event was posted, the description was edited to include “what not to expect”: “border patrol, pickpockets, those kids selling you chicle gum, [and] Montezuma’s Revenge.” Classy, indeed.

Is this what Mexican culture has been reduced to? An entire country, an entire people, an entire tradition is recognized solely by negative stereotypes. Is it not possible to hold a party without the predictably offensive costumes and mocking accents? Will it be less of a good time if guests refrain from obvious racism? I highly doubt it.

It is offensive that race is so easily used as a party theme. This is not the first “fiesta” and I am sure that it will not be the last, but I’m not waiting for the party to be over before I speak up. I’m not waiting for the pictures of drawn-on mustaches, illegal immigrants and gardeners to make the rounds on Facebook. I’m not waiting for my heritage to be ridiculed before I start my protest.

This is my protest. This is me speaking up for what I believe in. This is me taking a stand.

...Morales is now getting a lot of criticism from fellow students because she “may have likely ruined an otherwise good time for many people.”

Even though both op-ed’s offered context and explained why these parties are offensive there are dozens of comments on Morales’ opinion piece that argue she should have stayed quiet.
Don't bother counting the fail.  You'll just run out of numbers.

Understand something about me here and now: like many of you, I expect that type of behavior we saw with the frat, and I don't for a second believe their toilet paper apology was heartfelt, or that anyone actually got punished in a way that mattered.

But that's not what's got me rolling my eyes.

I grew up hearing this BS from white people who didn't like it whenever I critiqued something or someone they liked, particularly when the thing/person in question was clearly racist.  They complained it "ruined" their fun or made them feel "guilty", and they couldn't understand why I wouldn't just sit back and enjoy the humor/special effects/eye candy/whatever it is that's usually propped up to distract these lemmings from thinking too much.

These people want to be able to do bad...just not feel it or even know it.  Such behavior has a name, Bar patrons.  It's called sociopathy.

Big ups to Morales for speaking out; I wouldn't have bothered.  White folks being racist in here in these disunited states is business as usual.  Had I been a student there, I would've most likely written a piece about how unsurprising the frat's behavior was, and how amusing it is when white people like these can't get or keep friends of color, command zero respect, completely lack credibility...and yet are baffled as to why.


Whites Won't Give Up on Racism, by Scot Nakagawa


  1. Leo Princess2/22/13, 10:20 PM


  2. Leo Princess2/22/13, 10:24 PM

    Also, I hope they know they're living up to every stereotype that the media has held about (white) frats for decades. Funny how that goes, huh.

  3. There is a book about the Vietnam War, the title escapes me but it's basically about how American culture is a narcissistic and sociopathic. I think it's called "A Culture of Make Believe" but I'm not sure.

    @ Leo Princess
    There are no stereotypes about white people. Because they're "individuals".

    1. "American culture is a narcissistic and sociopathic"

      America was founded in an orgy of violence that continued and was mainstream for centuries. We are talking about the kind of people that brought their children to lynchings and collected fingers as souvenirs. None of this violence was ever apologized for, and to this day they still justify all of the violence. Yet they act all surprised when one of their own decides to massacre a bunch of school children. As if this sort of violence from white men is unique or original in the history of the world. The only thing that has changed now is that some of the victims are white.

  4. So lemme get this straight, it's ok for whites to make fun of someone's race/culture and act like an assclown, but if a person of said race/culture points out how much of an ignorant douche they're being, THEY'RE being the jerk and not the racist twits? Oh, the delusions that narcissism and sociopathy can conjure...

    Nice to know their feelings about being called racist are more important than my offense at racist behavior.

    1. Crazy isn't it? They are very delusional dimwits! I bet that if other minorities did the same with St.Patricks Day, they would have sent them death threats for disrespecting the day.

    2. I have always said that Blacks & Latinos should get together and have "Nazi parties" where they dress up as members of Hitler's SS or "Redneck galas" where they dress up as the KKK, have a "Kiss Your Sister" week to celebrate inbreeding and see how these mofos like it. Or how about a "Mass Murder Melee" where they dress up like White mass murderers (i.e., John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Oklahoma City Bomber, Columbine boys, Colorado shooter, Newtown shooter) and watch for their reactions.

      Won't be so funny, would it?

    3. Leo Princess2/27/13, 4:09 PM

      @Mickey - The White Whine would be so great and wide that CNN would give it week-long coverage.

  5. It seems like this type of racist shit has become more frequent over the last few years. I almost expect to hear about something like this every few months.

  6. GAG. Racist-joke parties like that are disgusting - good for Morales, speaking out like that.

  7. I can hear them now, "Dude, relax! We were just having fun! Stop whining about every little thing!"

    Translation: Who cares if this offends you! Who the hell do you think you are, the PC police? This is our fun! Sure, you might be offended, but we don't give a damn! So, why should you? Get over yourselves!

  8. I remember from my college years the times i would have to venture to FSU's campus. I alwyas tried to make that trip short, sweet amd to the point. I was not trying to make friends; cuz they are always trying to get in a person's personal space.
    Hmm maybe this is why I don't converse with white people unless it's required amongst other reasons.


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