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All about the Red

We briefly touched on A Tribe Called Red before; they're an electronic music group from Canada who who fuse hip hop, reggae, and dubstep with chants and beats from the First Nations, forging a new genre they call "Pow Wow Step".   I felt as though they could use some more love, especially since they're giving away a free album, and have released a song in solidarity with Idle No More.

From their blog:
In 2008, DJ’s NDN and Bear Witness founded A Tribe Called Red adding two-time Canadian DMC champ, DJ Shub to the crew in 2010. ATCR creates an never before heard sound made up of a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, Electronic, and their own mash-up of club and Pow Wow music, known as Pow Wow Step that is quickly gaining respect from all kinds of communities from all around the world. Electric Pow Wow is a monthly club night dedicated to showcasing Aboriginal DJ talent and Native urban culture and is aimed at creating a space for Aboriginal people.

Here are their upcoming shows:
  • Feb 7 Toronto - AGO
  • Feb 8 Peterborough - Nozhem
  • Feb 16 Whitehorse - Frostbite Festival
  • Feb 20 Whistler - Maxx Fish
  • Feb 21 Vancouver - Fortune Sound Club
  • Mar 15 Austin, TX - SXSW Festival (Awwww, shit! They're coming to Texas!!!)
And here are some vids:


  1. Already on their mailing list XD

  2. "Pow Wow Step" is a boss album. Can't believe they're just giving it away.


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