Names, Dates, and Case Files: This isn't about Chris Dorner

Funny story: I don't think the Christopher Dorner sitch is about Christopher Dorner.  I'm not trying to get into the debate about whether or not he's a hero, whether or not he's alive, etc.  As Arturo Garcia writes, "The truth is still out there":
The search for former Los Angeles Police officer Christopher Dorner may be over…but hopefully, the questions he has raised are not. Which makes Davey D’s interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman all the more relevant.

I mean, first of all, anybody who would kill innocent folks, I don’t think is a hero, so let’s kind of get that off the table, because I think when the question is raised about, “Let’s look at what is going on here, what he’s raising, let’s investigate that,” the immediate response is like: Are you supporting a killer of innocent people? Are you supporting a cop killer? No, he named dates, times and places. Let’s look these — let’s check these out, because those allegations are pretty serious.

The other thing that you have is that, initially, they were said—this manifesto was described by Chief Beck as something that was ramblings on the Internet. Well, it wasn’t ramblings when he decided to put 40 to 50 security squads to protect his officers. He took that seriously. Obviously we are going to reexamine the allegations that he raised around the—his firing, so they’re taking that very seriously. The fact that he kind of implicated himself as being the killer of Monica Quan and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence, they’re taking that seriously. But then the allegations, they want to say those are ramblings. And I say, as journalists, we should take all that seriously, not just the incident with his sergeant, Teresa Evans, but also the allegations of recruits or officers singing Nazi songs to somebody — he talks about that—police officers who are on the beat to this day, he gives their names. They use the “N” word. Should there be a zero tolerance for that? Are they still officers on the beat? If so, why? We should check out to find out if people involved with the Rodney King scenario or the Rampart scandal have been expanded. If so, why?
Couldn't have phrased it better myself.

The chatter about who Dorner "really" was and what he did is simply avoidance.  They are minor variables in a much larger equation.  If this indeed was a movie, we came in at the end.  The problems with the Los Angeles Police Department - and police departments all across this country - were around decades before Dorner was even born.  So let's go ahead and get that off the table, because that's what this is really all about - the public's beef with the police.

For me, the manifesto was a mesmerizing read.  When I couldn't finish it at work, I counted the minutes until I could get home and finish.  This was no ignoramus; Dorner was a great writer with a fluid, almost poetic style.  I can see how and why he garnered so many supporters so quickly.

But as Amanda from Nikita would say, Dorner's accusations towards the LAPD were quite specific.  He listed names of officers and victims.  He recalled dates, places, and even case file numbers, triggering a massive manhunt and a $1 million bounty.  This is serious.

So I'm not buying the "mad ramblings" sales pitch; it was pathetic for the LAPD to even try that shit.  And if they think killing the man will make the real problem go away, it's not likely.  Chris Dorner served his purpose.  He got people talking.

Besides, we already know a movie's in the works.  Except a white dude will portray Dorner, and most likely in a fictional city with a fictional police department (to avoid offending anyone).  Top it off, his character will be totally innocent, and instead of the usual avenging-my-wife-and-child shit, he'll be avenging some dead black dude who used to deliver his pizzas or rotate the tires on his car, while listening to our hero's woes and peddling tender Negroisms.


  1. I'm reading his manifesto now before it disappears from the internet. I understand Chris. I really do there was alot of bullying in that workplace. The LAPD has had longstanding problems with race, and brutality. Cops have too much power.

    I've dealt with workplace bullying I know how frustrating it can be dealing with co-horts.

  2. I believed that Chris was telling the truth and after Nightline interviewed the mentally I'll man who said that the LAPD dismissed his police brutality case,I REALLY believe him but with most people in his(mentally ill man)position will be called delusional because of his illness. The man seemed coherent to me when interviewed.

    If a person rambles, people tend to ignore them. If Chris was supposedly did this, why the million dollar bounty, why shoot up innocent people cars, why was he called a domestic terrorist and was why the aggressive APD for him in the states and Mexico? Sure, it would be simple just to say he killed people which is dangerous and sad, but as I've often said on here I feel more threatened by the the police than actual criminals. At least with them they aren't pretending to be good people .

    This is the time where these civil rights groups and the president should look into this, but they probably won't .It was said that Kuans dad actually defended Chris. If that was the case, he could have potentially been a witness for Dorner. No telling how many cops were with Dorner, but don't want to violate their code of silence. I hope that the truth will come out.

  3. Leo Princess2/14/13, 10:45 AM

    I nearly keeled over when I heard an LAPD spokesperson on Anderson Cooper mentioned that one of the officers Dorner accused of racist actions is married to a Black woman and has children with her.

    As we at the Bar already know, marrying/f*cking/procreating with Black people doesn't say jack about how racist you aren't. Oh, and we need to mail that wife her Nita 'Jade' Hanson award.

    1. Oh, now he's trotting out his black wife just so we know that this was never about race.
      And after looking at her gazing at him spouting bullshit then I definitely second sending her a Nita "Jade" Hanson award too...

  4. Have you guys seen The Negotiator with Samuel L. Jackson?



  5. The LAPD isn't making themselves more credible by shooting innocent people who don't even resemble him remotely. How you get two elderly Hispanic women confused with one 200lb 6ft plus black man I have no clue. How you then SHOOT, before stopping to even ask a question is even more WTFing.

    Doing that definitely helped Dormer get public sympathy, from people who already don't trust the LAPD. Whatever Dormer allegedly did he at least got the people he was gunning for without killing anyone else. Even the guy whose car he hijacked said that he was very polite. When an alleged homicidal maniac makes you're supposedly professional institution look bad by doing better due diligence than you that's...really saying something about how your institution operates.

    LAPD keep trying to portray this guy as crazy... yet they're the ones shooting up people just to catch him. The pieces don't fit and there is way more going on here than the story them and the media are pushing.

    Also whatever he did he's entitled to a trial. LAPD clearly are not interested in that. They want this guy dead.

    BTW a friend of mine with military background looked at that manifesto, and he said it's filled with anagrams that reference covert military/government programs and operations. He said that judging by what he read Dormer knows a lot that might explain why the LAPD are just opting to kill him, rather than let give him the opportunity to spill his guts and name more names at a trial. My friend who said this is an admittedly Newt Gingrich/Reagan loving Republican,so that definitely made me look reconsider this case and how it's being presented in the media.

    1. Supposedly, they said thathis death was accidental, yet when a reporter was with them he caugh one of the cops saying" Let's go in and get that M---F_--out!"


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