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TORRANCE -- A Gardena man was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter Monday for killing a businessman who laughed at him when the pastrami fell out of his sandwich at a Western Avenue doughnut shop.

Ronald Eugene Murray II, 26, appeared to sigh in relief as a Torrance jury first found him not guilty of second-degree murder, choosing the lesser offense of voluntary manslaughter.

...Turk said Murray punched and kicked 56-year-old New Jersey resident Mun Jang so hard on Oct. 1, 2011, that Jang died in a hospital two days later. A kick to the head proved to be the fatal blow.

Neither man knew each other, but Murray and Jang had patronized Donut King, at 15032 S. Western Ave., at 3:30 that morning. Jang, who was visiting Los Angeles on business, went for an ice cream. Murray purchased a pastrami sandwich and was particular with his order, asking for tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise, but no onions or jalapenos.

Jang, who was with a friend, watched as Murray took a bite. Some of the meat fell out, Turk said.

Jang laughed, angering Murray, who snapped, "Who you laughing at?" He became even more upset when the clerk behind the glass refused his request for another sandwich at half-price, Turk said.

"The real focus of his anger were the people who would not give him a sandwich," Turk said. "The only person he could take his rage out on was the victim."

Prosecutors said Murray sucker-punched Jang and then punched him repeatedly, inflicting the fatal blow with a kick to the head while Jang was on the ground. He then threw the sandwich so hard into Jang's head that mayonnaise and lettuce stuck in his ear.

Some of the crime was caught on video.

Testifying on his own behalf, Murray said he wasn't trying to hurt Jang. He said he acted in self-defense after he slipped on the sandwich meat and fell to the ground. Jang, Murray testified, stood over him with a fist, so he protected himself by fighting back, Turk said.

Jurors did not believe the self-defense argument, but decided he did not commit murder. He took the beating too far, kicking a defenseless man in the head, Turk said.

"Somebody lost his life because he laughed and had a normal human reaction to something that was pretty funny," Turk said. "It could have been anybody standing there."

Deputy Public Defender Haaris Syed, who represented Murray, was not available for comment.
Seriously? The "self-defense argument" again?  You kill a man over loud music or a hoodie pastrami and claim it was in self-defense?  Really?

And what was everyone else doing while Jang was getting beaten to death?  Where was his friend????

The Bar sincerely thanks the jurors for not buying this bullshit.  And uh, Asian folks?  Welcome to the club, boo-boo.  We meet Wednesday nights at 9:00 (CPT).  Refreshments will be served, but you will have to BYOB.


  1. And what was everyone else doing while Jang was getting beaten to death? Where was his friend????

    People don't get involved anymore. They are too busy recording it on their phones to upload to youtube later! I read an article about a girl in California who was beat up outside her job in the mall over a boy and no one stopped it!

  2. I have thirteen more for my list of "people who can just go fucking die already". I'm running out of space on this thing.

    Honestly, I'm starting to think I could walk right up to someone and shoot him dead and claim it was "self-defense" because he glared at me a week ago.

    1. Tehnoun, you realize you're only getting away with that 'ish if you're not Black right? I'd hate to see a bunch of Black folks ending up in the Big House thinking that the self defense thing is universal. It isn't. If you are Black, go shoot a White person, claim self defense, and see how fast they try to give you the death penalty.

    2. There goes anon, including the thing I failed to mention, which made my whole comment invalid. My comments are always the worst for this very reason.

  3. That is, hands down, the single greatest self-defense story I have ever heard.

  4. Leo Princess2/22/13, 3:14 PM

    I'll let one of my gifs say it for me.


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