Book Review: Lady of the Court

From Amaya Radjani, author of Tainted:

As the Creative Director of Middle Child Press and part of author Ankhesen Mié’s creative network, I had the good fortune of reading Selo & Inya: Lady of the Court shortly before it was published. This book is the beginning of a series depicting the adventures of Selo, a tall, regal woman warrior from the Queendom of Tiy, and Inya, a healer from the Kingdom of Oon Sati. Selo is thoughtful and serious and Inya is observant, blunt and hilarious. The pair makes for a good entertaining team.

Ankhesen has declared Selo & Inya to be a series of short stories to be published on a regular basis. Lady of the Court is an excellent foundation to what I know will be a delightful series of novels. In it, we are introduced to Selo, who must escort Queen’s Ituti’s daughter Abeti to the Kingdom of Oon Sati, an adjacent territory. Abeti is to be married to an Oon Sati prince so that an alliance can be formed and deter their common enemy, the Antwari, from attacking.

Selo is unhappy with the assignment, as the Oon Satians are wasteful and hedonistic and it is not a lifestyle she’s interested in. However, her loyalty is to her Queen and so she carries out the obligation without (vocal) complaint. In her training to become Abeti’s handmaiden, Selo meets Inya, a frank, friendly healer and they form a friendship. Certain events take place and Selo finds herself on the road away from Oon Sati, with Inya as her traveling partner. Accompanying the pair is Umi, Inya’s fat little donkey. We don’t know what will become of them, and if Ankh keeps to her goal and schedule, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Selo & Inya: Lady of the Court is an enjoyable read. You can take my word for it; or if you think I’m biased, take an hour and find out for yourself. I suggest you do the latter. The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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