Book Review: Lady of the Court

From Kymberlyn Reed, Acqusitions Editor for Parker Publishing:
As an avid fantasy fan who loves her warrior heroines (especially when they're of color), I didn't think there would ever be another contender for my all-time favorite warrior heroines outside of Tarma (from Mercedes Lackey's Vows and Honor series) or Dirisha Zuri (of Steve Perry's Matador series). Thanks to author Ankhesen Mié, I can add Selo to the list.

Selo comes from an all-female society warrior society (inspired by the Dahomey Amazons). Assigned to escort Princess Abeti to a rival kingdom in order to secure peace between two nations, Selo finds a vastly different world where feminine power lies not in the sword, but in the wielding of beauty. Like the proverbial misfit, she finds it difficult to adjust to life in a mixed society where women's roles are far more circumscribed. In order to be her princess’s Chief Attendant, she is given over for training to Inya the court herbalist.

Inya is that wise, matter-of-fact and no nonsense tutor that the bemused warrior woman needs in order to make sense of her new surroundings. They forge a deep friendship based on mutual respect and soon will begin a journey of adventure.

Granted, this is a short novella but does it pack a serious wallop and it made me eager for the next installment. Mié is a brilliant writer who brings her worlds and her characters to vibrant life. (Source)
Selo & Inya: Lady of the Court is now available from and Barnes & Noble.

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