Bet you they're regretting that bounty now....

This really is a movie waiting to happen.  There are going to be fanfics about this BS.  From ABC News:
The dragnet for Christopher Dorner has gone international as police raided a Mexican hotel overnight and are looking into surveillance footage of the accused cop killer purchasing SCUBA gear at a California sporting goods store.

Dorner is seen in the footage, reportedly from the Sports Chalet in Torrance, Calif., on Feb. 1, purchasing and refilling air tanks days before his string of alleged killings began. The 33-year-old fugitive former LAPD cop was assigned to a naval undersea warfare unit while serving in the Navy.

"There's no telling why he was purchasing SCUBA gear," Lt. Andy Neiman said at a press conference this morning.

A hotel in Tijuana, Mexico, was raided Monday night on a tip that Dorner was there, but Dorner was not found. U.S. Marshalls still searching for Dorner south of the border.

On Monday, Border Patrol officials said there were longer than usual lines at the San Diego-Tijuana border crossing because of more intense scrutiny of cars and pedestrians heading south. The Border Patrol said the closer inspections were part of the manhunt for Dorner.

In an affidavit, the U.S. Marshals Service mentioned a possible associate of Dorner's, whose family member had property in Arrowbear Lake, Calif., KABC reported. The affidavit identifies the associate only as "JY."

The property at Arrowbear Lake is close by Big Bear Mountain that has been the scene of a huge manhunt since Dorner's burned out truck was found there last Thursday.

Sources tell ABC News that police are also trying to reconstruct the last six months of Dorner's life in the hopes that it will lead them to the suspect.

In retracing Dorner's life, police will be helped -- as well as hampered -- by the hundreds of tips pouring in to police claiming sightings of Dormer.

New reports have also surfaced that Dorner checked in to the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites in Point Loma, Calif., using his Navy ID card two days before the killing began.

"He kept pointing his face away from the camera, trying to purposely avoid the cameras that were at the front desk," one witness told ABC News.

Neiman said police are investigating reports of Dorner checking into a Manhattan Beach hotel and writing his hate filled manifesto there, in which he threatened to kill LAPD officers and their families.

Neither of those tips have been confirmed, Neiman said. He said that many tips are coming in as to Dorner's whereabouts in response to the $1 million reward offer.

"We initially had 250 clues when the investigation started, and so now we're over a thousand since the announcement of the reward," Neiman said. "That's about a 400 percent increase in clues that have come in from the public."

Dorner faces capital murder charges that involve the killing of Riverside police officer Michael Crain, who was gunned down in an ambush last Thursday. A capital murder charge could result in the death penalty if convicted. Crain was married with two children, aged 10 and 4.

The charges do not involve the slayings of Monica Quan and her fiancé, who were found shot to death Feb. 3. Quan was the daughter of former LAPD captain Randal Quan, who was mentioned as a target of Dorner's fury in his manifesto.

Dorner released the 6,000 word so-called "manifesto" on his Facebook page which outlined his anger at the Los Angeles Police Department for firing him, and made threats against individuals he believed were responsible for ending his career with the police force five years ago. The LAPD has assigned 50 protection details to guard officers and their families who were deemed possible targets.
Just out of curiosity: Remember when the New Black Panther Party put a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman's head?

By the way, fun facts from Wikipedia:
Dorner joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 2005, completing police academy training in 2006.[9]

Dorner was terminated on September 4, 2008, for filing a report concerning the conduct of fellow police officer, Teresa Evans (now a sergeant), for excessive force, which the police claim is false. Dorner accused Officer Evans of kicking suspect Christopher Gettler in the face while he was handcuffed and lying on the ground. Gettler suffers from schizophrenia. An internal review board claimed that Dorner had falsified his report despite the corroborating statements of Gettler's father. [10] Dorner cited his termination and sworn testimony that such excessive force did occur, in his online manifesto in early February 2013 as his reason for committing the Southern California shootings. No action was taken against Officer Evans, whom Dorner had accused of excessive force and who accused Dorner of misconduct during a patrol. By Dorner's admission in his manifesto posted on his Facebook page, he demanded a public admission by the LAPD that his firing was in retaliation for reporting excessive force.

On February 9, 2013, the LAPD announced that it would reopen the disciplinary proceedings that led to Dorner's firing.[11]
Now...I ain't sayin' he didn't go cray-cray...but I understand.

Read his full manifesto here.


  1. RUN!!! RUN BROTHA!!! RUN!!!

  2. May not agree what he's doing to these people,but I,too,see where he's coming from. Makes you ask this question: Is the real danger is Chris or him possibly telling the truth about his former LAPD colleagues?I believe that they want him dead because of it.

    It has been said that he has shot at some more people and may have some hostages with him.I hope that it won't get to a point where it endanger the lives of those possible hostages.I'm just hoping for an amicable solution to thus. Then again,it's the LAPD...the same guys who brutalized the late Rodney King and intentionally shot up the car of innocent women during this search.

  3. He will not leave alive. That's for sure. He will go out fighting to the death.

  4. According to news report he is supposedly in a cabin that is on fire. Ammunition exploding inside.

    1. Well, I think we all knew they were going to kill him rather than bring him in. Burning folks alive is a bit much for me.

      And I seriously don't understand how they acted like an army was moving through California b/c they seriously do NOT get this worked up over white killers, and we've seen a lot of white people rack up a much higher body count, and I guess I'm a bad person b/c I'm having trouble even feeling bad about a lot of the people he killed b/c no one ever values innocent BLACK people who get killed by the police. His targets were not selected at random and he didn't did most of his killing while exchanging shots with cops, which was hardly an unfair fight.

      I think that they need to give as much sympathy to the couple killed last week as they did to the families of Oscar Peterson, Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon um, yeah.

      If he had killed some fellow black men (esp. unarmed ones minding their own business) wearing his uniform no one would be giving a single EFF. So I don't know...he probably wasn't lying but now they'll sweep it all under the rug b/c he was a "crazy killer cop.'

    2. Someone mentioned that he wouldn't be taken alive. I just read that the swat team gave the order to burn the cabin down. I think its jacked up how he was fired and no one gave a crap about it. As for them acting like an army he was moving around those white guys killed in one location. This guy was a trained person. Any idiot can take a semi-automatic gun and fire into a crowd and hit someone. Someone trained cause make each shot count. Both types of killers are dangerous. With Dorner though he killed and moved around.

      Please add Rekia Boyd to your list. She was a black female killed a month after Trayvon by an off duty police officer, but nothing gets mentioned about that.

  5. CrissJensen2/13/13, 4:12 PM

    All black folks please be carful out there.

  6. this man dead or alive? The "news" folk can't seem to decide for sure.

    1. They are "reasonably" sure he is dead, but are awaiting results from the forensics. Which means they do not know.

    2. Well, they certainly went all out to make sure he was extra dead, but he was black, so we knew that was going to be the case.
      I'm sorry that it can to go down with this b/c we know that police forces are rife with racism and corruption, and we already know how they treat Blacks and Latinos in general.
      I don't particularly feel safe around police.

    3. I hear you. I have to be honest I feel for the crap he received by following the official channels to point out the racism unfair treatment and nothing being done. I do not feel for him though when he started shooting people.

    4. If it turns out this man is still alive, it'll be hilarious.

      Of course...there will still be the issue of the charred body.

    5. Leo Princess2/14/13, 2:22 PM

      "Of course...there will still be the issue of the charred body."

      Indeed! If that's not Dorner, then who on earth is it? The LAPD would really be up a creek then.


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