"White boy with a gun, gun...wanna make you run, run...."

(h/t Rippa)

This is going to become a nursery rhyme in the near future.

Sorry, dudes; this isn't the old days of yore.  Alas, you do have a stereotype which does stick to you, and this ish does NOT help.

Even your fellow white folks instinctively take cover when they see your gun-totin' ass strolling down the sidewalk.


  1. First of all, if they were two black or brown men, they would not go around the corner with a cop coming up on them.

    Second, carrying around assault rifles does not tell me that you're protecting yourself. It tells me that another mass murder is imminent and I need to get the hell outta their way.

    Third, am I the only one sick and tired of the whole "Second Amendment" argument-excuse?

    It seems to me that some white people are deathly paranoid and psychologically broken to the point where having a gun protects them from reality, common sense and humanity. To those like these two boys having a gun is a priority to save with world from being changed. And if there's so much as a slight crack in their world, they will go all to pieces savagely reminding the world what happens when you fuck with their universes, collective and individual.

    1. Um...could someone explain to me how assault rifles are a part of peaceful protest?

    2. I saw nothing "peaceful" about what I saw. What I saw was a reason to get the hell outta town lol.

    3. Ankh

      I would like to know the answer to that one.

      Brotha Wolf

      Me neither. Most peaceful protests that I know about never had guns in it. Crazy isn't it *smh*..Disgusting.

    4. The funny part is that they only feel the need to protect themselves from us, even though they are usually killed by people who look like them.

      So they won't shoot the white guy with a gun, they will shoot the black kid holding some candy, or playing music too loudly.

    5. And as the white body count rises, so does their denial.

  2. Leo Princess1/15/13, 11:25 PM

    'Come up and ask questions about their rights to bear arms'?


    Aren't they precious.

    “What they really should do is observe the person to determine if the person is aggressive,” he said of seeing someone with a gun in public.

    Very precious.

    1. Because toting an assault rifle isn't aggressive. Hehehehehehheheh....

  3. *begin dream sequence*

    I hire two Black guys to do the exact same thing those guys did and have them wander around the streets of Portland. Film it all while the local PD takes them into custody. Doesn't shoot em all up, just arrests them - cuz yeah this IS a dream and I don't want my hired actors to get killed. Then watch as they figure out that just like these white guys, they are perfectly within their legal rights to walk around toting their guns like that.

    Then watch as Portland whips into action and starts passing more stringent gun totin' laws.

    *end dream sequence*

    Those two white boys might have scared their local white people, and they got away with walking around armed to the teeth, but we all know what the reaction would have been if it had been POC trynta do the same thing.

    I say let those white boys keep doing what they doing. That stereotype will get reinforced, and - even if it takes awhile - the lily white populace will finally get good and damn tired of these privileges assholes wandering around waving guns and start the legal smack down.

    Or maybe they won't ever. The response to a white man killing those lil white babies was to go out and buy more guns so.....

    The question I kept asking watching that clip was: Protect yourself from WHO exactly? I been to Portland. Who exactly are those guys finna shoot? Who is the enemy that you gotta walk around strapped to the gills? Soccer moms gone wild?

    That's the thing that confuses the hell out of me. Like those wanna be militia guys from the previous post, and these two clowns: who is it yall arming up to protect yourselves against exactly?

  4. Well how else are you going to Raise Awareness if you don’t take your point to the extreme? I’ve talked about this before. Whether it’s anti-whaling, bombing an abortion clinic - the Houses of Parliament or a Federal building in Oklahoma, its all about grabbing your attention. At some point white people conspire and decide that some action is needed, “if we’re to get our point across. Enough with the talk already.”

    Calling attention to your pet peeve paves the way for all manner of extreme behavior. Once you’ve done your part (because now you’re self-declared activists) you can give yourselves high fives and let someone else take it from there. Because there were no arrests, its safe to say these men wore their privilege on their backs that day.

    The same apathy shown by law enforcement is the same apathy shown by whites during this segment. Only when the color of the antagonist changes do things get real.

  5. My favorite thing is when they want black people to march and protest with them for the right to own and carry guns, while the mere possession of a something the same color as a gun by a black individual gives white people a free pass to kill them. It's like...what?

    "I'm sorry, were you talking to me? Cause I don't give a fuck." - Wanda Sykes

  6. I'm so tired of it never being the white boy's fault when he kills a bunch of people. Black people get shot for carrying candy, iced tea, wallets, cell phones, but a white boy can be armed like the Terminator and no one sees anything. Have you noticed how when a white boy ends up dead after shooting a bunch of people, it's b/c he kills himself?
    All of this posturing about tighter gun laws is getting on my nerves b/c it a)acts like they aren't responsible when they decide to kill and b)forgets that all of the white boys in the past 2 decades that have committed mass murders have done so with legally procured weapons(usually courtesy of their own parents) that none of these new laws would have kept out of their hands. If your mom buys guns b/c she passes her background check and you decide to kill her and take them, changing the law doesn't impact the ability of people like her to buy them.
    But I can tell you that when things like layoffs are announced, I try to work from home on those days b/c most of my co-workers are white males.

    1. But I can tell you that when things like layoffs are announced, I try to work from home on those days b/c most of my co-workers are white males.

      Oh, snap!

  7. I live in Paris and used to live in the US. Usually, when I'm sick of France, I look towards the US and when I'm sick of Americans, I'm glad I'm French. These days, I'd rather shut my eyes and pretend I live in outer space. Between the dreadful, incessant French propaganda on the war in Mali and these crazy, gun-grasping freaks in the US,I'm left to wonder if all this madness will ever come to an end.

  8. If I hear the words "My second amendment rights" ONE MORE TIME, I swear...

  9. Didn't watch the vid. Can't. Won't. I'm not going to let the devil use me.

    Brotha Wolf:

    It seems to me that some white people are deathly paranoid and psychologically broken to the point where having a gun protects them from reality, common sense and humanity.

    I swear, this is the most perfectly accurate statement that sums it all up nice and pretty-like.


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