The Bar Loves Olivia Harewood

I've been meaning to post about Olivia Harewood for some time. Those of you who watch Awkward Black Girl will remember her as Leslie, the "crazy bitch" from Jay's anger management group. Those of you who follow the career of David So will recognize her from his channel as well.

I always thought Olivia was just a little too good at her comedic roles.

Now I know why.


  1. I wonder if her father is Dorian Harewood. She looks like him.

    1. She is Dorian Harewood's daughter. I met her at a post-wedding dinner in Aug. '13. She is an absolutely wonderful person.

  2. Thanks for this; she's fabulous! I'm a big fan of smart stand up comedy, so I love coming across brilliant WoC comedians, since there are so few in the industry. Have you heard of Ava Vidal?

  3. She's hilarious! Thanks for posting this!

  4. She is completely hilarious! I thought she was good in ABG (to be honest, I kept watching her scene because she was so funny) but I didn't know she was a comedienne or a woman of color. Double points!


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