No, really...are we serious?

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I was going to find some laidback music from an understated artist to post, but going on with people this week?  Apparently two Negroes from Georgia made off with $65,000 in chicken wings!
It was going to be one heck of a Superbowl party.

A pair of workers at a frozen food distribution center outside of Atlanta, Ga., made off with $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings earlier this month, according to cops in Gwinnet County.

Dewayne Patterson and Renaldo Jackson, who both worked at the Nordic Distribution Center, allegedly backed a rental truck up to the back of the loading area at the center and loaded 10 pallets of Tyson frozen chicken wings onto the truck. The pair then made off with the poultry, but were seen by management, according to a police report obtained by ABC News.

Investigators at the Gwinnet County police department arrested Patterson, 35, and Jackson, 26, a week later, on Jan. 23.

They each face felony theft charges.

Police did not yet know the status of the wings.

I don't want this to become one of "those" blogs, but...y'all....  *shakes head*


  1. *sigh*

    One of those dudes looks like a former student...

  2. Leo Princess1/30/13, 11:40 AM

    They both look like they drew the short straw at life. Seriously, wtf?!

  3. You know..this story reminds me of the days of going to grandma's house in my mom's hometown. It would be soooo crazy listening to their news reports: So and so stole 25 cent gum, Mr John Doe gets arrested for 1.00 Mello Yello soda. Those were the days. I guess because it was a growing small town, it was news to them. To city kids like my siblings and me, we would fall to the floor laughing. To us the " news" back then seemed very juvenile.

    Mind you that these guys stole a lot of moola concerning the chicken wings. Still, I found this story to be somewhat juvenile and embarrassing. Here goes two Black guys stealing chicken wings. Black guys and chicken wings...hmmm. I think about what Wendy Williams said about her reasons for not eating fried chicken in front of her audience if you get what I mean.

    This week it seems like some of these stars are being criticized for the silliest thing. What a waste of good journalism.

  4. Oh my goodness. I can't even with people anymore.
    $65,000 worth of wings?! How could people not notice that?!

  5. On the bright side, no one got hurt.

    On another side, I dunno about 'us' per se, but I know those two dudes are crazy as hell.


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