From their cold dead fingers

Where was all this during the eight years Bush laid waste to the country?  We had government back then.  We had elected officials back then.  It was that administration which started these bullshit wars.  *blink* What changed?

And if these gun-toting white folks are self-admitted come they're not being hauled off in cuffs and kept behind bars?

Normally, the main soldier being interviewed and I would be eye to eye on the issue of war, economics, government, and terrorism, but it ain't happening today.

Three guesses why that is.


  1. "Where was all this during the eight years Bush laid waste to the country?"

    That's the million dollar question innit? I respect the militia's that were around in the 80's and pretty much any of them that came to be and stayed around when a republican president was in office.

    This bullshit right here is just reaction to having a Black president. I look at "anti-government" groups and "patriot groups" and check their birthdates. Like the Tea Party for instance. If you didn't rise up and protest and form coalitions and wave your guns around during the Bush years, then I know exactly what your little groups are all about - whether you want to admit it or not.

    I love how Homeland Security was just hunky dory when Bush created it, and every single person who even looked halfway "haji" was stopped and frisked and detained at the airports.

    Sorry but I cracked up when that guy had tears in his eyes he was so upset that his lily white soldier boy friend got the same treatment on his way home in full uniform. So what did you think was going to happen when you allow a government free reign over you? It will eventually come back and bite ya in the ass, and that's what these guys are feeling. That BITE.

    And they prolly wouldn't have noticed a damn thing or have started their lil Oathtakers club if McCain had won. All these lil cray white boys who never in their life "felt like a color" or ever in their life been profiled - will all calm down and those groups will drift apart the second things "get back to normal". ie the second another white male is living in the White House.

    Its not about the government = bad, or "the puppeteer holding the strings to both political parties" or whatever. It was about having to for once feel get a lil taste of what POC America has felt and understood for centuries.

    Scared the pants off 'em didn't it?

    The country that they helped Bush built came home to roost right on their shoulders and they have no idea what to do. Like you said K, the US Govt been around a long time and these folks just now waking up to reality five minutes after the first Black president gets elected? Cracka PLEASE.

    1. That is what this is about. It's about fear of change. Mitt Romney is the pinnacle of white, heterosexual, elitist privilege and he lost the election.

      Damn right it scared the hell out of them.

  2. Digital Coyote1/17/13, 1:39 AM

    And if these gun-toting white folks are self-admitted come they're not being hauled off in cuffs and kept behind bars?

    Because when Daryl Johnson tried to warn about the threat of terrorism from the right in the form of former military, racists, and a combination of the two, the GOP went on the attack and DHS left Mr. Johnson twisting in the wind.

    DHS didn't grow overnight because President Obama was elected. The entire time spending was running out of control, corporations got their kicks, and government lawyers were plotting how to get around the protections meant to protect them and their fellow citizens....these people were silent. If they did pipe up, it was only to wash this madness in the veneer of legitimacy: "I don't care if they spy on me because I have nothing to hide. Only people who are up to something are scared." "Why are you jealous of someone else's hard work paying off?" "The president had to do what he had to do to keep us safe from another 9/11!"

    I'm more afraid of these people than the jihadis.

    I've been afraid since Timothy McVeigh blew up that building when I was a child. I've been afraid every time I've seen one of these people, full of righteous anger, kill innocent people because they don't like their jobs or religious beliefs. I'm afraid every time those militias, like the Hutaree, think their right to bear arms and delusions of patriotism mean they have the right to plot to kill innocent people. I'm afraid of people like my ex's family that run out to buy armories that could kit out a small city for no reason beyond the fear that the lie they believe whole-heartedly, even in the face of overwhelming proof to the contrary, is true. "He's gonna take our guns." "I have to protect myself!"

    Ever notice it's always people like the ones in the video agitating for race war?

    They're the only people arming themselves to the teeth. They claim the threat is from the rest of us, from the government.

    The only reason this violent revolution is being called for is because they're afraid of not being able to treat everyone else like shit anymore and refuse to connect the policies of lawmakers and officials who said their favorite buzzwords to get their votes with all the overreach and wars they complain about now.

    1. Leo Princess1/17/13, 1:45 PM

      "I'm more afraid of these people than the jihadis. "

      I remember when people got pissed at Chris Rock for saying, "I ain't afraid of Al Queda. I'm afraid of Al CR@CK@!". Most said they took issue with his use of 'cr@ck@', but I reckon he hit far too close to home. More than they'd like to admit.

      When it's Mohammed and other brown, Arabic-speaking foreign folk, they're servants of a hateful religion who attack the US because they hate its freedoms, and they need to be rounded up and dealt with before they can act. When it's home-grown little Anglo Timmy, Dylan, Eric, etc, those were misunderstood souls and each represent an isolated incident. Hence, there's no need to keep an eye on all the other nice boys who fit the description.

    2. I love how all the white male mass murderers are made out to be lonely poetic geniuses in the media but unarmed brown victims of violence are made out to be thugs with ghost weapons.

  3. Digital Coyote1/17/13, 1:42 AM

    Further: if dude in the half-mask is so proud of what he believes in, why the hell did he not want to show his face? It's not like he wasn't dropping his name every chance he got. A hood hide identity and represent some kind of scary entity is still a hood even if it's half-sized and made of neoprene...


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