I finally get my internet back on (again), and this is the world I wake up to. From Slate Magazine:
The boy next door
As new details emerge about the massacre at a Connecticut elementary school Friday, authorities were still struggling to figure out what remains a perplexing question: Why?

It remains a mystery why 20-year-old Adam Lanza donned black fatigues and a military vest, according to CNN, took at least three guns from his mom’s collection, and shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School to carry out a methodical massacre of 6- and 7-year-old children plus six adult women. Despite the initial reports, the school superintendent says they have so far failed to find any kind of connection between Lanza’s mother and the school, reports the New York Times.

That was hardly the only piece of new information that has proved initial reports were inaccurate. Officials said that a report that Lanza had been in an altercation with school authorities earlier in the week also appeared false, notes the Wall Street Journal. As officials released the names of victims (the full heartbreaking list that includes 16 6-year-olds and four 7-year-olds is after the jump) new details emerged that achieved what appeared to be impossible, making the shooting rampage even more horrific than initially believed.

The victims, including 12 girls and eight boys, were all apparently killed by a .223 Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle, and each of the victims was hit by more than one bullet. The assault weapon can fire as many as six bullets per second, according to the New York Daily News, and some of the victims were shot as many as 11 times, chief medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver said. That key detail also contradicts earlier reports that claimed the rifle had been left in the car and Lanza had used semi-automatic pistols to carry out the massacre. In addition to the rifle, Lanza was also carrying at least two pistols, a Glock and a Sig Sauer, reports the Washington Post. The bullets Lanza used were “designed in such a fashion the energy is deposited in the tissue so the bullet stays in,” Carver said. The Hartford Courant publishes a detailed account of how Lanza carried out the massacre, noting that 14 of the murdered children were all in one classroom.

President Obama will head to Newtown, Conn., on Sunday for an evening interfaith vigil in Newtown—the fourth time in his presidency he will join grieving families after a mass shooting. Obama is expected to meet with the families of the victims and with first responders before speaking at around 7 p.m. Although politics is certainly expected to take a back seat, Reuters points out that Obama’s speech will be closely scrutinized for clues into what he meant when he called for “meaningful action” on Friday.

While memorial services are being carried out across the country, federal investigators are descending on gun stores and shooting ranges across the state of Connecticut in the hopes of finding any leads that may reveal new details about Lanza, reports the Associated Press.

While most of the attention on Saturday was naturally with the young lives lost, the suspect’s father, Peter Lanza, released a statement expressing shock at what has transpired. "Our family is grieving along with all those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. No words can truly express how heartbroken we are," the statement reads. "We are in a state of disbelief and trying to find whatever answers we can."
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  1. Ironically according to the New York Times, his first victim may have been his Gun-Loving Mother. She took him to the range as a child {and taught him how to shoot no doubt}. She bragged about her gun collection (You know, to protect them from the brown-skinned people). She lived by the sword and she died by her sword. What else is sad is that as the nation mourns the loss of innocent white children, no one sheds a tear for the loss of black children.

    No one is shocked anymore, because such violence is expected. "They're all criminals anyway," most whites will say. And yet- before the words can fully escape these hypocrite’s lips we have another mass murder in any-town USA. If President Obama does weep for black children, he must do it privately, so as not to antagonize white citizens.

    From Tim Wise's School Shootings and White Denial:
    "I'll tell you what went wrong and it's not TV, rap music, video games or a lack of prayer in school. What went wrong is that white Americans decided to ignore dysfunction and violence when it only affected other communities, and thereby blinded themselves to the inevitable creeping of chaos which never remains isolated too long. What affects the urban "ghetto" today will be coming to a Wal-Mart near you tomorrow, and unless you address the emptiness, pain, isolation and lack of hope felt by children of color and the poor, then don't be shocked when the support systems aren't there for your kids either.

    What went wrong is that we allowed ourselves to be lulled into a false sense of security by media representations of crime and violence that portray both as the province of those who are anything but white like us. We ignore the warning signs, because in our minds the warning signs don't live in our neighborhood, but across town, in that place where we lock our car doors on the rare occasion we have to drive there. That false sense of security -- the result of racist and classist stereotypes -- then gets people killed. And still we act amazed."

    1. That Tim Wise quote is a classic.

      And yes, Adam did kill his mother first and then go on the spree.

      She lived by the sword and she died by her sword.


    2. Devastating.

      Far as Adams mom, with all due respect to her she did something very stupid. It was said that he had a personality disorder and that her sons went out with her to a shooting range and was learning from it. The BIGGEST and I mean BIG mistake she made was to let Adam learn how to shoot a gun. He was mentally ill. While there are plenty of them that don't go out and do what Adam did its not wise to do that. That is a big risk.

      To be honest, what can we do to be safe? There is no such thing as a "safe" haven anymore. People are talking about gun control and keeping it from the hands of felons and/or mentally ill people. That's helpful, but another thing assume is that you can easily weed out mass killers by doing this which isn't always so. Several years ago, I heard about a study done about mass killers. According to that study most people who do it normal people with normal lives and have no criminal record. I believe it. Society cannot look at people to see criminals or mentally I'll as some them live normal lives.

      When I go to the mall,movies or go to my nephews from school, the back of mind wonders what's next? Who is having unmanageable problems,who is angry or who are witholding their anger,who may make threats( whether serious or not) to others,who want to harm someone or themselves because of it?People don't have to be a criminal or mentally I'll to be like that. They could have a great life, never ever be suspected of having any discrepancies but can get so upset to the point that they are no longer in control of their mental state. They don't have to be Charles Mason or Adam to go off on people.

      I havent been crazy about guns after looking at my late aunt accidently shooting 1/8 of her finger off from one while taking the bullets out.Ironically, it was said that the mom had at least four guns ,the one that Adam had and the very thing she probably thought would save her end up taking her life and sadly those of those precious babies and teachers.

      What society don't get about guns is...as often said...is that it's not the weapon that is the major problem,in some cases, the state of mind of the person who own it that is the potential danger.

  2. You know, the second I heard about this shooting, I knew the murderer couldn't have been anyone but a young white male, because serial killers rarely come in any other form. I also knew that, while scrambling to find answers about what caused him to snap, news sources would be hellbent on doing a character study on this kid in order to highlight how "brilliant" and "troubled" he was, and "Ohhhh, if only someone had reached out to him in time..."

    I could only roll my eyes. Only in America can a white person commit a crime this horrific and still have people clamoring to defend his humanity. And of course there's this discussion about gun ownership and mental health assistance because there aren't any convenient POC to place the blame on. Silly. It's about time they figured out it's not US they should be worried about.

  3. I think its time to really ask the question, "What's wrong with young white men?".

  4. "Adam Lanza has been a weird kid since we were five years old," said Tim Dalton, a neighbour and former classmate, on Twitter. "As horrible as this was, I can't say I am surprised."

    "This was a deeply disturbed kid," a family insider said. "He certainly had major issues. He was subject to outbursts from what I recall."

    A further family friend said he had acted as though he was immune to pain.
    "A few years ago when he was on the baseball team, everyone had to be careful that he didn't fall because he could get hurt and not feel it," said the friend. "Adam had a lot of mental problems."

    Well now...this is a refreshing change. None of that, "But he seemed like such a nice guy" bullshit.

    1. Leo Princess12/16/12, 8:32 PM

      Man, I've been bracing myself all weekend for the avalanche of 'poor, misunderstood quiet soul' comments, a la 'Aurora' Holmes.

  5. http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/who-was-adam-lanza-the-sandy-hook-elementary-shoo

    (I know, hardly a beacon of reputable journalism, but it cites a few sources for this one)

    He was on the honor roll and the Washington Post's source says he was a "wicked smart kid [who] excelled in everything." Another classmate told The Sun: “He was probably one of the smartest kids I know. He was probably a genius.”

    The New York Times spoke to Olivia DeVivo, one of Lanza's classmates. “You could tell that he felt so uncomfortable about being put on the spot. I think that maybe he wasn’t given the right kind of attention or help..."

  6. Well if he was Smart or Troubled, then I guess we shouldn't be too upset. The media will always make it appear as though the white antagonist is the only child in the entire world who had a Troubled childhood. As if People of Color are oblivious to the concept. The Columbine shooters were called Troubled kids. The boy (T.J. Lane) who shot three classmates in cold blood, came from a Troubled family. Charles Whitman (The Texas Tower Sniper), Troubled with the way his life had gone, shot and killed 16 people from a tower.

    Funny but when a black child/adolescent takes even one life, to many whites he's nothing but an animal. Coming from a Troubled home is no excuse. The thug/criminal should be locked up for life.

    There's an old spiritual from way back that goes, I'm So Glad Troubles Don't Last Always. We grow from it. We wax hard by it. We don't run from it as much as we're forced to face it head on. Not saying we prevail all the time, but we've seen more than our share of it. That alone makes people of color wiser than most. A lot of black children will never get the kind of attention or help they so desperately need. But you don't see large numbers of us committing mass-murder in elementary schools.

    1. Perla Buttons12/17/12, 5:53 AM

      I just looked Charles Whitman - I had never heard of him. The guy was so out-of-sorts and "troubled", he coldly typed out his thoughts in an orderly fashion, donated his life insurance policy to a mental health research fund (to try and "prevent further tragedies of this type" - he had only killed his wife and mother at that point). And he ordered his own autopsy in order to determine the 'cause' of his own goddamn actions.

      Other White mass murderers may have not been inclined to use a typewriter, but he's pretty much typical of the sort. No responsibility for actions viewed as inevitable, God's will* and all other people's fault.

      *George Zimmerman only killed one person, but his willingness to blame his chosen deity for what he did fits in well here.

    2. Leo Princess12/17/12, 1:00 PM

      Charles Whitman had enough presence of mind to plan his attack and document it beforehand. No one can convince me that he didn't know right from wrong, or was 'unable' to control himself. Bull. Shyt. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was fresh out of damns to give. Was he catshyt nuts? Most likely. 'Diminished capacity due to mental disease or defect'? Please.

    3. Exactly.

      Is there is one thing that I learned about White society is that they don't accept reality and responsibility as they really should.

      Not that long ago, Ankh wrote a piece about Jordan Davis and I remarked how much more cautious around White areas than non Black areas.Those reasons I listed about reality and responsibility are the primary reasons for my feelings. For Adam, he's was a teacher's child, grew in small town in a nice looking home and so on. Because of this,the people do not want to accept what he did because the books said he wasn't supposed to.

      Now he is where the responsibility part(or lack of) come into play. Instead of accepting that anybody can go bad,White society wants to place the blame and make excuses for it. Some of them use book sense ,but not using good old fashioned common sense to understand the dynamics of the world. Just like with Adam the books will say that he wasn't supposed to kill those kids like that ,but because of his background this is why they want to find excuses for it.

      Excuses kills and maim people'not in the literal sense but covering up to make others becomes a problem. I get so sick and tired of people blaming other people, places and or things why something happened. Adam's race,smarts, small town upbringing or his mom's occupation has nothing to with his thoughts.As you mentioned, if this guy would have been Black and just killed one person ,were the most dangerous people in the world...smh!

  7. I wrote a response to whole tragedy on my blog. You're welcome to check it out if you want. I brought up a few points to those who are "shocked" by another American tragedy.

  8. While I agree with what you all are saying, I think it's WAY too soon for this type of post. The parents and peers of those poor kids are grieving, and no matter what his mother may or may not have taught him, she did not deserve to be killed by her own son.

    1. This gun advocate cultivated a certain mindset in her son that told him guns were an appropriate way to resolve conflict. And what did he do? Well he resolved a conflict with his Mother. If you're having problems with your mentally impaired son the last thing you need in the house is a gun. This woman kept Several Top of the Line Models. For the most part- Guns only have one purpose and that is to kill. She took pride in her weapons of destruction and made sure to pass that doctrine onto her son. So she reaped just what she sowed.

      Another item worth mentioning is the fact that he shot his Mother in the face. He looked her right in the eyes when he pulled the trigger. His face was the last thing she would ever see in this life. I dare say if Irony was something that could be measured, if it were something tangible that could be seen or felt, then such an article would be as substantial as the largest mammal that ever lived, the blue whale. The Mother is not blameless in this tragedy, she contributed to it in my book.

      No, its not too soon to make posts like this. People of Color have known for years that whites were due a reality check, but most whites ignored us. Even when one of their own TIM Wise raised his voice to address the ignorance, whites derailed him. And here we are.

    2. Again, I agree with all of this. However, the woman was *shot in the face by her own son.* Her death was horrendous enough without mocking her for it - let Nancy Lanza rest in peace.

    3. "Again, I agree with all of this. However, the woman was *shot in the face by her own son.* Her death was horrendous enough without mocking her for it - let Nancy Lanza rest in peace."

      Saying that a person died because they fragrantly went out and got behind the wheel of a car Drunk is not mocking. Its a factual statement. Whites are quick to assign responsibility when people of color commit crimes, or fail to do their jobs (Susan Rice) but they’ve too many excuses when they do it. Reminds me of Sandra Herold who kept a 200-pound chimpanzee (Loaded Gun you might say) in her house that eventually disfigured her dearest friend. There’s no way she could have controlled the beast but she Assured everyone he was tame. The responsibility was the owner’s and the owner’s alone. She never should have had this unstable animal (ergo- loaded gun with a contentious son) in the house to begin with. But whites are blind to this.

      Or how about little Coby Tucker. Deputies said a 10-year-old boy shot his 15-year-old sister multiple times and then shot and killed himself on Thursday night.

      “There is no reason for us to believe that this was a case of negligence by the parents,” Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae said, according to the Item. “The firearm was in a secure safe, but the boy was somehow able to gain access.”

      If a ten year-old child can routinely gain access to a keep of guns then it wasn’t really secure. Now everyone’s expressing shock?

      Someone has to answer for the lives of these children. It starts with Nancy Lanza, her love for guns and the 20 year-old man that lived in her house. He didn’t bring the guns into the home, she did. Moreover, you have your work cut out for you if you think I'm the only one that feels this way. Best you start visiting the thousands of black blogs now and tell them what you told me.

    4. Doodling said:
      "Her death was horrendous enough without mocking her for it - let Nancy Lanza rest in peace."

      Might I direct your attention to this precious child? Floyd Logan Wanted For Allegedly Killing 16-Month-Old Daughter Waaliyah Brown:

      FOXYROSE, wrote:
      “How could the mother leave a baby with this man who has that rap sheet - what did she think, that he was going to be a loving and patient father!”

      Widespread Panic, wrote:
      “My thoughts exactly. There's no way I'd leave my child with a man with a history like that. Heck I'd be afraid to live with him, so I sure wouldn't want him taking care of my kid!”

      Moniex3, wrote:
      “This is a perfect example as to why we should do a background check on someone before you mix bodies.”

      Dr JohnS, wrote:
      100 Fans
      “What parent would name their child Waaliyah, in this day and age. The child would have to in the 5 th grade before being able to spell her own name.”

      Liz In Brooklyn, wrote:
      “The mother " . . was away" and left her baby with a violent criminal; makes no difference that he was the father. Aggravated battery is a serious crime and she had no business leaving a baby with this man.”

      Jennifer DeMente, wrote:
      “Women need to stop having relationships with men they know are dangerous. I don't know what this woman knew about this man before she had a child with him, but I am sick to death of reading stories about women who choose to have relationships with dangerous men resulting in the abuse or death of the child/children/or mom.”

      Notice you won’t find many comments questioning the killer’s (Floyd Logan) mental health. He’s a criminal nothing more. No extenuating circumstances as to why the shooter went bad. No troubled childhood that might help explain… comments. Whites tell us to Never Mind the circumstances which led to the death of these innocents let us grieve for the loss of white life.

      Can you see the difference? While some of the commenters have already assigned responsibility, others are blaming the victim. Very few show Genuine Empathy for the Mother or the loss of this precious baby. A few even went as far as to make fun of the infant's name. Its just a black child and that don’t mean much in white eyes. And white people wonder why we react the way we do to white tragedy. So much for letting the mother of Adam Lanza rest peace.

    5. Clarifying - I think that what she did was incredibly stupid. There are other ways to give yourself an outlet that don't involve shooting at anything that doesn't move (and some things that do).

      Lanza killed his father, too, as I recall, so this may have been just plain psychopathic revenge against the world. Saying things like "she lived by her sword and she died by her sword" when both parents were brutally shot by their son seems a little disrespectful to the dead. But this could easily just be me being oversensitive about words, so let's agree to disagree. :)

    6. Well, speaking as a 55-year old black man who lost two brothers (both of whom contributed to their deaths by the choices they made) we simply see things differently. Nothing wrong with that. We both have a right to feel the way we do, for we both come from two different backgrounds. I see no reason for either of us to change our stance for our life-experiences are our own. You are obliged to feel any way you want about the dead- however I am not obliged to feel as you feel about same. Now be advised, should we bump into each other during the life of this thread, I'll be sure to tip my hat to you as I pass.

    7. Actually, his father is still alive. And his mother was not a teacher. She was not affiliated with the school what so ever. The media incorrectly reported that. I have read, though this may not be correct, that the mother had some kind of vendetta against the school when Lanza was a young boy. She did not like the school, the school board and she felt that they were against her in some way. That's why she took her son out of school there. Also, I read that she was a survivalist so this could have impacted Lanza's already fragile mind. She was getting ready for the economy to implode on itself so she had to protect what was hers.

    8. All right. That's fair. I just wanted to state my opinion, not start a flame war.

      What do you mean, tip your hat? (I swear, I haven't learned a thing about Internet terms.)

    9. "What do you mean, tip your hat?"

      "To briefly remove or tap one's hat as a gesture of greeting, deference, or respect. (idiomatic) To acknowledge or show respect; to honor."

      I meant no harm, and no I'm not looking for a flame war either. I'm a Usenet denizen from way back and I’ve seen my share of those. Flaming usually means an insulting, no holds barred argument. You and I have had neither. Basically we agreed. There was some discord on the matter of sensitivity, but that's to be expected. We merely exchanged ideas. Hence the hat tip.

    10. Incidentally I noticed in your profile you said this:
      "Trying to educate myself about the human condition from perspectives other than mine."

      I wish you much success. From the look of your blog entries you appear to be on your way. You're a very intelligent young lady. Please forgive me if I appeared overbearing.

    11. Leo Princess12/18/12, 1:01 AM

      @AC - That is why I stopped listening to the news on Sandy Hook after Friday evening. Too many outlets were rushing to put out any information they got just to be the 'first' to break a story. Fact-checking be damned.

    12. My apologies to all. Turns out he didn't shoot her in the face (as I previously stated) but rather, he shot her in the head as she slept. Least that's the way its being reported now.

    13. Trying as best I can. :) Thanks, M. You don't seem overbearing, just strong in your opinions.

      Back to the Lanza issue - I've advocated strict psychological background checks for any would-be gun owner for years now, but I wonder if a Facebook check might be even more effective. After all, for those wailing about privacy, wanting to own a gun is as good a reason as any to have your profile searched. Anyone advocating (even jokingly) violence against any real-life person or group of people - Walking Dead doesn't count - should get cut off at the pass.

    14. “I've advocated strict psychological background checks for any would-be gun owner for years now, but I wonder if a Facebook check might be even more effective.”

      I’m all for that as long as the government is willing to use the label terrorist more often to describe shootings such as these. Because this was obviously a terrorist act (not a cry for help). As of now the T-word is still reserved for people of color. If we could truly view white males through the same biased lens used in the stop-and-frisk program of New York City, we may very well be able to stop the next massacre from happening. Such profiling would need to be employed in suburban schools to identify at-risk children. The problem is white parents would sue both the school and the government a thousand times over if such a thing were implemented, for such is their denial.

    15. @Doodling, are you keeping up with this story at all? B/c Adam Lanza took his mom's legally purchased guns. As far as we know, she had no history of mental illness. Screening mentally ill people doesn't help if they can access someone else's gun.
      This feels like a typical American response. We find some tangential issue that wouldn't have prevented the tragedy and won't prevent future ones like it, like the liquid ban on airplanes, taking your shoes off to walk through airport security, etc.
      I personally wish these incidents would make people look at how they tend to profile people based on race and socioeconomic status. No matter how many angry young white men shoot and kill dozens of people, white men will never be viewed as dangerous predators. Young, unarmed black men are seen as suitable targets for lashing out, so the other thing that concerns me are people suggesting that principals and teachers have weapons. We all know who will start getting killed even more than they already are if "authority figures" are armed in schools, at work, or train and planes. Nope, no matter what happens, the bullets will always wind up in a black body.

    16. True, and that's the thing - people can get to the guns that friends or relatives have purchased. I'm not sure what a good short-term solution would be; long-term, of course, requires lasting social change.

  9. *is really over it*

    I don't recalled "smart" or "troubled" or "misunderstood" being used with the DC Snipers or that guy who shot 30 people at VA Tech (he was Asian).

    1. Interestingly enough it was when local/federal authorities operated under the presumption that the DC Sniper was white. Patrice O'Neal made the observation before his death.

      "What happened to the sniper? When he was a white guy, man, we heard a lot about him. When he was a white guy, ..a mastermind, a diabolical, insidious madman. The country is in grips of terror behind this amazing-- how's he escaping? He must be building his own ..Now you been downgraded to ni*ger in a buick. Now you don't hear nothing about him. Type up, "sniper" on the internet. "Can't find him." It's sad. I don't know whether to be proud or upset, you know what I mean? 'Cause we come a long way, man, we could do some white guy crimes. That traditional white guy stuff. Sniper? Nobody thought that was a black dude, man. That's traditional crazy white guy stuff."

  10. The most,I'm not sure which word I want to use( frustrating? exhausting?), is the gun owners defending the principle of owning guns. Not that I have a problem with them doing that, but the place to that is on a debate forum, not an article about YET ANOTHER, gun massacre involving CHILDREN. WTF people? Seriously? The only thing you should be giving is condolences and if you can't even say that shut the fuck up and sit down somewhere.

    The internet: where human decency goes to die, apparently.

    I'm still trying to process. I feel grief in the depths of my soul for the families of these children and everyone at that school and in that town. I have two nieces in school and I can't even imagine how I would feel in their position.

    Dear Racist White people who defend the idea just because they secretly hope to shoot a black/brown/yellow person legally some day( because lets not kid ourselves, that's why you want to own weapons in the first place).Gun regulation is not the answer! It may help but it's a matter of when, not if, these kinds of massacres will occur. Many people, yes even white people, that you may know, have mental health problems that go undetected and untreated, the system is fucked up like that because you and people who think like you have made it that way. As long as any old body can purchase an assault rifle, some of those elementary schools had eleven bullets in them, then once they own it, they can do whatever they like with it.

    It's a matter of if. Not when.

    And I'm so not looking forward to the "zero tolerance" policies aka "Witchhunts where we punish anyone seemingly going against the social norm and completely disregard due process" that will get enforced on school children in the wake of this tragedy. And the inevitable environment of fear and distrust this will create in schools.

    Because you know, that will definitely solve the problem. It's those weird kids that you have to watch, amiright?!

  11. "Funny but when a black child/adolescent takes even one life, to many whites he's nothing but an animal. Coming from a Troubled home is no excuse. The thug/criminal should be locked up for life."

    How about if he is just listening to loud music at a gas station, or walking while black in an affluent neighborhood that has had burglaries? That right there makes them dangerous enough to kill, no if, ands, or buts.

    It's funny how paranoia tends to bite back. I'm not even going to say you reap what you sow but as a society America has. George zimmerman was clearly mentally unstable, but because he killed a black boy people defend his actions.

    Nevermind that if this "troubled soul" were black this is not likely to have happened. He would be locked up somewhere already.

  12. In which yours truly weighs in on the issue:


    1. Very Good read.

      “Which is why I’m always smdh when people (usually white folks) drone on about how campus shootings would never happen if everyone was allowed to carry guns.”

      We should point out to these white folk that the old west should have been one of the most peaceful times in human history, because almost everyone carried a gun. The civil war? Merely an exercise on paper, because guns would have deterred conflict, not encourage it.

      Almost everyone carried guns in Wild Bill Hickok’s day and yet he died from a gunshot wound to the head. The OK Corral never should have taken place if both sides wielded guns, yet every single cowboy movie that I have ever seen (and I’ve seen many) from Hopalong Cassidy to Gene Autry, glorified gun violence. Even little people shooting it out in The Terror of Tiny Town.. From Gunsmoke to contemporary police dramas, violence was always at the forefront. Just take note of some of the TV westerns from the late 1950’s to 1960’s: GUNsmoke, Have GUN will travel, The RIFLEman, Dead Man's GUN, The GUNS of Will Sonnett, GUNslinger, Man Without a GUN, The Restless GUN, ShotGUN Slade, just to name a few.

      In every case gun violence was used to move the narrative along. In the gangster movies guns were glorified. Blood stained the streets of our cities even as the white man blamed people of color for the nation’s ills. If we didn’t use guns we would find some other means of killing each other I guess, guns are merely an expression of what resides in the human heart.

      “I would really love to see that same type of reaction from America the next time the children murdered aren’t (primarily) white but black and brown, be they Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, Lawrence King, Darius Simmons, or those Muslim babies children who were gassed in an Ohio Mosque a few years back.”

      People of color are sharing this sentiment all over this nation. Sadly whites are simply too detached from us to ever react in the same way. Black skin is simply not that valuable. “Certainly not worth all the fuss,” some might say. If our grief were treated like white grief—oh my. If we were given the same public platform to grieve as whites are doing now (and in the weeks to come) whites would have the audacity to tell us to move on. “Enough with the grieving already!”

      You see how long the media stayed in Haiti right? I hate to say it, but whites just aren’t that into us. In white eyes the loss of white life is a loss to the world, but as black men you and I are merely statistical data.

  13. Didn't you always say it's their own that they need to watch out for!?
    look's like we r about too see the true side of whitefolks poc just set back and watch the white fake image fall down. Like the saying goes'' you reap what you sow''

    sorry ya'll but it's how i really feel about these people.

  14. 1 day of shock
    1 week of discussion about the 2nd amendment

    then everyone will forget about this shooting until the next one happens in a few months, then once again people will be shocked that this could happen, all those innocent victims, the troubled shooter from the good family, no one saw the signs, we are so shocked, wash rinse and repeat

    1. That's it. The trick is to keep the debate going without actually doing anything about it. Much like discussions about race. As long as we talk about it white supremacy is never threatened. Hell we can talk about gun control (a white man may muse) but you'll have to pry the gun from my cold dead hands before I give it up.

    2. Leo Princess12/18/12, 1:07 AM

      Which is why I'm not holding out any hope for meaningful discussion and change. There have been many of such shootings before and since Columbine, and I expect many more will occur with the same song-and-dance in the aftermath.

  15. I was about eight-nine years old when this aired.
    Charles Whitman Texas tower shootings: Huntley Report:

    I was in high school when this aired. The Deadly Tower.
    Starring Kurt Russell. A short clip:

    Just because things didn't go his way.

  16. The NYT has this to say about White men and shootings:

    "From the civil rights and feminist movements of the 1960s and onward, young men – and young white men in particular – have increasingly been asked to yield what they’d believed was securely theirs. This underlying fact, compounded by the backdrop of violent entertainment and easy access to weapons, creates the conditions for thousands of young men to consider their future prospects and decide they would rather destroy than create.

    Can you imagine being in the shoes of the one who feels his power slipping away? Who can find nothing stable to believe in? Who feels himself becoming unnecessary? That powerlessness and fear ties a dark knot in his stomach. As this knot thickens, a centripetal hatred moves inward toward the self as a centrifugal hatred is cast outward at others: his parents, his girlfriend, his boss, his classmates, society, life.

    A partial solution to these toxic circumstances could be a coordinated cultivation of what might be called an empathic habit. Most people surely felt an impulsive empathy for the parents and survivors involved in the Sandy Hook massacre, as shown by the countless memorial services and candlelight vigils that took place after the murders. But empathy could help best if exercised before rather than after such tragedies."

    SMH http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/12/17/guns-and-the-decline-of-the-young-man/?hp

    1. side eyes at that article

      whatever makes them sleep at night I GUESS. But resurrecting that tired dead horse of white male victimhood to beat it to death yet again is going to do Not. One. Thing. towards stopping this type of mass killing happening again.
      "1 day of shock
      1 week of discussion about the 2nd amendment

      then everyone will forget about this shooting until the next one happens in a few months, then once again people will be shocked that this could happen, all those innocent victims, the troubled shooter from the good family, no one saw the signs, we are so shocked, wash rinse and repeat"

      Indeed. That is exactly what I predict will happen as well. And they want to call these murderers insane. The very definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    2. "Can you imagine being in the shoes of the one who feels his power slipping away? Who can find nothing stable to believe in? Who feels himself becoming unnecessary? That powerlessness and fear ties a dark knot in his stomach."


  17. Student Brings Gun To School In Utah For 'Protection' After Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting:

    "He pulled out a gun and he put it to my head — me and my friend — (and) said he was going to kill us," Isabelle Rios told KSL. "I told him I was going to tell, but he said, ‘If you tell, I'm going to kill you."

    Notice how the child caught-on very quickly, the power a loaded gun can give you. How quickly he went from “Victim to Aggressor.” How easily he straddled the fence between the oppressed and killer. I wonder what the parents would have said if the gun fired accidentally as he held it to another child's head? How callously he said, ‘If you tell, I'm going to kill you.'

    Now that's power. It will stay with this child from this day forth. That the way you resolve conflict is through a gun.

  18. Replies
    1. Thanks for the links!!

    2. Ankh...(yeah I know, you said just call me "K," but to me, your name represents that ancient Egyptian "symbol of life" and that just sits so well with my soul! :-D) -- Thanks for recommending the link, Lil Sis -- I was wondering why I was getting such increased traffic from your site (I'd read your post before you posted this comment.)! I 'preciate ya -- immensely!

  19. Right now many elected officials are talking a good game. They’re gonna show up at the funerals. they’re gonna hold press conferences and express extreme sorrow. They’re gonna do like they’ve always done after a tragedy like this.. but once the dust settles and the cameras are gone and lobbying money rolls in, gun control and gun safety discussions are buried. It’s the height of hypocrisy. When will that change? When and how will we make them change? (Source)


    I thought the whole point of the 2012's election was how it showed that to be president, you don't need the angry, bible-thumping, gun-toting, POC-hating, woman-subduing vote. So why are our politicians still afraid to tell the NRA to go fuck itself?

    Since the shootings, the National Rifle Association has been silent. Requests for comments have gone unanswered, and officials are turning down interview requests until they have more details. Their 1.7 million-strong Facebook group has disappeared, and the group's Twitter account – which is a favorite platform to communicate with supporters – has not sent a message since before the grim reality of Friday's shootings set in. (Source)

  20. We live in a world where people are worried about what others will think about them. They don't want to look like constitution violators as the GOP often accuse Obama of being. Yes, I will agree, this is just a smoke screen.They're concerned (for some maybe)for the time being, but give it a month or two and it will be business as usual. Ifthe deaths of innocent children won't make a move with gun control, then it really tell people about the value of human lives.


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