This is what I get for going to see "The Hobbit"

I get that Will Smith is showing us black fatherhood in all its glory but...don't any other rich black male actors have sons?  Can't someone else do it for a change?  *looks at Avery Brooks*

Somewhere, Neo-Prodigy is on cloud nine...but that's neither here nor there.

It's about damn time.  I've actually paid attention to Henry Cavill's career and I've been a bit annoyed at how he keeps getting turned down for great roles.  So it's about time he landed one like this.

(Using the voice of Sir Ian McKellen was a low blow, by the way)

Stephanie Meyer. 'Nough said.


  1. I'm hoping to get a different slate of previews on my trip to see the hobbit and django unchained.

  2. I'm actually on the fence about the Man of Steel movie itself and I'm primarily going for the Cavill pretty and to see that man's steel in that new outfit. I think this movie can go either way.

    Jack the Giant Slayer? I'm going to assume Bryan Singer is directing this because he lost a bet. said it better than me.

    1. OMG!!! I was going to type the same thing about Ian McKellen. The only way he would agree to touch this piece of shit is that he lost a bet!

  3. Okay, so in the book of "The Host," Melanie is tall and stocky and muscular, with dark hair, brown eyes, naturally tan skin, and strong features.

    And they cast Saoirse frickin' Ronan, who pretty much defines the word "delicate."


  4. "but...don't any other rich black male actors have sons? Can't someone else do it for a change?"

    The problem is Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman are the only black male actors studios will bankroll a movie for.

    1. And Samuel L. Jackson.

      But these mugs have their own money...they can't pull it together? You're telling me Will Smith and produce while Morgan or Samuel directs someone else and their some?

      No wonder Harry Belafonte went off on young black celebs. *smh*

    2. Leo Princess12/24/12, 1:29 PM

      Hmmm. I've heard and read before that one of the major problems facing the arts is that people refuse to collaborate. They either want to do it all by themselves, or none at all. I believe the need to be The First, or The Only, The Pack-Leader/Whatever is what's killing POC's ability to make, produce, distribute, AND show (as well as support) our own projects.

    3. The problem is distribution. Remember what happened to George Lucas. He's got more money than God and distributors didn't want to finance Red Tails so he had to do it out of pocket.

      And if they won't let a white man tell that story then you know Will and Morgan won't fare better. Now granted Will and Morgan have enough money to swing the distribution but that's still a gamble on their end.

      And I can also see too, Will wanting to keep doing these films to build a legacy for his kids. So on that end, it makes sense also.

      At the end of the day, it won't change until we start producing more of our own stories by us and for us.

  5. Leo Princess12/23/12, 8:46 PM

    i saw 'Wreck-It Ralph' yesterday, which is pretty much the first movie I've paid to see since 'Iron Man 2' (yea....still upset about how THAT went). Given my field of work, I've more or less decided to limit my cinema tips to animated films and the occasional worthy live-action offerings - and they ave to wow me first. The recession has made me extra picky when it comes to films, and I was icky before.

    1. Leo Princess12/23/12, 9:08 PM

      ^ Oh Lawks, all those errors. >_< As long as the sentiment gets across. ^_^;

    2. Oddly, I see more movies than TV.Overall,both are dying. I got to see Wreck it Ralph nearly three weeks ago and James Bond Skyfall around the same time. Wreck wasn't a bad movie, but idk. With the exception of the bonds w/Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan being in it , I've been watching them since I was a little one. Idk about other people, but Skyfall was good. Rumors of movie awards are being discussed about this movie. If that is the case, I'm rooting for Naomi Harris. She deserves more recognition.

      Hollywood is not racist, but when it comes to Black actors/actresses, they only center around the obvious ones. They will run Will and Jada Pickett Smith, Denzel Washington,Zoe Saldana or Halle Berry names to the ground.Don't get me wrong, they are all good actors, but when it comes to Hollywood, they act like they are the only great ones. It kind of remind me of what one Black comedienne jokingly asked about Oprah being the only famous Black woman they know.

      I may check out the Hobbit next week.I hoping that it will not be a cause of me waiting to put this movie in my DVD collection.

    3. Hollywood is not racist

      *blinks several times* Come again?

    4. OMG!!! Did I actually write that? I'm glad that you pointed that out to me. Pimp slap me for that one.That was a serious typo on my part. I have never thought that Hollywood was friendly to POCs or other minorities ( smh..I getting sick over that)

    5. I had to think long and hard to see how I put that crap in my post, now I realize how I got there. I originally was going to type in "Although Hollywood will give the impression that they are for Black actors.....",but I was tired as I was on and off answering phone calls and helping my brother out. My mind was tired and didn't think to edit what I wrote.I have never supported Hollywood and support them even less. If you find Mr doing that, it will be if I have some kind of brain disorder.

  6. Wait wait wait...

    Movie theaters are still a thing? o_O

    In all seriousness, just don't expect good things of Hollywood and you won't have to suffer severe disappointment. Though the fact The Host is getting a movie is disappointing to all of humanity. Seriously, I though Meyer's career was over when she stopped writing about sparkly vampires and racially insensitive werewolves.

  7. Ok, I'm not gonna lie. The Will and Jaden movie looks hot. I agree that they reuse and overuse the same Black actors, but I've come not to expect too much of Hollywood and thus can enjoy Black presence period when it's presented in a respectable way. With that being said, for this movie, I think it will be enjoyable because Blacks in science fiction literature and ESPECIALLY cinema is a rare occurance. Either they're nonexistent (I don't know if they think Blacks will be extinct in the future or what) or their role is just stupid, or the movie is stupid...or both. I think sci-fi is an arena that we've pretty much been excluded from, so I would definitely like to see more Blacks tackle that. What I'm trying to say is this looks like a interesting sci-fi flick with a leading Black cast and I hope it doesn't dissapoint.

    The other movies...I'm simply not here for.

    1. Interesting that you mention all that. I was just thinking looking at that Host dreck - there goes another futuristic sci-fi flick and nobody even around with even a hint of a suntan much less POC.

      And in reply to that whole Black actors etc not banding together thing. I just don't know. What it take to make an average decent movie of any genre these days? Fitty Mill? Ok so we can't find 5 Black entertainers who could chip in 10 mill each and get something going?

      And include those amazing OTHER Black actors sitting around gathering dust while they try to survive on the dribs and drabs that Hollywhite deigns to trickle down to them?

      Maybe if its all about egos, go outside entertainment and hit up some of that sports players money. Let them be the financial backers and supporters and go from there. iono - kinda depressing now that I'm thinking on it...

    2. I was also REALLY excited for After Earth...and until I found out that Shyamalan is directing it. -_- And now that I know this, it's hilarious how his name was conspicuously absent from the trailer. /burn

    3. Leo Princess12/27/12, 7:38 PM

      @Charle - You're not alone. I was all, "WOOHOO! THIS MOVIE LOOK AWES....wait, directed by WHO?!". And then the killing theme from 'Psycho' started blaring in my head. He's still on time-out with me after the hot mess that was 'Airbender', so I'll likely wait until opening-day audience reviews come in.

    4. Poor M. Night Shyamalan. There was a time when slapping his name on a project meant instant money. Now they have downplay his contribution to a movie, lest people say, "Fuck it." that I know he touched it I hesitate to go anywhere near.

      I'll wait 'til streams on Netflix.

    5. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I think the only thing people can't agree on about Shyamalan is specifically WHEN he fall from greatness began. (I say Signs, though Airbender deserves a special mention all its own)

    6. Little late to the discussion but piggy backing on what acunnin7 & Jojo were saying about why black actors don't come together more and produce. I don't know what happened between the decade of the 90's where we had this boom (if you want to call it) from tv shows, movies, directors and even music with variety; especially early 90's, then 2000 rolls in and next thing you know we went backwards and hollywhite basically said we gave you negros a decade.

      Of course a lot of factors play into this paradox called Hollywood, mix in the ism's, the internet, bankruptcy of studios and then consolidating studio's into one big conglomerate (See Disney- Buying Marvel, Lucas films...). I remember reading that 90% of what American people watch is controlled by 6 Media outlets.

      We know if black people want to come together and chip in and make a movie happen we can (See Malcolm X), but then people would want a return on their investment that means it comes down to the distributor to get the movies in the theaters including overseas (and we all heard about black movies don't do well overseas excuse.) Let's see, how many movie theaters Magic Johnson got now? He got a least 1 in every major city (Don't really know, but just saying).

      Straight to dvd releases, this is still an option but everything is streamed from the internet now a days--- It won't be enough to just have movies on the net because you still need a return of profit, so you have to stream (Netflix, Amazon, etc...) So the distributor (Which is the biggest factor I think) is still in play no matter what. That's how Tyler Perry gets his movies out from having Lion Gate as his distributor.

      I read Shadow and Act website so I know black films are being done but to get it in theaters as far as commercially (Domestic and overseas) is the problem.

      To wrap up, when I saw this the other day on tumblr Idris Elba Wins Best Actor TV Series - Golden Globes 2012 and you saw how white folks were being all pressed with the mouths all twisted up, like who is this negro getting an award.

      So yeah...Hollywhite ain't trying to listen.

      -- Meanie


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