The Bar Loves Sheila Chandra

I've been listening to British Indian chanteuse Sheila Chandra since I was a teenager.  Seriously, I borrowed Moonsung (1999) from a friend years ago, and over a dec-- ahem, I mean...a long time later, I still haven't handed it back.

Sheila's been dubbed as having "the most beautiful voice in the world" and when you listen to her work, you honestly believe it.  She's known for using minimal to no accompaniment while on stage, which allows her to really showcase her talent.
"I decided for my first ever live concerts that I would appear alone on stage, supported only by the occasional drone. I wanted a vehicle to show off the very subtle nuances of the voice which you don’t normally hear. Fusion doesn’t just happen when you put different instruments from different cultures together, or even if you layer voices — it can happen in one voice, one mind. I also felt that solo concerts would be the fastest way to learn about the dynamics of the performer/audience relationship. I had started to get curious about that twinkle in an audience’s eyes after a great performance, and had decided to set myself the challenge of testing out my own theories about how this was achieved." ~ Sheila Chandra

This is a live version of the track which made her famous.

And this is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard.

This is her rendition of an English folk song.

And this track will haunt you forever.


  1. Leo Princess1/6/13, 3:49 PM

    You know you're listening to great music when the singer's voice gives you goosebumps.

  2. I've never actually been able to get into Desi/Western fusion music (apart from Anoushka Shankar), but Ms. Chandra's voice is hauntingly beautiful...I can't stop listening to it. And, I really love the South Indian influence....also, what a stunningly lovely woman!


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