The Bar Loves "Nice Girls Crew"

(h/t Julie)

I first fell in love with Lynn Chen and Michelle Krusiec in Alice Wu's Saving Face (2002), and stayed in love with them ever since.  I'm totally ecstatic they've reunited.  These are two actresses whom I'll watch in anything.


  1. I hit play for the same reason <3 Michelle and Lynn. And now Sheetal is on my radar.

    Don't forget Season 2. They bringing on more stellar cast.

  2. Not gonna front. I was wondering why she started on book 3 of Harry Potter too. LOL!!!!

  3. Perla Buttons12/13/12, 7:07 AM

    Thank you for posting this. How on earth have they managed to pack so much into ten minutes? I can't wait for season two!

    I was thrilled to see the Saving Face reunion. After I saw SF, I was disappointed to find that Alice Wu hasn't been given more opportunities in feature film work. I loved that film. "Planet China" in many ways strongly resembles The Little Manila Grapevine!

    1. Absolutely infuriating. Alice Wu is brilliant.

  4. Aaaaah! I just saw SAVING FACE for the first time! It was released in 2004, but whatever! I'll have to find this show! Those ladies were gorgeous and terrific!


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