Off the web for a while

While I battle things out with my internet service provider (who may be fired come next month), please hold your emails and recommendations.  Continue to comment on my blogs (I can approve those from work), but I'm going to basically be off for a few days while AT&T continues to display profound levels of incompetence.




  1. We had those problems around here this morning. AT&T always seems to be doing this.

  2. Oh those guys...

    AT&T service isn't the best. I struggled with those guys too and when you try to get customer service,you're almost between a rock and a hard place.It doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

  3. AT&T really needs to get it together. I was already browsing Verizon's site this morning.

    This evening, I came home to working nets.

    *sniff* still switching my phone over come January, though.

  4. Oh sorry! Just saw this :) Will keep in mind for the future.


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