Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

The Right's hostility to Ambassador Susan Rice has been described by the Washington Post and others as motivated by white racism. Partisanship, conspiranoid thinking, and an effort to defrock President Obama are most certainly part of the Republicans' hostility to a black woman who would dare to become Secretary of State. In an era where racism and conservatism are one and the same, Republicans cannot resist the urge and impulse to attack a black woman who serves in the Obama administration--even if race-baiting helped to lead to the downfall of their presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

They have not learned from their failures. Facing demographic suicide, conservatives are addicted to the political meth of white racial resentment and anti-black affect. It is one hell of a drug.

The Tea Party GOP's opposition to Susan Rice has found a new fixation. Just as conservatives wanted to find evidence of anti-white vitriol in Michelle Obama's thesis at Princeton, or anti-white sentiment in black liberation theology and Reverend Wright's common sense observations about American history during Obama first presidential campaign, the new meme will be focused on Susan Rice's work as a college student with the Black Student Fund.

In that capacity, she apparently committed a heinous crime according to the Right-wing muckrakers at The Daily Caller: in 1986, Susan Rice dared to suggest that black kids could benefit from learning that they are not bystanders in American history. To the Right, this is a great crime.

First, contemplate the term "dog whistle" with me.

A dog whistle makes a noise only dogs can hear.  In politics, it refers to a rallying cry white and wannabewhite politicians use to reach out to their white racist, sexist, and homophobic constituents.  It's not very accurate term when you think about it; women, gays, and people of color overall have been hip to the "code" long before the code was even born.  So though it maybe designed for the "dogs", other folks are hearing it as well.

Nevertheless, I like the term.  It fits.  A dog is a loyal, human-loving creature.  It can be housebroken.  It can be taught tricks.  It can be trained to mindlessly obey.  There's a reason why this particular creature is often referred to as "Man's Best Friend" (and may the gods have mercy on canines everywhere).

I was originally going to write about white and wannabewhite voters who've been housebroken and trained to vote against their own interests and derail their own progress all for the sake of whiteness and its false promises.  But then WARN posted the above and I got to thinking.

Republicans really do live in an alternate reality. I the only one who notice how they lost the election?  And when I say "lost the election" I'm of course referring to the vicious ass-kicking the Republicans experienced at the hands of the Democrats.

Let me do a quick refresher:


To make a long story short, the Republicans lost the an actual landslide.

It was over in minutes.  I knew who the new president was before 11:00 pm CST, which is simply unheard of.

So here we are, bracing for 2014 and 2016, and the "dogs" haven't learned a thing.  For starters, women, gays, and POC overwhelmingly chose Obama.  Jobs are an issue.  Those of us with jobs are having salary issues.  Wal-Mart workers and fast food workers are going on strike (CSRs need to join the fight).  Gas prices are high as hell.  The eyes of the tax-paying poor are on the fiscal cliff/curb/the hell you want to call it.  Florida's open season on Negroes "Stand Your Ground" law is under hot debate.  There's blood and drama in Gaza, Syria, and South Sudan.  Jeh Johnson of the Pentagon wants to end America's war on...well, the world.

Long story short, there's a lot to be talking about right now.  There's no shortage of serious issues troubling the nation and hanging heavily on the minds of citizens.

But all the Republicans want to talk about is Dr. Susan Rice.



What REALLY Happened?



  2. A different perspective with which to ponder the resistance to Susan Rice's nomination as Sec. of State. Susan Rice is a black woman married to a white man and her appointment to Secretary of State will thrust her and her family into the limelight. I find there are many people that are okay with interracial relationships so long as it remains "undercover." Thrust an attractive and accomplished black woman and her equally attractive and accomplished white husband and their children into the spotlight and all of a sudden, Houston, we have a problem, because then more black women will start to question and think to themselves, "I want what she's got, how do I get that for myself?" Thus, the proverbial can of worms will be open because Susan Rice is now a shining example and role model to millions of black women of what we all can achieve. Those "good ol' boys" in Congress just don't want their "secret" to get out (white men desire black women), and their wives definitely don't want their husbands' secrets to get out.

    1. I was wondering when someone would mention this, because I've noticed that that while the right loves bringing up her alleged hatred for white people, they NEVER talk about her husband. Never. Not ever. McCain, Graham, Ayotte - NONE of them mention ever this woman's husband.

    2. I mean, Obama's family was fair game, but they avoid talking about Rice's family like the plague.

    3. Jensen, you ought to get a gold medal for this observation. I hope that Dr. Rices will get the chance to become Secretary Of State. I can't wait to see the expressions on their face if she is considered for the job( Obama already said he would veto the GOP decision if it came to that.)

    4. Thank you! but someone i know wrote this and i ask her(blk-woaman) can i cope it.and saw this post you did on Mrs.Rice and post it

      she will get pick by Obama, and will win! no matter, what. so to the GOP take that!!

  3. The Republicans have many little compulsions and obsessions, but I think their first and foremost one is steadfastly refusing to admit when they've fucked up. Hence, them pretty much zeroing in on a non-issue and ignoring literally everything else.

    1. * Amen..Amen..and Amen!

      Im just soooo sick and tired of these nutcases not wanting take responsiblity for their screw ups. All of their bizarre , and frankly..just stupid theories on why they lost is just unfathomable, like Black people and other minorities don't have any sense to make their own decisions. C'mon ,did those idoits really think that after those 47 percent, legitimate rape remarks along with the racist, anti-immigrant and anti- Muslim remark, did they really think the world was going to vote for them? OMG! The GOP must be sickeningly off to think that we'll fall for that.

  4. “First you have a Black President who has the people’s confidence (if not the world’s). Secondly you have a Black Attorney General who is considered the top law enforcement official in this nation. Finally you have the Ambassador to the United Nations (Susan Rice), being considered as the “highest-ranking appointed executive branch official both in the presidential line of succession and the order of precedence.”

    Now that’s the Holy Trinity right there folks. A visual testament to white male political impotence. Three of the most powerful people in the world tasked with the duty of writing the narrative within (and beyond) our borders, and not a white face among them. Its enough to make racist whites shake in their boots. That’s why McCain is acting up, that’s why Lindsey Graham is sweating, it’s a fear of Non-White dominance over a political landscape once controlled by white men.”


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