West Virginia...what the hell was that?

No really...what the hell was that?
WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney has captured West Virginia and its five electoral votes.

President Barack Obama is unpopular in the state, and West Virginia GOP officials have been hoping that would lead to victories for other Republicans on the ballot. (Source)
Y'all gotta be outta yo damn minds.

You let friggin' Ohio - Ohio - come through and play hero, helping to clean up your damn mess - WTF?!??  Mitt Romney?  Surely y'all know better by now!

Anyhoo...Main Man is still President despite dog whistling, voter suppression, and flat-out fibbing.  Damn.  *nods*  Much respect.


  1. Chile, you know common sense don't enter into. It's color.

    Remember: "Lincoln County, Muddafuckas!"

  2. What White People Fear: by Robert Jensen

    "…In the institutions that adopt the liberal view, diversity is just fine (as long as whites remain in control) and multiculturalism can flourish (as long as white norms remain dominant). Institutions defined by the values and practices rooted in white Europe can open up to non-white people, as long as we white people remain comfortable. In such a white-defined liberal world, “people of color”—abstracted into a single group, erasing the particularity of people—are welcome, even sought after, to prove that we have transcended white supremacy."

    Consider for a moment the magnitude of what happened tonight. A sitting black president was voted into office by a Minority of color. This signals a new era in the American narrative, whereas for the first time in this nation’s history the white vote was rendered ineffective.

    1. Yeah, there will always be racists and some POC who like to pander to them, but the problem is that you cannot win without the minority vote, something the GOP is loath to admit.
      We can win without crackers. They cannot win without us.

    2. "We can win without crackers. They cannot win without us."

      Thats it in a nutshell. Republicans face a crisis:
      "The country is growing less white, and their coalition has become more white in recent years."

  3. Obama president again!! YAY ;)

  4. You know, I have no interest in the success of the Republican party, b/c it's not like the Democrats are really more than centrists, however, it is interesting that they have realized that the strategy of stomping on black and brown people to endear themselves to a shrinking white majority is not a good long term strategy.

    And they still won't let that idea die. They were trying to make lemonade out of Romney's popularity with old people, but I was like um, the majority of people who are going to be old in the next 20 years will not a a white majority.

    And yeah, all of those Mexican Americans that you've been slapping the slur "anchor baby" on are citizens who will be turning 18 in droves over the next decade. Do you think launching your campaigns on their older siblings and parents is a good way to win their votes? I volunteer with high school kids, many of whom are Mexican American and the first citizens in their family. They'll be voting in 2014 and beyond. And you can deport their parents but guess what jerks, they are citizens no matter where they are.

    I read that the Miami Hispanic and Latino population has a lot more than Cubans...

    Oh, and one of my friends who is from Miami but lives in New Orleans(but who has a Cuban republican family and a white Democrat mom) told me that his mom was suspecting shenanigans b/c she saw long, long lines down there. I doubt she had to deal with them in their neighborhood, but yeah, she was suspicious.

    And I can say that in my neighborhood where black people are almost non-existent, it felt like we had a polling place about every block.

  5. Lifecoaster11/7/12, 1:11 PM

    Drink lots of water this term, because there are some salty crackers out there.

    1. Leo Princess11/7/12, 4:38 PM

      Saw them on Twitter. Salty and sour.

  6. Frankly, I'd have been truly shocked if Obama had won West Virginia, just like I was truly shocked that he actually did win Ohio.

    I'm glad he nabbed another four years, with or without those hillbillies. :P

    1. Not surprised Ohio launched him over the top as quickly as it did. But WV...*smdh*.

  7. First, let's retire the word "cracker" on this blog. Anymore comments with "cracker" in them will be deleted.

    Secondly, let's talk the election.

    Never have I seen an election called so quickly. It was around 10:30 pm CST when we got the news. Typically, you gotta fall asleep with a remote and randomly wake the next day to find out who's president.

    Not tonight. If you ask me, that sent one hell of a message.

    1. Agreed. I was like, "Man, this went quick!"

      But it took Mittens damn near all night to concede, and that was because he didn't have a concession speech ready. Arrogant asshole.

    2. @Amaya...this is the first time in Mitt Romney's life that he has lost to a black man. He wasn't ready to concede b/c in his lifetime, in his world, in his experience, this NEVER happens, not even when the black guy has the same academic credentials as him. It was not a possible outcome based on his own history.
      In the business world, he could always count on being the winner. And of course, like many rich white men, he became the picker early on. He just didn't realize that the US has a lot more people than the ones he made millions with. In his corporate experience, none of us matter. He doesn't have to hire us, and he can make us go away. But in the polls, we do.
      And people like him will never understand that.

  8. OMG, did you see this!! Yeah, they just knew they had this on lock...


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