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  1. All those people in crowd are brainwashed by the industrial political empire machine brought to you by FAUX News. Brave guy, cheers to him!

    First I thought he said something about Columbus. I was like, wow, the crowd is defeding Columbus. But these folks probably would defend genocide and annihilation of a people.

    1. Those folks are beyond delusional. They're a lost cause.

  2. That chant reminds me of those old horror movies, somewhere deep within the confines of a decrepit castle where followers of an charismatic cult have gathered to worship, while the last protagonist is being led out of the room to be horribly dealt with. The worship of man is our sin. Racism, the fear of that black man in that big white house has been enough to tip these white people over the edge.

  3. You mean, after Katrina, Ike, Irene, Isaac, and now Sandy - all the brushfires & tornadoes in-between - it's still taboo to discuss climate change? Really? Seriously?

    It is precisely videos such as these which make their precious "USA" the very laughingstock of this planet.

    1. As always, you speak the truth. Wrote this on 7/1/11

      "A 14 trillion dollar debt looms over this nation like an ominous cloud. Perpetual war has all but drained our coffers/confidence, threatening our standing in the world. Natural disasters have wreaked havoc on our sprit. The American dream… this, “American Empire” is fading fast. Soon we shall discover that we have more in common with those who ‘don’t have’ as opposed to those that do."

    2. I found it very telling when in whatever debate it was, Mittens was rolling out a list of industries where he (said) he was going to create jobs (or whatever it was he was going on about).

      He listed coal, oil and I think gas not sure. At anyrate I was listening with perked ears for anything sustainable. Like wind, solar - anything EcoBiz. He mentioned not a one. BigBank, BigOil, BigBiz is everything and anything Mittens and his team are ever or have ever been interested in.

      I have a feeling the whole "Green Thing" much less Green Jobs is so far beyond his ken it hasn't even blipped his radar yet. Now mind you, I'm giving the side eye to all these peeps just now jumping on the climate change bandwagon.

      I've been into conservation, eco-everything, re and pre cycling and sustainable living since forever (I was that kid in the 3rd grade giving all my allowance to Greenpeace to save the whales). And forget climate change. Those in the know been talking about this for DECADES. Waving a banner, hollaring and subsequently getting tossed out of a GOP rally is not the way to go about it.

      But better late than never I guess. I do give him props for trying. But I know human nature. I live in a place that is pure fricken hot sun shining down damn near 10 months out of the year (90-100+ degrees no clouds) and why every damn building around here doesn't have solar panels on it I just don't know.

      That's what I was thinking when I watched that first vid. As for Chris Rock, I'll never forget him on the Oprah show on the eve of the first gulf war. He was effing BRILLIANT - seeing through all the bull just like on this vid. He brought up the fact we were all kissy-kissy pals with Saddam just five mins ago and Oprah showed that famous pic with him and Rumsfeld (however you spellit) shaking hands and looking like BFFs.

      I was just on the phone with Moms today and we came to the conclusion that with all the BigOil money that runs the US govt - and until (not holding my breath) that stranglehold gets released, not nobody gonna talk about climate change anytime soon - much less the role that humans have had in its upswing.


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