The Bar Loves Lana Maria Parilla

Ms. Parilla is an Italian Latina and the only person resembling a woman of color who regularly starred in the first season of Once Upon a Time (she's since been joined by Jamie Chung).  When the fairy godmother (who looked a lot like Whitney Houston circa 1997) was murdered in record time, I knew right away Parilla was going to be the only one holding down the fort.

So naturally, she's the primary antagonist (or at least, was until now; word has it they've got bigger issues now).

Not that I care; Parilla shines as Regina the Evil Queen.  Her acting is flawless, though I prefer when she plays her Storybrooke counterpart, rather than the Evil Queen.  She looks better, and the venom flows all the more convincingly.

She caught my attention from her very first scene and held it until the end of the first season (for some reason, I'm having trouble caring about the second season.  I don't know what it is).  When I say her look is flawless (in Storybrooke), I mean it's flawless.

The wardrobe don't translate so well over into the fairy tale world.  Not that it's bad, it's just Parilla looks better in contemporary clothes.

While I adore what Parilla has done with the role, the characterization leaves much to be desired.  Her thirst for revenge is understandable, but the actual reason for it falls flat on its face.  Ordering an enslaved huntsman to her bedchamber came off really sick and tacky.  I've been meaning to watch the second season, if only to see what happened with her.

...And I await the return of Sinqua Walls as Lancelot.


  1. They have definitely improved her by leaps and bounds this season. And yes girlfriend is maintaining the fierce.

    She went from being a character I loved to hate to my second favorite character on the show.

  2. She's definitely a complex character. She'll make you hate her one week but then you kind of like her the next. But wait, I've been watching the show since it started and I can't even remember the Fairy Godmother.

    Of course, I'm still made over Lancelot (which is a really good name for a man that looks like that).

  3. Okay, Jamie Chung's character has gotten on every nerve for me this season. But I repeat that Lana Parilla does a great job making me hate her at times and sympathize with her at others. She's done a great job with this role.

  4. I've loved Regina from the first episode even though she has done horrible things. She, Rumplestiltskin, Hook and and Jefferson are my favorites. The writers have a talent for villains and morally grey characters. They're more interesting and complex than the heroes. Regina had it in her to be an even greater queen than Snow White had it not been for Daniel's death and her bitterness. Padilla plays her beautifully.

  5. Sounds like I need to get back into this. Gotta support my Parilla, and if she's still looking fierce and the writers are still treating her decently, then I need to get caught up.

  6. Lana Parilla is fabulous on ONCE UPON A TIME! She's my favorite character, and although she is (mostly) evil, I still like her more than the other characters.

    The second season is not as good or as cohesive as the first season.

  7. I just got into Once Upon A Time and remembered you making a post about Sinqua and Lana. Parilla is amazing! Her clothes stay tight. The second season I have enjoyed a lot. I feeld for her and I have to remind myself of all the evil she has done. Her mom though just might take her spot as the baddest villian. Mr. Gold is amazing as well! I actually like Snow White and Prince Charming which is surprising since the main romance characters usually are annoying.


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