The Bar Loves God-des & She

Oh, you thought we were done?  Not by a long shot.

Let's listen to something in English for a minute, shall we? Like many fans, God-des & She first came to my attention back when I was obsessively watching The L Word.  Musically speaking, they're a hip-hop/soul duo.  What makes them stand out so much, however, is that they're a couple of lesbians from the Midwest (God-des is also proudly Jewish).  Their songs are not conveniently ambiguous and they are very, very talented.

Peep what I mean:

And while 40,000 albums is nothing to scoff at, I was hoping they'd be much more famous and far successful by now. They've worked nonstop and they most definitely have earned it.


  1. Oh cool, more musicians. There goes my paycheck.

  2. Cool. I had never heard of them. I like Lick it and So Gone, goes to download in Ipod.

  3. Now this is good original music


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