No Kingdom like the Animal Kingdom

One thing I do like about living in Houston is that the fauna sounds much like the fauna in Cameroon.  The birds are just as talkative, and I see lizards, frogs, snakes, etc. at random intervals all around my apartment complex.

But when I heard the squawk-like voice which woke me this morning...I was a little surprised by its owner's appearance.

Let's play a little game shall we?

In college, my favorite psych course was Animal Behavior, in which we learned every vocalization from an animal has a purpose.  Just for fun, make up something you think our little friend here is saying.

(And why do you think he's mean muggin' this early in the morning????)


  1. Fuck if I know, but that noise is HILARIOUS!

  2. Digital Coyote11/24/12, 11:47 PM

    The gist of it is "I am a snack sized slab of squirrely sex beast" and he's mean muggin' 'cause you interrupted his rhapsody. Can't get no play if there's an audience....unless his female companions are in to that. Probably wouldn't stop them: they're all about nuts anyway.

    1. I thought this might be a mating call. If you listen carefully, another squirrel echoes our dear friend.

      Hm...wonder what I should name him....

  3. Charlene…Hey!! Charlene!! Go tell Fran to look in the kitchen drawer and bring me the spatula. Not the one with the holes in it but the flat one. I got my claw stuck in the side of this F@&#!n’ house! Oh Gawd, Hurry...Hurry!!

  4. Little dude looked down like he knew you were spying on him. LOL


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