The Bar Toasts Issa Rae


It seems like just yesterday, we were watching episodes of Awkward Black Girl, laughing over one-liners, interrogating the showrunners over some song they featured, downloading, "Booty Shawts", and wondering if (Black) J was going to end up with White J.

The creator, Issa Rae, was in a Kickstarter near the end of Season 1, talking about not having jobs and urging people to raise enough money to finish the season and start another.  In one interview, she mentioned her filming equipment being stolen, and in another with me, her partner-in-crime the thick and fabulous Tracy Oliver talked about running the show mostly on favors.

Now, Issa Rae has teamed up with Shonda Rhimes of Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Scandal infamy to do "I Hate LA Dudes", a soon-to-be half-hour sitcom on ABC.  Rae will write for and co-produce the show.

Oh, how the mighty get even mightier.

*pops pink champagne*


  1. I know! I just saw this too. Too much amazing. Congrats indeed.

  2. This is inspiring for too many reasons.

    A victory for all of us indeed.

    *resumes writing next novel*

  3. Tracy Oliver done went skinty???

    Oh yeah, big ups to Issa. And, what Neo said.

  4. I'm so glad this is happening the way she wants it to happen. I remember when some other network wanted to create a show about this but they were going to do an extreme overhaul on everything in the show. I'm glad she turned that down. :)

  5. Okay, so an anonymous commenter tried to post "transphobic bitch" on here, which was obviously deleted.

    However, I sincerely hope Issa Rae doesn't get too excited about her upcoming pay raise to forget what happens when a joke goes horribly wrong.

    1. I know that's right. She needs to keep that definitely in mind.

  6. Congratulations Issa Rae! :)
    I'm waiting forward to the TV show.
    I heard she's Senegalese, I did a quick search as her family name sounded African.


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