The Bar Pours a Beer for Chris Christie

'Cause Lord knows he could use it.


I've spent the whole day taking claims calls from residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy (will again tomorrow) and volunteered to work all this weekend. The Bar extends a big shout-out to the people affected by the storm. Many of my callers remained calm, and had surprising good spirits even as they described downright hellish conditions.

I will be donating to the Red Cross and recommend Bar patrons do the same when they are able.

Much respect,



  1. Thanks so much for this post. It really is harrowing...there are people piled onto the street or CVS or open grocery stores because they don't have anywhere else to go. People are sleeping in ATM kiosks, half the city is completely dark and SO many folks lost their homes.

    1. How to describe Hurricane Sandy..unbelievable!!! *Smh*.

      I sympathize with Governor Christie and the rest of the people who have been devastated by this storm. When the news mentioned about the hurricane, I thought that it would be bad,but that like on most occasions, the storm would by pass the Northeast or it would be a storm that would be of little consequence. I had no idea that it would be that bad.

      Never in my life could I picture New York City being paralyzed like that. The closest thing that I say paralyzed my hometown was the 2010 Ice/snowstorm. Barely nobody drove on the roads, no buses, no noises( other than ice melting and breaking from tree branches), not to many stores were open. I managed to walk to an open Mcdonald's. I walked there..praying that I weaken tree wouldn't fall on me. The ice was so amazingly thick and slick that I almost feel twice walking to and from there.It had to be bad when a guy literally ice skated in the middle of Downtown joke. the ice was at least very thick. My mom was telling me about the ice storm of 1972. Though it wasn't as bad as 2010, with the exception of her street most people lost power. I never want to deal with that again. Still, the ice storms bears nothing compared to what took place in the Northeast.

      To look at that almost made me speechless. It almost makes me cry looking at it. My sister best friends lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and NYU. I have an uncle( along with other countless relatives) live in Maryland, DC and Virginia. We've heard from the BF from NYU. I don't know about the BF in Bridgeport. My DC/Maryland are ok.

      I feel for those people who have lost lives, homes and perhaps their happiness over Hurricane Sandy. Im saddened to see that happen to them. No doubt that it have to be bad for you and the others as you have describe on here. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. I will be doing part in donating whatever I can to help.

    2. I remember that winter. I live in ATL too. We were stuck inside for a whole week with no access to anything! I have never experienced anything like that in my life and never hope to again. I have family in NY. Thank God they are okay. I'm so glad the government is handling this with the urgency it deserves, unlike Katrina. Some of those people are STILL homeless to this day. Sad.

  2. In Baltimore we had 24 hours of rain/wind and they closed my job Mon/Tue but I never lost power and had no storm damage. Much better than that late June storm that left me without electricity for 3 days in 100 degree heat.

  3. This is a major catastrophe. I'm at a loss for words. I didn't think it would be this bad, but given the way the weather's been acting in the last few years, and probably longer, business may be starting to pick up.

    People are calling Sandy a Superstorm. I was reminded of the Superstorm in 1993. All we got was cold wind, but it was much worse in the Northeast, the same place was struck by this storm.

    Last year there was a Super Outbreak of tornadoes in the Southeast. Weather experts are saying that it was worse than the Super Outbreak of '74 in many cases.

    Global warming is already being blamed for spawning Sandy. I don't doubt it. The temperature of the planet has been rising, especially in the ocean. So, this could be just the icing on the cake due to air pollution, thanks for corporations, especially the ones owned by the Koch Brothers.

  4. Sent my donation. How about the rest of you?

  5. I'm by the beach in NYC. We got hit hard, there were elderly people swimming in the streets as cars floated away. We just got some power back, but the elevators are out, which is hard if you live on floors 6-23. But we're making it.

  6. Leo Princess11/3/12, 11:19 PM

    I just came across a listing of notable, verified charities. Where Jamaica is concerned, I stand by the work of Food for the Poor and the Jamaica Red Cross.

    1. Don't forget to post this info on the Narrative as well.

  7. As a New Yorker I was shocked at some of the images I saw. There are still so many people without power. Now is cold, raining/snowing and people may lose power again.


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