The Bar Loves Waed

(h/t Marie Moltime)

Saudi Arabian chanteuse Hanan Bark Younis, known by her stage name Waed ("promise"), is a very popular singer in Western Asia.  Of course, if you go to any of her videos on YouTube, you'll find that her blackness often spurs a lot of chatter among commenters.

Like Alexis Brown, Waed has devout fans who adore her unabashedly, and they don't hesitate to come out swinging in her defense.

She is black (just so there's no confusion) which, to the chagrin of her critics, hasn't kept her from having a successful music career, spanning at least four continents.

No, I don't speak Arabic, but as is the case with Rena, it doesn't stop me from enjoying her music...and the fact that she's a stunner.


  1. Though I can't understand a like of Arabic( tried..but it sooo hard!), I still like the musical aspects of it.Waed is no exception. I listened to her on an Arab-American website. Just when I thought that I had no options of worthwhile music that I can listen to,I've been reminded that good international music still exists.

  2. Replies
    1. Her fans on YouTube drool all over her, and shamelessly so.

  3. OMG, she is flawless...gorgeous...

    I am having a time putting together a new playlist, courtesy of The Bar.

  4. GOD! she is soooooo damn beautiful...our blackness really do rule.

  5. Wow she is absolutely beautiful and she has an amazing voice.


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