The Bar Loves Unity Nguyen

Unity with a kora
(h/t Julie)

By now, bar patrons, you can tell I'm a sucker for the Malian kora.  Thing is, I'm a sucker for traditional instruments period.  I'm all about some indigenous music.

And when indigenous music crosses continents... *blissful sigh*...I'm all the happier.

So naturally, when Julie showed this precious jewel right here, I was immediately elated.  From the website of Unity Nguyen:
Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Unity Nguyen blends ancient Vietnamese and African folk traditions, interweaving them with jazz, funk and other global influences. The delightful alchemy transcends boundaries of culture, language and spirit. Unity specializes in the African kora (21-string harp) and the Vietnamese dan tranh (16-string zither), and also has backgrounds in African and Latin percussion and European classical theory. She performs solo, or with the Unity Nguyen Ensemble. She also shares her passion by teaching to all ages.

Music is one facet of Unity’s healing path: She also holds an MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine and practices acupuncture in Berkeley, and is currently pursuing an MD at UCSF Medical School (how amazing is this woman???).
Unity with the dan tranh

And Unity performing live:


  1. That sounds GORGEOUS!I learn about so many artists from this blog! :D

    1. LOL - the blog is learning from its readers. Very grateful to Julie for this one.


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