The Bar Loves Rena

When folks talk about the death of hip hop, I have to disagree.  Hip hop is a living thing.  It a timeless art form capable of adapting to almost any surrounding and almost any language.  For those of us who pay attention - and have respect - for hip hop performers beyond the Western world, we know that hip hop is most assuredly not dead.

What you're hearing on the radio - and I've said this before - is not hip hop.  It's soulless, empty commercialized trash used to dumb down a generation and distract them from reality.

So it can't have died if it was never alive to begin with.

Now, I don't speak Russian and I don't know much about Russian hip hop artist Rena except for the fact I'm already head over heels.

And this one features kids from a local orphanage.


  1. You sent me one of her songs. I like it. Will have to listen to more of her stuff, because I can't stand listening to the radio.

  2. She's awesome!

    Looking for more female emcees check out The Fembassy. My friend runs this website -

  3. Couldn't understand a word she said but I liked the sound. I really need to go through your music tags and do some downloads.

    1. Perla Buttons10/13/12, 2:40 AM

      Same here. I can't wait to listen to more of her work!


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