NYPD Blues: A Story of Stop & Frisk


  1. I've seen this video last night at BlackYouthProject.com. I already knew about the racial profiling going on, but the video helps confirm it. It also exposes a lot of shit going on behind the scenes at the NYPD.

  2. Sad. Just two think about the dangers out there and ill say it again: Some cops are more scary than the rogues that are already in this world.At least you know what they are all about.

  3. Now officers will stop, frisk, and the victim's cell phone will conveniently go missing...just in case.

  4. Wow. If I lived in New York I would become a cop so I could harass white people. That's what I would do harass white people all day every day.

    1. I'd do the same thing. Except, the complaints of white people will be considered important enough to conduct an "investigation" before they fire me or, in the NYPD's case, wipe me off the face of the Earth and get away with it. To them white people are the people to "serve and protect".

  5. Leo Princess10/11/12, 12:00 AM

    Post-racial Society, you guys! WOOHOO!

  6. Absolutely repulsive. I know Police Departments are patently unreliable and abusive, but it seems the NYPD takes it to new lows.

  7. There I was watching and thinking to myself aren't quotas illegal? Well yes they are and fat lot of good outlawing quotas has done.

    I have been a (chronic) victim of DWB - Driving While Black - now if I live in NYC I gotta worry about WWB - Walking While Black? This is some crazy bullshit right here. I find it interesting that all of my DWB experiences took place in that wonderful liberal state of California - both North and South. But since moving to Arizona I've been pulled over just once in the 10 years I been here - and even then I was given a verbal warning (something about running a stop sign, which I hadn't) and no ticket like I used to get all. the. time.

    (mind you if I was Latino - I bet I'd been pulled over at the same rate I was in Cali - that in itself speaks volumes about both those states).

    And look at the numbers from the video. Low return on the hours spent. Meanwhile all the white guys running around toting weapons and drugs and whatnot have free reign. Because they don't "look suspicious".

    This hurts my heart.

    1. Leo Princess10/12/12, 12:01 AM

      Meanwhile all the white guys running around toting weapons and drugs and whatnot have free reign. Because they don't "look suspicious".

      And they never flipping learn. They're always surprised when it's some 'Father Knows Best' cast member look-alike that's the loose canon. "How did we miss this?!". Oh...around the eleventy hundred times you threw unarmed Jamal and Pedro up against a wall, and let Beach Boy walk in peace.

  8. Where in the world is a safe space for people of color?

    I've lived in urban areas, rural, reservation communities. So far the safest place I've lived is on the rez. Although its far from perfect.

    1. I find it so interesting that you asked that question. My heart been hurting way bad really bad recently. So I started looking for countries other than the US to move to.

      I first considered the Bahamas - the pretty much all-Black population being particularly attractive - but hey I just don't think my mental issues will allow me to navigate the drama of passports, work visas and what all.

      So I looked at the US Virgin Islands. No passport or work visas needed. But that is a bust because it is just so highly expensive to live there.

      My soul needs respite. I need a place where I can walk out my front door without fear in my body and the never ending weight of it all pressing down and ruining my health.

      No such house indeed.

    2. @ Jojo,

      There is a documentary I saw a few minutes of called "Blacks Without Borders" which features African-Americans who found the American dream in South Africa. One Black woman, a lawyer, said that except for her family, there is nothing she misses about the United States. That should tell you something.

    3. @ Jojo - I write a lot of poetry on this - safety, identity, race, etc. Where is it safe for people of color? We can create safety in our homes, friendships, partners. But even this has its challenges because some of us have to heal daily as much as we can in a racist culture. We have burdens and weights to carry and therefore to heal that have been passed down through the generations.

      As a mixed race person I have been hurt by people cutting up and dissecting my existence. As an invisible minority, being Native American, this hurts even more. Here is a poem I can share on working in all all-white work environment where I had to deal with racism towards my culture and heritage. I won justice in this case and I am glad I did because racism hurts us all.

      Poem - Raise, Erasure, Visible - http://www.anishinaabekwe.com/2012/02/poem-raise-erasure-visible.html#.UHh0Sa5iaBo

      The compilation of watching this video, engaging in a dialogue here and dealing with plenty of racism myself I would love to make a shirt that says - Racism Hurts! Stop It! Anyone interested in creating this with me? Just curious...

    4. @ Mickey - thank you, I'll try to see if I can find and watch that documentary. Very interesting indeed.

      @ Anishinaabekwe - what a beautiful and moving poem! Thank you so much for sharing that. Anything that can lift my spirits, commune with fellow travelers on this so often rough path we call life - helps more than I can express.

      I will also try to work harder to find my solace here at home. In my personal space if anything. But I am still going to keep my eye on moving out this damn country - if/when my health and finances improve enough for me to make that a possibility instead of a desperate leap.

  9. @Anishinaabekwe
    "Where in the world is a safe space for people of color?"

    I'm temped to answer this question with a line from House in the World: By Langston Hughes:
    "There is no such house,
    Dark brothers,
    No such house
    At all."

    Whites have imposed themselves on almost every living culture to the point of saturation. The aim of course is world domination/control.

  10. Leo Princess10/13/12, 8:38 PM

    And pressuring the few decent police offers there to be bullies? Oooh, klassy.

  11. I looked up the date of this post since the Floyd vs. City of NY is going on right now. Didn't realize it was this long ago. I guess it would be this long ago, a lifetime ago for Kimani.

    Infos: http://ccrjustice.org/floyd
    Organizing: https://twitter.com/theCCR


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