Dang, Mittens

What happened?


  1. He got dostracted by the horses and bayonets.

  2. Same thing that happens with countless ignorant white folks. He couldn't disrupt and derail the discussion like Lehrer let him do in debate one and Obama took him to task.

  3. I'm under the weather. How bad was the beatemdown?

  4. Two things I found hilarious:

    1) He called Iran "the bad guys," and
    2) He slipped up and referred to "Iran" as "Iraq."

    He's going down on Election Day.

  5. He was too busy thinking about his wife's upcoming polo match. Obama knew this and threw him off his game by mentioning horses.

  6. Mittens tried his best to cut Obama down,but he beat him to the punch. Just loved it.

  7. The debate wasn't impressive on either end. Makes me disenchanted on who to vote for. I wish I could vote for someone like Dr. Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala. But they no chance of winning in the corporate political machine.

  8. Foreign policy is not the MittBot's strong suit. According to him:
    1. Mali is in the middle east somewhere
    2. Iran would have to go through Syria to get to the sea.
    3. On average his foreign policy comes from a 1980's playbook = Russia bad, bad!

    And he was all soft spoken and tried not to be such a big ole bully so as to woo the women voters. I got something 80's for that too: Gag me with a spoon >_<

  9. Don't tell me I missed a slaughter? Was Mittens that bad?

    1. I'd sum it up thusly: If this had been the first debate, the race wouldn't be this close. :P


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