Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: "My Party is Full of Racists"

“Let me just be candid: My party is full of racists. And the real reason a considerable portion of my party wants President Obama out of the White House has nothing to do with the content of his character, nothing to do with his competence as commander in chief and president, and everything to do with the color of his skin. And that’s despicable.”

...Wilkerson’s comments broke the same day that a new Associated Press study revealed that a majority of Americans express “explicit anti-black views” — even if they don’t realize their prejudices.

The poll showed 51 percent of Americans expressed such views — up from 48 percent before Obama took office — but that the increase might be offset by rising favorable views of African-Americans.


  1. Leo Princess10/28/12, 1:43 AM

    And in other shocking developments - water is wet.

  2. Breaking news - lets finally talk about this. *face palm*

    Both parties are full of racists. Democrats just have a better way of covering it up through "diversity" and "equality."

    Obama also serves the colonial and imperialistic machine. I almost decided not to vote for him after reading this colonial Columbus Day Proclamation -

    1. What's hilarious is that Democratic racists hate the Republicans so much that - for the most part - they're willing to hold off until after elections before they show their asses.

  3. @ Anishinaabekwe

    Yes. Cosign. This war of imperialism, er War on Terror,is costing us, more than the social safety net, which both parties are in favor of reducing is. And we need social security, medicare/medicaid.

    I have friends who are refugees from Afghanistan, and the invasion increased fundamentalism. According to one woman I know, women had more oppurtunities/equality before the war under the Soviets. Plus all the devastation that it's caused to the innocent people, i.e. the drone wars. I can't stand behind a leader that doesn't stop it. Romney and Obama disagree on social policiy but they mostly agree on foreign policy.

    1. I'm casting my vote in the Presidential election but without hesitation. Mainly to keep the Rethugs out of office, thats all.

    2. The Rethugs and Dehypocrites look like they have mare and more in common every year. They are both a group of political elites who profit directly/ or indirectly, by serving those who profit, from an unequal system. The democrats had the majority and they could have used it to make changes if they wanted to. They didn't take the opportunity, may not get it back for awhile, hence this bipartisan agreement strategy which will not work in the long run. The point of being an opposing party is to provide opposition, but Dehypocrites seem to have forgotten that.

      But I'm just musing out loud. Many things are annoying me about this election and American political culture as a whole.

      Climate change was not even really addressed. I guess no one cares about sustainability or the environment, construction of that oil pipeline in Alaska was just delayed until the election is over.

      Don't get me wrong social issues are important, but so is the environment and changes that can affect insignificant things like... our food and fuel supply!(The droughts in the Midwest the worst they've had in years, produced equally low corn yields. So the price of grain, and meat because corn is the staple animal feed, is no doubt going to rise.)

      But again I'm just musing out loud. I'm finding my lived experiences are just making me distance myself further and further from American culture and politics as a whole. It seems like its a travesty waiting to worsen and the best thing I can do is get as far away from it as I can.

    3. Student of the World - I agree with most everything you say. I live in the Midwest and the drought was insane! We had no rain until August in Michigan. It was bad statewide. Crops were affected and it was a bad year for farmers. Believe I know all about this because I did farm work this summer.

      I am very cynical with the whole corporate political machine as well. Its not working and we are trapped in the belly of this horrible hungry machine.

    4. @ Anishinaabekwe

      Yes my relatives Indiana, Illinois and Michigan were telling me that it was crazy. I was wondering why this wasn't on the national discourse, I know there are many issues to discuss but surely this is also important. I don't get the impression from either GOP that climate change and it's effects is something they should be concerned about. Maybe I missed it in the election coverage?

      Even though as you stated it obviously DOES affect people's everyday lives. It doesn't surprise me, farmers are one of many groups whose concerns get ignored by politicians. Look at the way Obama and the GOP treated Shirley Sherrod.

      Besides I’m leaning towards Marxism/Socialism anyway so in the current political culture there is no place for me. Not to mention climate change and it's effects and sustainability are actively being discussed where I am. They are a priority. And women's rights and reproductive choices and minority issues are respected here. Same sex marriages are legal. The more important issues that affect everyone can actually be discussed here, rather than getting distracted by morons trying to turn back the clock to the Middle Ages.

      In the current political culture no candidate in this election reflects my views even in part, or my values. And I feel like participating is just enabling a system I don't agree with to continue but again this is just me. I respect if other people make a different choice.

    5. @ Student of the World - National discourse for the Midwest? We are "fly over" states to the pretentious bourgeoisie East and West coast folks. Have you ever noticed on the Weather Channel or some other channel they will show Chicago or Milwaukee or even Pittsburgh on the map but they never ever show Detroit or any cities in Michigan. I live in Michigan we are treated like a step child to in comparison to the rest of the country. I have observed this phenomena for over a decade. People don't like Detroit and thats an obvious one. But they don't even like Michigan. We are the most working class state in the Midwest hence the auto industry. I myself am a product of this union blue collar working class thing that exists here. Geez... my Great-Grandfather helped to organize the UAW. Anyway, national discourse for Michigan and let alone the Midwest, they'll find something else to talk about and not even put us on the map. Were not popular. I'm glad about this because this means less people taking over the woods and water that I love so much!

      My Great Grandfather was a socialist and my family/relatives are very liberal - hence working class union people generally are. Being that I am also Native American I have doubted these nasty politicians and the government my whole life. My Dad voted in his first election ever in 2008. For obvious reasons we as Native American people distrust in the government. I lean towards Socialism/Indigenous/Earth. I also have been a fighter in MI for reproductive rights here. HB5711 is sitting in our state senate right now. It was passed in our State House and is waiting vote in our Senate. The governor said he may veto it. It is considered the worst anti-abortion bill in the nation - And the latest updated in case you are interested -

    6. @ Anishinaabekwe

      It's good to know people like you are fighting the corrupt powers that be. I've heard about states trying to ban abortion, so far it isn't working because of the Supreme Court, Thank God. I hope that is the case in Michigan.

      And LOL since when don't people like the Midwest? I love the Midwest! I live on the east coast now but Midwest is home to me. They're just haters because we cook better(best Barbeque,Pizza,Greek,Hotdogs yeaah)and aren't full of ourselves. Chicago has way better food than NYC, that's just a fact, and Midwesterners are the nicest most down to earth people you will ever meet. Nothing's wrong with blue collar working class people by me.

      But seriously if Hurricane Sandy and drought doesn't make leaders take climate change seriously and address it, increases in the cost of food are the least we have to be concerned about.

    7. Anishinaabekwe-

      I keep hoping for a revival of socialism

      But the only time that happened was during the Great Depression and I would hate for something like THAT to happen again. But during the 30's America was on the verge of Communist Revolution. That's why many of the New Deal programs (SS,Medicaid/Medicare) were passed. They wanted to keep it from escalating so they realized they had to do something for people negatively affected by capitalism's excesses.

      Not that I want to see American turn into China per se, or the Soviet Union. But more like France, Canada, Costa Rica, Argentina or the Scandinavian Countries. You can have social entitlements and Capitalism, as long as Capitalism is regulated.

      But I'm just musing. I know the U.S. will probably not change. It's had opportunities to, but U.S. is a fundamentally capitalist imperialist country. I mean the U.S. that was shaped by White Supremacy and Imperialism. The true Americas were destroyed when Columbus got off the boat.

    8. @Student of the World

      The Midwest is pretty real. That is why I like it. I live in a very salt of the Earth town currently - a proletariat place.

      My Great Grandfather who helped in founding the UAW was a Socialist and so was his wife, actually a very strong woman of her time. I wish to see Socialism revived as well. A balanced and more whole society for all, but I am dreaming!

      The US is still shaped by White Supremacy and Imperialism. There are many of us who challenge the existing system but its not changing fast. For one we can look at the election and all the racism that has come up! The Tea Party is basically the KKK in disguise or trying to be in a disguise.

  4. Not a bit surprising at all. Black people supposedly "live" in the past. Gee,I wonder why? When we think about it, its not us that really do.It's the other way around. Otherwise, we wouldn't have to have anti racist groups to help quell racism.

    Far as these findings, why bother to do these studies. The people behind the studies weren't surprised by their conclusions and many Black people surprised by them either. As much as some of them we're hoping for better,we knew that wouldn't be the case. I mean, there were hints of it saying wayyyy before Obama came into office.Look at what happened when Joe. Libermann wanted to run for it.Racists began having a heart attack over the idea that a Jewish man would be running our country.Even with Mittens. If there was a White Republican/Independent/Democrat running against him,he wouldn't stand a chance against them,but since its a Black man in the office,they are really determined to get him out,by using him.

    Secondly, if people studied anything about American history and learned about the dynamics of it,they would know that the US government wasn't based in the intent of being there for minorities. It was only supposed to be for wealthy White men.Sure,they'll say its a free country,but it never was.Some may argue that theGOP liberated the,but with some of them like Abe Lincoln ,it wasn't out of the compassion of the slaves.Even it was said that Lyndon B.Johnson was a racist,but in spite of it,he did one thing right that the GOP didn't do was to sign the civil rights bill..a good reason that my Grandparents switched to the Dems.

  5. For many whites, being called Racist is a serious affront, yet many white people share the same sentiments/fears as avowed racists, they just don’t voice them publicly. So if a commentator or politician utters a bigoted statement, “he’s no more racist than I am,” they figure, so let’s not jump to conclusions and ruin his/her reputation by throwing the R-word around. A white person can be many things yes- but racist? "There's just no evidence to support that claim, so it has to be something else," goes the derail.

    Still, all day long on news sites and opinion blogs they one-up themselves in a game of “Good White vs. Bad White.” But let someone make a blanket statement calling most whites racist and whites from both parties come together in a kumbaya moment to defend themselves against the accuser. The fact that blacks were slaves once has left an indelible mark on the psyche of this nation. We can’t shake the memory (or the residue) because some are simply unwilling to relinquish it.

    Something tells me when the paradigm of color shifts within these borders, whites won’t play well with others. How can the Browning of America not be viewed as an affront to everything they know be real and tangent, particularly when the sum-total of their reality is tied up in a majority status? De facto white supremacy will seek to maintain by force what it now enjoys through consensus. "To be, or not to be…" With a sitting black president up for reelection, this is the question which preoccupies white people.

    In short, whites of both parties are racist, because they have much more to lose than we do. The more threatened they feel, the more that racism surfaces. I'm talking good, clean…decent- God-fearing folk too.

  6. The fear of color is a glaring example of reverse race realism. White people have an uncanny fear of anything different from White American or White European culture which includes physical features. They fear of losing their unearned power and privileges, they fear the true past and they are deathly afraid of a genetic extinction. In short the white man's existence is centered on conquest and fear.

    1. "The fear of color is a glaring example of reverse race realism. White people have an uncanny fear of anything different from White American or White European culture which includes physical features. They fear of losing their unearned power and privileges, they fear the true past and they are deathly afraid of a genetic extinction. In short the white man's existence is centered on conquest and fear."

      Very well stated.

  7. Gah. Looking back about your posts on Michelle Obama and racist statements re. her body and Barack's abilities, I agree with you that this is just bringing racists out of the woodwork.

    If Romney wins, I'm moving to Canada. It's only a lake away from my current state.

    1. Make room in your suitcase for me.

    2. Yeah...let me join the both of you. I'm still hoping that my sister will one day will go to Singapore(her job), so she'll make her home there and live wither. The craziness that's plaguing the US is just unfathomable..

    3. I'm with you all on that. I've been finally researching (over the last six to eight months) just where in the heck I'm going to ditch out to. I had been thinking about getting the hell out of dodge since around 2010 when all those racists really started popping out the woodwork.

      Not matter the outcome of the election I'm still going to keep working toward the ditch-out. Like Nina Simone, James Baldwin, Tina Turner, Richard Wright, Langston Hughes and Josephine Baker: I'm absolutely DONE living in a country that doesn't consider me to be human much less a citizen. I'm out.

    4. I'm pretty sure I could undergo medical training just as easily in Canada as in the US, and up there, my relationship with my girlfriend - unlike what it would probably be under Romney and Ryan - wouldn't be a de facto crime.

    5. Under Romney & Ryan, rape would be sanctioned. They'd just say it was legitimate, and because you're a breathing female, you asked for it.

      I AM LEAVING HERE...regardless of who's in office.

  8. @Jojo

    Girl! You ain't never lied. I felt the same way last year. For the same reasons. I don't know where you want to go, there are a lot of options.

    I went to Toronto, been here for a year, and the change has been amazing for my mental health. It isn't perfect, but it was most accessible to me and I feel like a burden I've been carrying all my life I don't have to carry anymore.

    I'm only going to return to the States to finish my education, the little I still have to finish. I will be applying for a skilled worker's visa, and permanent residency, first chance I have and then I'm up out of here.

    Canada has prejudice and racism, that is everywhere to one degree or another. It's more subtle than in the States, especially against the Indigenous people, but it also has a Government and Culture that espouses multiculturalism as a goal, and Toronto is as diverse as it gets.

    Canada strives to be multicultural not because it's more tolerant necessarily, but it is smarter. It knows how the future is going and who butters it's bread, globally speaking and they know their economy depends on all the new immigrants coming in they know better than to offend anybody. Discrimination from what I've seen is taken seriously here and it's not tolerated or treated lightly.

    While the U.S. has Trayvon Martin, a cop here was charged with shooting someone due to racial profiling. He was charged with manslaughter initially but as the investigation went on his charges were raised to Second Degree murder, reason being new evidence was discovered that implicated him.

    It's not perfect but I can work with it. And the biggest thing I've noticed that makes me get treated differently is the fact that I'm American. Why is it I get treated like an American only when I'm not in America?

    I prefer being treated like a foreigner in a foreign country rather than being treated like a foreigner in the place I was born and raised.

    I came to the same conclusion and I've read Baldwin extensively and Josephine Baker. Not much has changed for us, because everything that he wrote rings true today. And the few black expats I bumped into here understand and say the same thing.

    Do what you heart is telling you to do. There is a big world out there and contrary to what people tell us in the U.S. we DO deserve better and can receive equal treatment.

    @ thread
    I think Obama will win. His response to Hurricane Sandy was much better than Bush's response to Katrina and Andrew. Even Republicans who previously criticized him had to give him his props. And the aide he gave to many states saved them. If Romney wins he'll have won by fraud or the American people are committing national suicide.

    1. Student of the World, YOU ain't neva lied!
      "I prefer being treated like a foreigner in a foreign country rather than being treated like a foreigner in the place I was born and raised."
      Exactly. I have traveled and in fact lived overseas as a child. The differences between here and pretty much anywhere damn else are profound and will change you.

      About a month ago, I narrowed it all down - I'll be going back to France. I've been putting the research I did on other places - and suggestions from others, I will add Toronto - up against where in France I might live. I'm still keeping all options open.

      "national suicide"
      mmm-HMM! I was trying to find the words to write about just that very topic, but I was blocked - that fits things perfectly! America "voting against its best interests" doesn't have the same ring to it ;)

      In the week after the election I'm going to be celebrating (yet another) 40-something birthday. I'm tired. While the racist crazyness surrounding this election is nothing new to most of us - what really bothered me, and I think was the last straw (one of many lately) - is watching white America falling for the dog whistles, the fear mongering and the lies.

      Case in point. The worse Mittens did either in debates or in outright lying in speeches or with campaign ads - his numbers just keep on rising. The guy might be clueless but he's not stupid. Obviously what he's doing is WORKING. So he keeps on doing it. Next case in point - he's running that jeep ad nonsense AGAIN. That is white privilege at work right before your eyes.

      That tells me a couple things. Way too many people would rather go to hell in a handbasket with a white guy at the helm than stand up and be a part of rebuilding this country forward into the next century with a Black guy at the helm. If that's all it takes - shouting "oogabooga!" and pointing at Barack - I'm not interested in spending the prime years of my life amongst such scared rabbits.

      Scared people do stupid things. I'm not interested in someone finding me so scary that I end up on the evening news. It happens every day. I'd rather be Une Exotique Femme Chocolat as I go get my morning baguette than become a statistic in my local crime blotter on my way to get a loaf of bread.

  9. "If that's all it takes - shouting "oogabooga!" and pointing at Barack - I'm not interested in spending the prime years of my life amongst such scared rabbits.(LMAO!)

    Scared people do stupid things. I'm not interested in someone finding me so scary that I end up on the evening news. It happens every day. I'd rather be Une Exotique Femme Chocolat as I go get my morning baguette than become a statistic in my local crime blotter on my way to get a loaf of bread."


    Like I said Canada was more accessible for me but I considered France. I may do study abroad there just to get a feel, and to improve my French.


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