Asian Girls' Night Out: Watson and Mulan

Lucy Liu as "Dr. Joan Watson"
Every now and again I watch a show with a diminished presence of POC because the writing is that damn good.  These days, that show is Once Upon a Time.  And now, Elementary is very likely to join it.

I haven't watched tonight's episode of Elementary, but I will try to take care of that tomorrow.  However, the pilot really worked for me.  I grew up watching Lucy Liu and have always been a fan.  Granted, some of her career moves were questionable enough to raise an eyebrow here and there, but that's because she's a woman of color.  Good, prominent roles are few and far between, even for a fairly vanilla Asian girl.

I like that her new show has her playing an ex-surgeon in a platonic and professional relationship with a white guy (and I like that Jonny Miller looks grown up and is using his normal British accent 'cause it helps me to finally take him seriously).

I like that she's not glammed up on the show, and is keen enough to impress Sherlock Holmes himself (who, by the way, has a interesting incarnation on this show).

And...I just like Lucy Liu.  She's like my Gabrielle Union or Fairuza Balk.  *shrug*  I'll watch her in anything.

I never really got into the Jamie Chung craze until the Season 2 Premiere of Once Upon a Time.

Jamie Chung as "Mulan"
First off, OUAT thinks outside the box and is soooooooooo well casted.  Lana Parilla, Robert Carlyle, Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and the boy who plays "Henry" are just a few of a large group of amazing, gifted actors who are clearly feeling this show.  It shines through every word and facial expression just how much they love this gig.  Sarah Bolger - phenomenal British actress from The Tudors - has joined the cast as well.  Damn.  Way to bring it, ABC!!!!

And now, Jamie Chung joins the cast as the no-nonsense warrior woman Mulan.

Y'all already know how I'm a sucker for warrior women, especially ones of color.

I didn't like the cliched (implied) AW/WM romance at the beginning of the season premier, but the white dude gets himself perished in that same episode, so that takes care of that.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the writers do with her.  Previews from the next ep show more POC (including a tall, dark, and chocolate Lancelot), so it's safe to say this show definitely has my attention.


  1. The way the Sherlock fandom reacted to Liu being casted gave me much glee! They were so mad but there was nothing they could do!! LOL

  2. "tall, dark, and chocolate Lancelot"????

    *jumps up and down*

    1. This Lancelot actually starred on this past season of Teen Wolf along with my boo Bianca Lawson.

  3. "And...I just like Lucy Liu. She's like my Gabrielle Union or Fairuza Balk. *shrug* I'll watch her in anything."

    Tho I will have to disagree with you on Once Upon a Time. I just watched the first season on Netflix (I cut the cord so won't be seeing the next seas anytime soon) and I was a bit miffed on their casting (or lack thereof) of POC.

    I took the shocking demise of Cinderella's fairy godmother quite personally. I know I know. But like "find the African" I was feeling the lack of color pretty severely and then she shows up all pretty and brown and then BAM!!!

    I about DIED. (flashbacks to all the so-called powerful witches killings on TVD)

    But if there is a nummy chocolate Lancelot on the horizon maybe I can forgive them for that ;) (and like you said some shows are written really just so good you keep watching despite the racefails).

  4. I might actually have to turn my TV on again. All these talented actors jammed into one project can't be anything but cool.

  5. I read a post saying this, and I agree - here's hoping Joan Watson still has a great romance with a non-genderswapped Mary! :)

  6. Well, in all fairness, the Jamie Chung thing wasn't really based on talent so much as the fact that she's a young, attractive Asian girl. So in my opinion, she was getting a lot of hype and roles that there is no way she out-acted other people to get. Even her small role in the Hangover II tested her talents.
    So maybe she's been taking lessons or benefiting from all the times at bat that she's gotten.
    I had totally forgotten about the premier of Once Upon a Time, which I did get into last season (as well as Grimm, which I think I prefer).
    I guess I did too good a job over the summer finding ways to fill my TV time (Sherlock, Luther).
    Now I need to get caught up since I've just gotten spoiled all over the place with these comments.

  7. tall, dark, and chocolate Lancelot

    COUNT ME IN! When does HE show up? Not watchin' otherwise.

    1. Tomorrow night. Check your local listings for "Once Upon a Time."

    2. Never mind. Look for him next Sunday.

  8. Speaking of Asian Girls Night, also giving a shout out to Nikita that returns in October as well as the new Beauty and the Beast series on CW. I'm ONLY watching out of loyalty to my girl Kristin Kreuk and I'm happy to see her (or any other woman of color) in the lead role.

    1. Curious to see what happens on Nikita this fall, but that trailer for B & B is made of pure fail. I mean, the blinding burning kind of fail. Like...for real.

  9. I absolutely LOVE Once upon a Time but I'm a little put off about having Lucy Liu play Watson. Only because it's not an Asian surname and for that WTF casting of John Cleese as her father in Charlie's Angels. Yes I know there are AW/WM pairings but they look more like Ann Curry not Lucy. And I have to give a side eye any time I see Kristin Kruek lets face it if her race weren't so ambigous she probably would never have gotten Smallville or this role.

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