A Pygmy's Perspective on Politics

This election has got me really thinking about my personal political views lately, as I wrestle with whether or not I even want to bother on November 6.

The first time I ever registered to vote, I registered as an Independent.  I was 18 years old.  Years later, looking back, I still agree with my initial decision.

Grand Old Party...Emphasis on the "Old"

Aside for the usual reasons why a young Black woman living in America wouldn't vote Republican, there are some other reasons that I don't think we focus on enough.  In his speech to the NAACP, VP Joe Biden asked the audience a question which really resonated with me: "Did you think we'd still be fighting these battles?"

One of the GOP's biggest problems is that it's thoroughly and hideously antiquated.  They're an embittered crew of relics out on a hill, dressed in tacky costumes, still trying change the outcome of the Civil War.  At the Republican National Convention, the Romneys showed up in front of an elderly, (just about) all-white crowd looking like some aristocratic caricature out of the 1950s. To appeal to whom?

Why is abortion still a topic, or birth control for that matter? Why is religion such a huge factor in an institution which supposedly separates church and state? Why are certain voters still being blocked?  This is 2012.  Two zero one two - not 1952.  It's not the 1860s.  It's not the 13th Century (yeah, Ugly Ricky, I'm looking at you).  Like the Civil War, these Civil Rights battles have already been hard fought and rightfully won - why are we fighting them again?

How can this country charge forward into the future when one of its two major parties is so stubbornly hellbent on turning America into some backwoods theocracy? No wonder they can't evolve - they don't believe in evolution!

Let's talk outsourcing.  Let's talk socioeconomic inequality, which is infecting both genders and all races.  Let's talk racial profiling.  Let's about Native American issues for a minute.  Let's talk about the rise of emigration - people are leaving America of their own free will and taking their skills, their open minds, and their willingness to work hard to other countries.  Let's talk gay rights, transgendered rights, and the fact we've yet to have a female president or universalized healthcare - you know, issues which supposedly inferior, less developed nations have already tackled and moved on from.

This is the 21st Century, chocked full of current issues and debates which we can't even get to because we're donning our tacky costumes and wasting our Saturdays out on a hill.

The Lesser of Two Evils

If you want a white (male) President, you vote Republican (regardless of what he stands for or how out-of-touch he is with reality).  If you simply don't want a Republican in office - and I can't help but notice how frequently this occurs lately - you vote in a Democrat.

You vote Democratic because you already know that no matter how lousy they are as a candidate, there's a slight chance they just might be marginally, sort of, somewhat-ish better than today's average Republican.

Wow...how sad is that?

Try "Social Responsibility" for a change

We've heard a lot lately about personal responsibility in this election, and ironically, we've heard it from some of those personally irresponsible people to ever grace the public eye (think Paul Ryan's Deneeta Pope situation, for example).

Let's talk social responsibility for a change.

For those of you wondering what the hell that even is, you can find it "21st Century Conversations We'll Probably Never Get To" file.


  1. If these Republicans are theocratics, then they wouldn't be a political party. They wouldn't lean on themselves.

    On the Civil rights, as long as there are people oppressing others and denying rights as human beings. The war will forever go on.

  2. "Why is abortion still a topic, or birth control for that matter? Why is religion such a huge factor in an institution which supposedly separates church and state? Why are certain voters still being blocked? This is 2012. Two zero one two - not 1952. It's not the 1860s. It's not the 13th Century (yeah, Ugly Ricky, I'm looking at you). Like the Civil War, these Civil Rights battles have already been hard fought and rightfully won - why are we fighting them again?"

    ALL of THIS right here!
    I kept banging my head over and over trying to figure out just what in the heck was bothering me so DAMN MUCH about this election season. I thought we had all of that SORTED already so Thank you K, for hitting the nail on the head. I mean FFS makes me soooo angry.

    "still trying change the outcome of the Civil War"

    you ain't NEVA lied.As much as they want to go back to a 1950's (that never actually existed) ohhhh they'd just LOVE some 1750's to pop back up in here uh HUH.

    "If you simply don't want a Republican in office - and I can't help but notice how frequently this occurs - you vote in a Democrat. You vote Democratic because you already know that no matter how lousy they are as a candidate, there's a slight chance they just might be marginally, sort of, somewhat-ish better than today's average Republican.
    Wow...how sad is that?"

    Very sad and very true. However in this particular election that "marginally, sort of, somewhat-ish better" has become a gaping chasm. With Roe V Wade on the chopping block - Biden mentioned just how that is going to go down - and well I'm sure you know what else is at stake this time around.

    So yeah, I'm encouraging you to vote. I'm not being shy about it. This is NOT the one to abstain on.

    I've personally had to give up on so much in my life, simply to stay alive, but the one damn thing I CAN do is run, walk or crawl to that voting booth. As a Black Woman - I simply can do nothing else.

    Obama asked us (and I think this is a very telling question): If your vote doesn't matter than why are they trying so hard to stop you from doing it?

    1. Agree.

      If you live in a state that's in play--Ohio, Nevada, Florida, etc.--I think it's borderline reckless to disregard your obligation to vote. You may not care for either candidate or major political party, or find the the overall tenor of our political discourse to be retrograde and stymied in stupid platitudes, but I would iterate the stakes for the Supreme Court.

      Pardon if my federalism spiel is a little middle school, but there's a delicate balance that must be maintained in order for our government to have any hope of functioning adequately. Imagine a legislature that's even more dysfunctional than it is now, run by a motley crew of "legitimate rape" Republicans that insist on abandoning common sense in their quest to push ever rightward. Then, imagine a yes man Republican President that's so afraid of his own base, that he lets the legislature run roughshod over him, and allows all manner of right wing carnival barkers (forced vaginal probes, anyone?) to determine the WH policy agenda. And then, on top of that, you've got a conservative court adjudicating matters of constitutionality?

      Pause the hand-wringing, hold your nose, go in the booth, and pull the lever. You can resume being angst ridden on the ride home.

      For folks who live in a state with a forgone electoral conclusion?

      First, the down ballot races are important. In some states you may be electing judges (judges who may ultimately have to weigh in on the legality of, say, these voter suppression measures that have cropped up), and folks to your state legislatures (forced vaginal probes, Virginia?).

      And though I can only take him in measured doses, Lawrence O'Donnell is right: if you live in CA, or NY, or TX--anyplace that is either firmly blue or red--and it kills you to vote Dem/Rep, then cast your ballot for third party candidates.

      But whatever you do, don't stay home.

  3. Realistically, I'm more of an Independent than anything,but one thing I surely know...that I will never side with the Republican party and most likely will side with The Democratics because my values coincides with theirs.If I had to vote GOP, it would have been Colin Powell(though it was said that he was an Independent) otherwise, I'm not convinced that the GOP is good for me.

    I was reading that Stacey Dash has gotten some backlash for supporting Mittens.I'm like this:I don't agree with her about her political choice,but its her decision and I'm not to cuss her out on Twitter because of it.I hope that she also know this: Not everything can be fixed in heartbeat( that was part of her reason for the switch).Do she honestly believe that Mittens will have our economy fixed in three or more months?Do she really believe that they are for civil rights,or the other rights that is stated on here?

    I didn't like her insinuating that Black people basing their votes on Obama's race.Honestly,Ive kind of thought that she didn't act on her role on Clueless..SHE IS CLUELESS! Man,I guess she wasn't taught about Black history. If it weren't for Black peoples risking their lives for Black women like her to vote and live,she wouldn't be talking all that smack that she is. I wouldn't want to support a party that wanted to take my civil rights away then and even now.She must not have heard about the Dixiecrats? Some have argued about republicans releasing African American slaves.Maybe they did,but Abraham Lincoln wasn't sincere in their release. Lastly,why do Stacey think that the Republican party is the way it is? Because a lot of those Dixiecrats/Democrats didn't want to get on board with the Civil Rights Act. If the the current GOP have their way shell be a slave.

    As a Black woman,I could never support the GOP.Some people use MLK as an honorable Republican. Though he is that,I guarantee that he wouldnt have been down with the GOP of today.His deceased wife and her kids supported Obama.Anyways,Stacey really needs to come back to earth. She is really on some drug filled high.

    1. Sounds to me like Stacy Dash is trying to be relevant.

    2. Sounds to me like I won't be missing her absence any longer on Single Ladies.

    3. Co-sign. People have tried to say that they did not understand why Black people would be Democrats due to their pro-slavery and pro-segregation past. Because a Republican president freed the slaves and another signed the Civil Rights Bill, they do not realize that those are not good enough reasons for Blacks to be Republicans. But what they also do not realize is that when the Democratic party decided to become "more liberal" and open to Blacks and other POCs, the old hard line Democrats rolled over and became Republicans.

  4. Spot on as always. It seems like no matter what strides are made in the name of human rights, there will be those who wish to return to their so-called "simpler time" (which is basically code for "We didn't have to treat other people as human beings").

  5. I have been trying to coalesce my raging thoughts on this matter for some time. Now I don't have to because you did it for me.

    One thing I'll say is this: I've heard A LOT of people say that they were going to sit this one out. Which means that for those who do vote, every single one will count even more so.

    I'll just be glad when this is over. I abhor election season.


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