Introducing the Mitt Romney Thread

Consider the numbers they’re looking at. A week ago, Obama was leading by 3.1 percent in RealClearPolitics’ average of polls, and he had a 74.8 percent chance of winning the election in Nate Silver’s electoral model. But that was supposed to change: Obama’s convention bounce was dissipating, and the plan was for Romney, the RNC and the super PACs to flood the airwaves, creating the conditions necessary for Romney to mount a comeback.

One week later, Obama is up by 3.7 percent in the polls, and up to 77.6 percent in the model.

Instead of narrowing the gap, Romney had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Will the “47 percent” comments and the almost comical tax returns and the apparent infighting inside the Romney campaign do much to hurt Romney in the polls? I doubt it. But they’re not going to help. And they’re not going to comfort donors looking for signs that Romney knows how to turn this thing around.

After all, Romney’s deficit in the polls is not a momentary blip. He hasn’t led in the polls since 2011. And in the last 15 elections, every candidate who has led in the polls at this point in the election has gone on to win it. It would be literally unprecedented for Romney to mount a comeback at this stage.

~ Washington Post, "Romney's nightmare scenario"
I...I can't.  And here I thought Herman Shuckey-Duckey Cain would never be surpassed.

Have at it, Bar patrons.  Links, pics, videos - the good stuff.  Go to town.

...And though it should go without saying, Paul Ryan and Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Anne Romney are also fair game.


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  1. I stopped thinking Mittens was taking this election seriously some time ago. This is all for shits & giggles as far as he's concerned. There is no way a man running a campaign like he is could be expected to win.

  2. Oh, and

  3. This is off topic, but did you see what Rick Santorum insinuated about republicans and democrats at the Values Voter Summit?

    1. Oh...oh God...oh, dear merciful God....

      Why is Ugly Ricky allowed to go outside?

  4. so you can have a good laugh, because Mitt Romney really is that.

    And Anne Romney needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up NOW!!
    I'm tired of her opening her stupid mouth. And yes I can't stand the stupid bitch
    Team Michelle Obama all the fucking way!


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