The Muslims of Joplin, MO Drink (Sparkling Water) Free at the Bar

JOPLIN, Mo. — Investigators say it will take a few days to determine if the fire that destroyed a southwest Missouri mosque was arson.

Michael Kaste, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Kansas City office, said Monday that the agency is taking the investigation into the fire at the Islamic Society of Joplin very seriously. He says the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms together have about 30 investigators working to determine the cause.

No injuries were reported.

Jasper County officials say patrols at the mosque had been stepped up since a July 4 fire at the mosque was determined to be arson. The FBI has released a video of a man appearing to set the July 4 fire and is offering a $15,000 reward in that case.

To which commenters replied:

President Obama said that it is time for soul searching. He said we as a people need to come together and find ways to stop the hate and violence. It may have been a bullet who killed those innocent people at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora, and Wisconsin, but it was hatred and disregard for human life that for the most part drove the killers to pull the triggers.

We need to end hate in this country. It starts by ending the hatred and disrespect shown for our President. It starts by respecting the right of Americans to worship who and how they choose, and to respect all houses of worship.

It is time for politicians to speak out strongly and unambiguously when other politicians engage in hate talk whether it is against Muslims, immigrants, or questioning the citizenship and religion of our African American President. Bishops, pastors, and other religious leaders have been too silent for too long about hate-talk. It is time for them to speak up.

~ Robert Bowen, "What causes hate crimes and are politicians responsible for inciting violence?"
B-b-b-b-but if politicians start doing that, how will the Republicans win any elections?


  1. "B-b-b-b-but if politicians start doing that, how will the Republicans win any elections?"

    Because if the narrative is twisted properly, any act of violence against POC is viewed as an act of self-defense. In this nation violence is often interpreted as the highest form of patriotism, so how can they be terrorists? Sometimes whites must do extreme things to raise public awareness. Its not going to be pretty (they accept this going in) and many lives will be lost; but in the end America will come to its senses. Whites laud such individuals as people of conscience.

    You must understand- their crimes were for the greater good, so history will vindicate them in due course. In the meantime, we (whites) must do our part to keep the discourse alive by voting like-minded individuals into office. Instinctively, whites respond by praising God and passing the ammunition.

  2. Leo Princess8/8/12, 6:51 PM

    Anyone else get the feeling that the other shoe hasn't even been launched yet? =/

  3. Interesting how on the footage of the first fire attempt the perp looks directly and clearly up and his face is lit clearly by the light... and the FBI calling for "our help" because for some reason their facial recognition software what broke down? Couldn't find a match from that perfect shot of that guys face? What??

    Mind, if the script was flipped and it was a Black suspect at a White church showing one pixel of his left earlobe he'd be in custody right now software working just fine, right?

    Now I just bet it was the same guy who did both crimes. So IF the KKK I'm sorry the FBI (must be something wrong with MY keyboard software) had gotten up off they lazy asses - this mosque would still be standing right now.

    ohhh wow I need to go lay down... this ish right here? Just damn lucky nobody was inside that building when it burned down. Giving me a SERIOUS headache!

    1. Mind, if the script was flipped and it was a Black suspect at a White church showing one pixel of his left earlobe he'd be in custody right now software working just fine, right?

      Stop!!!! *dies* Quit!!!!

  4. From Robert Bowen:
    "In the last couple of years, the Missouri Legislature has been guilty of fanning those flames by debating laws that seek to ban sharia law when there has been neither threat nor hint of effort to impose sharia on the public. What role does the anti-sharia law votes play in raising fears among under-informed citizens? Does that drive fearful haters to take action “before it is too late to save their white nation?

    Whites hate what they fear; moreover, they hate what they don’t understand. They fear the forfeiture of supremacy and centrality. Once the shoe is on the other foot they fear what might befall them. Every historical act of hatred directed towards POC; every evil- selfish or wayward thought made manifest. Every leave of religion or scientific nonsense that gave rise to the abuse of POC (and more importantly) every derail they’ve ever levied against POC concerning race will one day bear down on them. Most know deep down inside there’s a reason why they don’t want to switch places with non-whites; but they deny it openly because “race doesn’t matter,” they say. Ahh but it will when they’re no longer preeminent.

    Historically, guns and violence have come to define the white man. Such predilection led to the overthrow of nations. Through aggression he stole; he plundered, he enslaved- raped and murdered millions and now he stands at the event horizon of his own decline. So he does what he’s always done when he feels threatened; he lashes out through the only means he has left in this world. And in doing so, he creates more enemies than he’ll ever be able to bear. His (and by extension this nation’s) overthrow will be in the words of Agent Smith; inevitable…

  5. The comments have been great:

    No surprise iys a white guy. Once the "entitlement" status wears off, whites go insane.

    ~ AsianAmerican2007 14 hours ago

    innalillaah wa inna ilaihi rooji' patient, Allaah will replace it with a better masjid...amen...

    ~ artiereza 19 hours ago

  6. I concur with the Asian American and Artireza.


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